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  1. Thanks, to both of you @@drmariner and @@acw271011 I've decided to go with both of your suggestions but in a slightly different way as the invites have already been printed now but I didn't write anything on the invite about it in the end. I've had a look on weddingwire as that is how we will do our rsvp's (I thought if people are unlikely to even rsvp, I should make it as easy and effortless for everyone....which has ended up saving me some pennies! On wedding wire I can add a separate rsvp for each event and at the top of the page I'll add the wording "please note this is an invitation only event due to limited space" it sounds way better than "strictly by invitation only" sounds a little more polite I think. Thanks so much to both of you, you have no idea how much this has helped! I've searched the Internet but found nothing as I guess this doesn't happen much right! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk @@acw271011 I tried to add you in the previous message but it didn't come up correctly. I, still trying to get my head around this site [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi ladies, one of my bridesmaids is a plus side and is a large cup size (she has to go to specific stores for her bras) I don't know how large but definitely way bigger than a DD. We found that the infinity dress was the best fit out of all the dresses they tried on. She did keep on her bra as the ones we looked at came with a matching bandeau to wear underneath so it wouldn't show her bra strap. There are lots of stores on etsy with the top to go underneath. The dress was so flattering on her, she felt the most comfortable in it compared to all the other dresses. I'd say to give it a go as long as you can get a top so she can wear her bra. Moon Palace Cancun Bride, November 2016
  3. So beautiful!!! You must be so happy with them [emoji2]
  4. Congratulations [emoji4] what a lovely engagement. How heartbreaking it must have been to cancel your original dw but so glad you've decided to continue with a dw in the end. It's so hard when you don't get the support you expect from family and friends to be there. It takes a lot of strength to see things from a new perspective and continue to plan with a new mindset so it's great you've stuck with your plan. Looking forward to reading more about your planning. [emoji4] [emoji4] Moon Palace Cancun Bride, November 2016
  5. Hi ladies, I hope you are all well and are happily planning away I haven’t been on here for a while due to having to postpone our wedding in April but we are all set with our new dates in November now We will be having our wedding in November (at the Moon Palace Cancun) and we will have a traditional engagement in October (in London, UK as we live in the UK). My FI is Nigerian which means we will have a big traditional engagement ceremony. It will be big (approx. 350-400) way more than our wedding in Mexico of around 35-40 people! So my dilemma is we are expecting to invite approx. 300 people but I’ve been told by my FI family that we will need to account for some people bringing extra guests who we haven’t invited! I’ve been told to add “strictly by invitation only” to the invitations but I know this not a good way to go about it. Our invitations will include; The wedding invitation for Mexico, The traditional engagement invite and an additional information card (for things like RSVP, info on the traditional as my friends and family haven’t been to many if any at all, and website info). We will have people RSVP for Mexico but not the traditional as we’ve been told, many just won’t. If we say nothing, I’ve been told a lot of guests (young and old) could show up with friends and we could expect 100+ additional guests. If we include “strictly invite only", I’ve been told only the real elders will bring friends and this way we could account for only an additional 50+ guests. Bringing your own guests to a traditional is very much the norm (I’ve been told). How do I say invite only without it sounding awful?!! I’ve decided I will have 2 traditional invites. One with invite only (for his family and friends) and one without for mine as some of mine will see it as tacky (as do I). Our invites are formal but I just don’t know how to word it. I’ve also been told to add the time with the word “promt” as many show up late or don’t believe its actually going to start at the time stated. I will not be adding promt as if you miss it, that’s your own choice. But we can have an additional 100+ guests, for money and space reasons. Please help we are ready to send our invites for my friend to design today and I just need help with the one line!! [emoji30] Moon Palace Cancun Bride, November 2016
  6. Hi All, FI and I are currently thinking about postponing our wedding from April until later this year. We've looked into other months this year and for various reasons such as costs from flying from the UK, weather, work commitments, we have narrowed it down to November. We then have to consider the dates in which our travel agent fly from the UK, which is Tuesdays and Thursday and the pre wedding events we would like to have beforehand. Due to birthday celebrations earlier in the month (mine ) we have narrowed down the date and think that Tuesday 22nd November could be good. This is the day after Revolution Day which is a Mexican Public holiday. Any thoughts on getting married the day after a public holiday? Will the service provided by vendors be good if they may have been out celebrating all day the day before? If there are any last minute queries, will we be able to get hold of vendors the day before? I currently have my hair and makeup planned for the day before the wedding which I think may not be possible to have the day before (not a huge issue though). Thanks in advance
