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  1. Bump My wedding planning room in our house has now turned into a baby shower planning room - I'd love to empty out the left over wedding stuff. Let me know if you're interested. Happy to ship or drop off to any local brides.
  2. @@LeanneP We love old school hip hop, rap and r&b and the list didn't have a lot of what we wanted either. Our USB did and he played it all. Bring your favs with you on USB and you'll have zero regrets. We did not meet the DJ ahead of time. I submitted the file which listed all the songs we wanted that he didn't have to the wedding coordinator before we left (idea is that he will download all the music he doesn't have) and made sure I had a copy of the file and my music with me for my coordinator meeting in Mexico. Note: the list you were sent, and me too, was probably so outdated. I bet he has a million songs on his computer that haven't made it to the list yet. I had a lot of little hiccups before my wedding while we were in Mexico but our wedding day was PHENOMENAL. The staff at the resort make you and your partner their number one priority on your big day. We felt like royalty. Roll with the punches. Your big day will be perfect. I'm still saying that after everything I planned had to change! Don't stress. It'll be amazing!
  3. @@janamariev Sorry you're having issues with the website and coordinators. My travel agent took care of locking in our ceremony and reception venue - I'd push yours to fight for you - that's why we have them! If you want a private or semi-private location I'm sorry to say but my opinion is you do not want the free beach location or garden - neither are private at all. We booked the Sky Deck and last minute had to switch locations due to 70% chance of rain - ps. it only sprinkled for two minutes! The back up location we were given was the black and white wall you've probably seen photographs of (beside the cantina and under the Thai and French restaurant). I was concerned this area wouldn't be private but it actually was. The staff do everything they can to keep people from walking by. If this is an option that you like, I'd ask about it. Photos turned out great and it's covered in case of rain but still outside. Just a thought! @@KPaige I don't have any photos but it's right beside the infinity pool and underneath the Italian restaurant/Zky Bar and Sky Deck. When I got married they used this as a back up location in the event of rain for some brides. The venue, in my opinion, works great for a reception. A friend I met through this site had her wedding relocated there and they loved it!
  4. @@LeanneP A lot of brides that I had interacted with on this site that had gotten married just before us used the wedding DJ app and loved it. Since my husband and I love music and knew music would make or break the party we went for the DJ. I can't remember if we had DJ mix or DJ max (I think the difference was only the MC). Either way, we went with the non-MC DJ because we had MCs and it was the best decision ever. Our friends still rave about how amazing our music was - one of my bridesmaids even said that she wishes she could have them for her local wedding. They will send you a massive excel file with all their music and you go through and fill out a form that says what your entrance songs are, what your first dance song is, etc. If there is any music you know you want that isn't on the list you can add it to a particular section and they will download it. Because we are crazy we downloaded every song we wanted that wasn't on the list and brought it on a USB. We made folders for dinner music, party music, etc. I can't be certain they played every song we asked for but we put our top songs on the list and neither of us can recall them missing a key song. This is totally not necessary but I would do it if there are songs you want for bridal party entrance, special dances, etc that are not on their list. One bad thing - which in the end did not really matter...our first dance song was A Thousand Years Part Two. The DJ played the original - only we knew that though. One other thing is because we had 4 special dances, we wanted three of them cut to two minutes and the DJ didn't do that. This could we avoided by making this clear to your Wedding Coordinators. I had it in the set-up document I gave them but I don't recall specifically asking for it so I wouldn't fault the DJ. The DJ also had a whole bunch of balloons he throws out towards the end of the party. Initially I thought this was lame but everyone loved it! Made for great photos too! Our wedding was also supposed to end at 12 and we were having way too much fun so we gave them our credit card and extended until 2am. The DJs didn't complain and kept going. They were the best. You'll have no regrets!
