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  1. Omg Dee, your spin class peeps are awesome! Best way to make a 6am workout fun! And just warning you, the love doesn't stop there, we're still getting wedding gifts and well wishes and it's been almost 3 months since we've been married lol As for the bag, yes I used it as carry on to Cancun and it fit neatly in the overhead and I wasn't concerned about it at all. Super easy to carry it around and I'm short! Lol We ended up checking it in on the way back home, I wasn't too concerned about lost luggage at that point lol
  2. @@deecol the sisterhood of the traveling Wally bag, I love it! don't you kinda wish you were that bag? Mexico three times in less than 6 months lol. That bag was so awesome to travel with and fit mine and Der's wedding outfits, our shoes and my jewellery. And your coworkers are so sweet! And her writing is awesome. I'm especially loving those mugs!
  3. @@ashhtayy everything looks gorgeous, especially you in your wedding dress
  4. Erin, have an awesome wedding week! Fingers crossed that the sun comes out soon. Keep us posted with pics whenever you can.
  5. Congratulations on your legal ceremony. I love that your surprise went well, despite your Nonna hyperventilating lol. I actually love the white blazer and think you look so pretty in it.
  6. Oh Erin, I'm so sorry I've missed so much. First off, congratulations on your legal ceremony, you looked so beautiful. Everything has come along so well for you and the 18lbs weight loss is amazing! Way to go!!! For the makeup, I'm like @@snswedding2016 and I'm not the best when it comes to makeup tips. That's why I hired styling trio right away, I knew I'd need help for my wedding day lol. I'm glad @ has you covered
  7. I am so sorry I've been MIA, I've missed so much. Your flowers, map for signing, signage and dress are all on point! You e accomplished so much and made great decisions. You're so far ahead with everything and I'm so glad it's all coming together. Can't wait to see the rest
  8. Oh Hun I am so sorry I've been MIA. It's been crazy busy at work but it's subsided somewhat so I'm back!! I'm sorry I've missed so much and I'm even more sorry to hear about your best friend. That's awful what her fiancé has done to her and I get she's in a rough place but I'm hoping she realizes soon that he's the bad guy, not you. It's always so much easier to lash out at those we love and subconsciously, she could just be angry that your relationship with Col is real when her's wasn't. Just leave her alone and hopefully time will bring her back to reality and sanity! So I see that you h
  9. Eek less than 2 months!!! Omg I'm so excited for you, I can't wait to see everything come together. Your list is totally doable, and most of those can be done with a focused trip to the mall lol In one shot you can get chicken cutlets (la vie en rose has sticky cups that stick all night), Mexico clothes, outfit for bachelorette and lingerie. For guest book, you can always buy a scrapbook and have ppl take selfies with a Polaroid. Just buy some cute washi tape for ppl to tape their pic to the book and have them sign beside their pic. I saw this recently and it was so cute to see ppl po
  10. I love your review and I love all of your pics. You two make such a good looking couple and I have to say that my fave pic is the one of your first dance. It really captures the live between you two. I'm glad you can look back and laugh at Sean's dad. Definitely makes for a great inside joke for all your wedding guests too. I wish I had known about zoom so we could stream for Der's grandparents
  11. @@ElizaS are you planning on a legal ceremony? We just had one last month at Moon Palace and we had the option of having the officiant read a prayer. My fiancé is not religious but I was brought up Catholic so we opted to have a short prayer read to bless our marriage.
  12. I've had the non-mink variety and would advise against it. They're heavier on your lashes so they do result in more of your lashes falling out if you're not careful. Of course I will caveat that mine fell out and I was basically left with no lashes after almost 7 months of continuous application of non-mink lashes. My friend has only worn mink and has worn them non-stop for over a year and they look awesome!
  13. Oh I love the blush bouquet with babysbreath and lamb's ear. I think it's very romantic and will really fit in with your theme. I didn't see any attachments showing your guestbook proofs
  14. Day 4 This was the day before the wedding. It was a beautiful day so we all headed to Downtown Cancun to explore. This photo was taken by my sister to capture our last "day of freedom" lol After walking around, we all decided to head back and just relax by the pool. Amazingly, I was not nervous or concerned about the wedding at all. The only rule I had that day was no drinking. Yoni from Styling Trio advised against heavy drinking the day before the wedding as it could dry up your skin and cause bloating. I was a stickler with this rule and it’s funny because Styling Trio actually
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