  7. Hey ladies, sounds like a few of you are unwell, hope you get better soon. Everyone seems to be doing so well, with either their diet or workouts, it's so great to read through these posts! @@deecol yay for the gym membership! I haven't been on here for a few days but I've done well so far. Started eating healthier (although I'm not on a diet, just making better choices). The workout (30 Day Shred) is going well. I've worked out 7 days out of the 8. Took 1 day off [emoji4] so proud as so far I've just got on with it and not thought about if I want to work out or not. I confirmed my first dress fitting for 18th October, eeek! I really feel a difference in my body but I'm waiting for Saturday to measure myself after I complete level 1 of the workout. Wedding Planning: -The passport welcome book and invites have been sent to my friend to design. -Bridesmaids have confirmed which weekends they are available to go bridesmaid dress shopping (we are actually going to buy something online but thought best to go shopping so they can see which shapes/styles suit them best. -Decor company are taking ages to send a quote, think I may speak to someone else in the company there today. It's been over a month of back and forths and quote not being attached! Weeks plan: -Keep working out and eating better -Send more stationery to my friend -Choose bridesmaid dress stores and book the appointments if necessary -Decide on more stationery and send to friend -Send paperwork to confirm speakers for welcome party music -Get in touch with another member of the decor company. [emoji4] Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  8. @@girlinthecity97 thanks! It's great to see someone else who's been in a similar situation and went ahead to use parents names too. This has made me feel a lot better as I really would love to use our parents names! [emoji4] Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  9. Thanks @@dreamweddings, it does make sense to go with parents I guess [emoji4] Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  10. @@deecol Oh no, what awful timing for them to cancel the free membership! Ooh 4 days apart, that's exciting! Where are you getting married? I completed workout 3 today! Haven't done much on wedding stationery as planned...I need to crack on with it. Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  11. Hi, I'm 26 April at Moon Palace. We've sent save the dates, booked our photographer, dj, my hair and makeup, my dress has arrived for my first fitting. Currently sorting stationery for welcome bags and invitations and trying to decide on the hotel to go to for our honeymoon! Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  12. Thanks @@calgarybride2015. I did suggest the term 'parents' to FI but he thinks we should include their names which doesn't look good to me! Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  13. Thanks ladies! I'm very excited to part of this group. I actually started my workout 2 days ago, I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I've done it a few times before so I know I will get results. After that I think I will move on to Jillian Michaels Body Revolution which is for 90 days, I started it in the past but never completed. Trying to think more about what I eat and will start my healthier eating next week so I can plan how I'm going to go about it. @@maybeoneday I'm getting married 26th April 2016. You're getting married so soon though, you must be so excited! Moon Palace Cancun Bride, April 2016
  14. Hey ladies, I want to go down the formal route but it's proving difficult due to mine and FI surnames and our parents. Now, FI and I are actually hosting the wedding but we want to include our parents names as it's not because our parents don't want to pay, it's just that financially they can't so we would still love them to be included rather than "together with their parents" which seems to be where we are heading. My FI has his Dad's surname, who won't be on the invitation. It will be his mum and stepdad, so their surname is different to my FI. My surname is the same as my mum's. My parents are not married so my dads surname is different. I don't really think my dad needs to be on the invite but out of not hurting his feelings I will add it. Here's an example. Ms. Mother of the Bride Jones Mr. Father of the Bride Smith Request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter. Bride Jones (I wouldn't usually have my surname here but as my parents have different surnames I thought it would make sense?) To Groom Clarke Son of Mr. and Mrs. Stepdad Wright. There's so many surnames and my FI doesn't match anyones. I can't find any advice online but we know it would mean the world to our parents to have their names on the invite. Any help would be appreciated.
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