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  1. Hi Brides, I've been gone from the forum for a while. A friend of mine is in desperate search for table numbers. Anyone in the Toronto or surrounding area selling theirs? Let me know! thanks!
  2. @@ashhtayy your day looked gorgeous!! I'm rarely on here now as well but decided to log on today...I was so excited to see your review posted! I'm really happy to hear the set up doc helped! You did a great job with just going with the flow and it all turned out beautifully despite the minor hiccups! So glad you guys had an amazing time!!! I agree with @ we definitely need another drinks night!
  3. @@ashhtayy can't believe you're leaving so soon!!! Have an amazing time! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!! Do you have room in your luggage for me?? I sooooo want to go back to Azul Fives!!! I don't mind snuggling up with the decor. LOL!
  4. @@vancouverpetunia The information packages they send out are confusing. I feel like they are parking signs in Toronto...like they are deliberately trying to confuse you so you end up spending more money lol! I have to give a lot of the credit to my TA who helped me price it out in the beginning before I even looked at the property or the packages. She broke it down and said that I could have all of the things I wanted within my budget (which was $6000 for the resort bill). I was able to cut it in half and it even shocked my TA. The biggest problem with trying to stay under budget at a Ka
  5. @@Sweetpea2018 sorry I just saw your message now. It sounds like you're coming from the US if your trip doesn't include airfare. How long is are your guests staying for? You should be able to qualify for free events that are offered to the US brides and not the Canadians. The trade off is that the Canadians usually get much better pricing for their packages. Hopefully the package price comes down a little. Our package was $1630 per person for 1 week (including airfare).
  6. @@sassldiva I totally feel you pain trying to price it out and finding that the package per person prices are really high - that was my experience too. I found that none of the packages at the resorts I was interested in initially offered items my husband and I really wanted. It included many things we wouldn't use and didn't include things that were important to us. With the help of an amazing TA, I found that the Karisma property - Azul Fives was exactly what I was looking for. Be warned that you COULD spend a fortune but if you're careful you could have a beautiful wedding on a budget at a
  7. @@ashhtayy this is great!!! thanks so much for sharing Ashley! Can't wait to hear about your bachelorette!!!
  8. @@dinar My husband and I were able to go to the BDR 4 months before our wedding and I thought it was the perfect time to go. I don't think it is necessary but definitely helpful if you can make it work. Initially I thought it would be too close our wedding for it to be helpful but it was just the opposite. Since we had everything picked out already we were really able to nail down the little details. We did a menu tasting, created our own signature cocktail and were able to get a lot of the little questions answered because we already knew what we wanted. Here are some pics of the beachfro
  9. Hi Ladies! This isn't DW related but all of you brides were so helpful to me in my own wedding planning process I thought I would post this here to get some advice. One of my Maids of Honour just got engaged a couple of weeks ago! I'm so so excited for her and I'm right back into wedding planning mode but from the other side. She's having a fairly short engagement (setting a date for Oct or Nov 2016). This means I'm planning a shower for July and bachelorette party for Sept...not a lot of time! I would love to hear about all of your showers and parties and what you loved about them!
  10. @@ashhtayy LOVE the hankies!!! The stickers look so good on your tumblers! It looks like you are in amazing shape being just over a month away!! Your big day will be here before you know it!
  11. @@vancouverpetunia What a beautiful wedding!!! Thank you for posting such a great review. I loved reading about it! It's making me miss Mexico! I also loved the video your friend made - so fun!
  12. @@deecol Happy belated wedding day!!! I hope you had an amazing day!! I saw a couple of pics on facebook and you looked stunning!!!!
  13. @@ashhtayy I think that will work perfectly especially without a first look.
  14. @@ashhtayy @@deecol I'm not too sure what's happening with decor for the PEI reception. I think if anything we'll be going really simple. My MIL wants to plan this event but there are still a lot of things up in the air on the planning side. Sean told me to make him a list of questions to ask her, just to make sure she's not forgetting anything major. I'll probably end up bringing all my candles and I'm sure my sister in law will help with some simple decor. She's the one who made my veil. I survived the dinner with my dad's family. It was nice actually but always a bit awkward with my fa
  15. @@ashhtayy your dress looks amazing!!!! Love that you went out for tropical drinks - so fun! Especially with the weather being so nice right now!!
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