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  1. @@Stacsoontobeegan - Ah! no worries I totally understand. I think depending on the size of your wedding party and how much you want to take with you etc. the cost for let's say 50-75 people can range from $5K over $10K. I have fellow destination bride friends who opted to source just about everything and take it with them in their luggage for the resort to set up up ($5K or less) and folks like me who tweaked the Karisma decor package to fit my "vision" without having to go the pricier a la carte decor route. I used the Lomas DJ at the last minute because I was concerned about folks not
  2. @@biesea81 - CONGRATS!! What did you decide about the beach. I took pics on the beach after our ceremony and the photographer did a great job getting us from angles so you don't see the giant rocks at all. If you do an evening wedding, I think you should be fine. My guests loved the beach at both El Dorado and Generations. @@VictoriaVanDyke - I think the cost will ultimately boil down to discounts/deals you are able to get via your travel agent and Karisma and the size of your wedding. It is important to lock in as early as possible as well because the rates do go up. For instance, we
  3. @@CnBWedding - I think you will be just fine having your bridal party member doing it. Keep in mind this is a destination wedding and more importantly, YOUR wedding so there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Go with who you think will do the best job. Everyone will know that person is part of your party by their attire and the fact they saw them stand with you guys! Everyone is right re not sweating things like that. As the clock wound down on me, I started picking and choosing what mattered most (e.g., ditched doing programs & my own menus b/c I figured they'd just go in the trash a
  4. @@CnBWedding - I agree with @@rtscent regarding having another guest who isn't in your bridal party emcee. That's what we did. One of our guests is pretty chatty and whitty so we asked her in advance if she would do the honors then let our onsite coordinator know who she was. In case she was tipsy we also had a friend who doesn't drink on hand as back up. The backup also was helpful in making sure our friend and the coordinator connected. As for songs I like @@rtscent idea of checking Spotify. I just used iTunes to make sure I was capturing the right song title for the versions I wa
  5. @@SunshineDreamKay - I had a similar situation with my now hubby's family. His dad passed so we were listing his mom & stepdad and my parents. Also, he doesn't go by his birth name but a nickname and I wanted to use include my middle initial or middle name but couldn't. We too were paying for everything but wanted to be respectful to the parents so we went with this wording: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jones (Bride's parents) and Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Prince request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their children Jane Jones & Nic Sharpe Insert Date & t
  6. Hi Ladies & special heartfelt CONGRATS to those who are new to this thread! @@CnBWedding - @@rtscent is spot on re EDR. 99% of our guests stayed on that side many of whom are beach lovers and I had 0 complaints & tons of FB/Instagram posts of them enjoying themselves on the Bali beds, jet skis etc. over there. @@Kalie25 - Unfortunately, I can't really help re Sky Deck reception pics. I had my ceremony and cocktail hour up there and my reception on the Pier b/c I was worried it would be too chilly up there (we got married in February). As for photographers. I used Sascha G
  7. @@calgarybride2015 - amen re dirty clothes taking up lots of space!! I was embarrassed to share but glad to know we weren't the only ones. DF was too afraid to send things to the laundry service - concerned something would get "lost" & not return, especially after only 1 of my dresses initially showed up when I sent both and my veil for steaming. I didn't get everything back until a 2 hours before the wedding although we sent it out the afternoon before.
  8. @@Paolah - not sure where you would be shipping or which resort you are using but I'm in the U.S. and shipping wasn't an option so I had no choice. The resort we got married at won't accept packages and the U.S. Postal Service & FedEx staff I talked to advised against doing so citing the items would most likely not reach the intended destination or badly picked through. It worked out though b/c as much as we thought we wouldn't have a need for the suitcases for our return, we actually did need them. We put my dresses and his tux in one and a few guests brought gifts down (go figur
  9. @@lauralane - doubtful you are reading this but wanted to send you a big HUG and fabo vibes as it's the night before your big day! Truly wishing you an amazing wedding & that your vision becomes a reality and then some. Can't wait for you to return and hear all about it!
  10. Hi All - I flew United and carried my dress. Unfortunately, the flight attendants were nasty and made me put it in overhead. My new hubby was sweet and thankfully had the foresight to pay to pre-board so we took up an overhead compartment just for his tux and my dress which was bulky. Once at the resort, we had them both steamed the day before the wedding.
  11. @@NenaRoss - we packed everything in large suitcases. And took some things out of the boxes they came in to make more space. So the Welcome Bags, cosmetic bags, mallets were packed loose in one suit case. The individual packets and muslin bags were kept in their respective boxes since those were pretty small and packed in another large suitcase along with the bottles & tops for the insect repellant to go in. Thankfully my new hubby is a pro at packing so we managed to get everything all supplies in 4 suitcases (2 large and 2 medium).
  12. @@rachelia160 - I just got married and opted not to do one. I too flip flopped but in the end had my hands full with all the things that I definitely wanted. Additionally, we had a small bridal party & 60 guests attending so I felt less guilty about not having one given the small scale of things. Also, @@calgarybride2015 raises a great point about guests getting to know each other in advance of the wedding. My guests did just that whether it was introducing themselves when they spotted others with our welcome totes, or over drinks at the welcome party or during nightly meet ups at t
  13. @@kfracassi - That stinks the thread was archived! Based on what you described, I think people may have been having their ceremony in one location, cocktail hour in another and the dinner reception in another. I got married at Generations last month and when working with the onsite Wedding team, they kept referring to the "Reception" as the "Dinner Reception" & "Cocktail Hour" as the "Cocktail Reception" so that may be what's causing the confusion. It is totally up to you & the resort's available private event space(s). Some people do 3 locations others do 2. Generations has f
  14. @@acw271011 - oooo that's a tough one. Well, I think you should be covered though if you get boxes and give out cake as a favor for your guests. Then it is a matter of guests just bringing it back with them on property and maybe you have a mid-sized box to bring extra mini-boxes back when you return from the festivities. They can't stop you or charge you for bringing something back. It's no different than if you went off property and brought leftovers.
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