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  1. Here it is Ladies!!!!! I am soooooo excited to share this with you!!! Here is our wedding trailer from Sarani photography! We had Sarani and her team come out to do our photography and videography. Best money I ever spent! I am SO happy how this trailer turned out! Enjoy! Our Beautiful wedding trailer
  2. Hi Ladies!!! Here are the links to our sneak peek wedding photos from our amazing photographer Sarani :-) Click on the links to see the albums Wedding Link Trash the Dress
  3. So I paid a little in set up fees beforehand but I brought extra stuff with me and they didn't charge me a dime. The onsite wedding coordinators are just much more flexible than lomas
  4. Hi Ladies! Ok, I am back and it has been a crazy whirlwind of events.I honestly don't even know where to begin, so I will just start. I will also be posting a different review on trip advisor but I wanted to post here first. We actually greeted all our guests personally with welcome bags in the lobby which our guests were really surprised and excited. We had about 60 people total at our wedding which included 9 children and 3 babies. The rest were adults. Almost everyone staying in block 15 and 16 got upgraded to one bedroom suites which was awesome but at the same time I wish they would have
  5. Ladies, it's been a long time since I posted since mainly I use Facebook now and since I'm the originally started this forum, I do want to tell you that I leave for Mexico next Friday and my wedding is in about a week and a half on may 12th and I can't tell how excited I am and mostly how thankful I am for my TA who has literally helped me with every teeny tiny detail. I promise to post a review and pictures when I get back!!!! Meanwhile, so excited!!!
  6. By the way, girls! Be happy you guys are getting responses back in 72 hours.i am dealing with the resort directly not Miami and it takes at least a week for a response if not longer!
  7. I like those! Where did you order those bags? I feel like everywhere I look charges an arm and a leg I think that's partly true and I personally went through 7 agents before I found one that I trusted. Some of them have very good relationships with resorts and that's why they push them. My TA is GI certified so I get free perks.
  8. Perfect! Thanks so much! All I want is a quick run through, our officiant is off site and I will ask him to come for the rehearsal. I am did ask for a quick walk through, it doesn't even need to be at the same place but I do just want everyone to know where and what they are doing.
  9. Question for you that have had their wedding there, do you guys do a dress rehearsal? my WC said they dont do that but I am not comfortable not having a dress rehearsal especially since I dont have the usual procession.
  10. @@jhinkle78, I posted the emails from the GM earlier in the thread, twice actually, once at the beginning, just keep looking
  11. Ummm, didn't realize there was a complimentary catamaran perk? Where is that from??
  12. I am doing a catamaran cruise, my company actaully holds 50, but I found another company that's holds 70 that we can switch to if we needed too
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