  5. Bumping in case anyone is interested in some decor and missed the initial post. Happy to meet local GTA brides to avoid shipping costs or ship if interested
  6. Hi @@LeanneP, Thank you for your kind words. I have to say the tumblers were not a hit with our wedding group. Everyone said they loved them but no one used them - myself included lol Some people have sent us pictures with them using their tumblers at home so hopefully they weren't a complete waste of money I would 100% do key lanyards or key holders if I were to plan another group trip. It was always a bit of a hassle digging out your card from your beach bag. When planning I thought no one would use those but in hindsight I'd say they're even more practical. Something to maybe look into if you haven't already. I've read a lot of girls got theirs off of eBay. Pretty sure @@deecol did that so check out her thread if you're interested. I'm actually returning the Wally bag to its owner today. I'll mention to her that someone else is interested in borrowing it - not sure if she has plans for it at all. I started my planning thread really early thinking it would keep me on track. It sort of did lol I was a big procrastinator. There are a lot of little things that I didn't even post on here because time got away from me. It's fun to show off your DIY projects and so helpful to get the other ladies opinions. I swear I talked to more people on the site about our wedding, especially Jasmin because we got married at the same resort days apart, more than my girlfriends. This community is great. Destination weddings are so different and it's very helpful to have the input from ladies in your same situation with the same struggles, etc. Thanks again and enjoy your planning
  7. @@acw271011 Thanks Ann! We loved everything about our wedding day and talk about renewing our vows all the time I couldn't be happier we choose a destination wedding. Hope all is well with you and would love to meet with you ladies again! Summer's crazy busy but perhaps we can squeeze something in in September or October.
  8. @@acw271011 @@calgarybride2015 Kim - I'd love to meet you but unfortunately this Friday won't work for me. Enjoy your trip to Toronto
  10. Sold (pending shipping) - 10 GOLD SEQUIN TABLE RUNNERS 1 GOLD SEQUIN TABLECLOTH 3 BLUSH 8x10 FRAMES 4 GOLD 4x6 FRAMES - 2 different designs 9 GOLD PLACECARD / PHOTO HOLDERS 28 WHITE LED TEALIGHTS 2 GOLD STANDS @@scadeau I'll be letting @@sarahjayne07 know the shipping costs early next week and if it doesn't work out for some reason, I'll message you! Let me know if there is anything else you may be interested in
  11. @ Thanks for popping in to check on how are day went I know what you mean - I miss our wedding and our wedding weeks so so much. Mike always jokes that he wants to get divorced so we can remarry and do it all over again. I think one of the best parts when looking back, besides the actual wedding, is how well everyone got along. It was incredible. 40% of our group had never met (half from BC and half from ON) and there are quite a few of them who are in contact post-vacation. After our guests left we had servers and bartenders telling us how awesome it was to see an entire wedding group out together all the time - we were so happy to hear that from staff that see weddings all the time. I remember you saying something similar - about how your group all got along - they made it easy for us to spend time with 50 people. I rarely had to pick who to spend my time with because everyone was together. I loved it so much and felt so lucky! I have your wally bag so if you need it before we schedule a TO meet-up, let me know and I'll bring it to you. Summer won't work for a Friday get-together but maybe early September...?! @@snswedding2016 Thanks Steph! Your set-up document helped me, helped the wedding coordinators and helped my girlfriend that was double checking that everything was perfect. Made everything so much easier all around Early September Friday meet-up!? We should start looking to lock down a date soon or else it won't happen. Talk soon!
  12. POST WEDDING DÉCOR SALE – GOLD & BLUSH + FRAMES + LED CANDLES, ETC. *PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS* Buyer pays shipping; also open to GTA drop-off or pick-up J 10 GOLD SEQUIN TABLE RUNNERS - Purchased on ChairCoverFactory.com for $17.40 each ($174.00) o à Please remember this is in Canadian and includes the shipping I paid o à On the site they are called champagne, but by my photos you can see they are the perfect shade of gold (in my opinion!) - Asking $85.00 for all or $50.00 for 5 1 GOLD SEQUIN ROUND TABLECLOTH - Purchased from another BDW bride from ChairCoverFactory.com for $50.00 o à Also champagne in colour (108"); see picture for a better idea. - Asking $35.00 3 BLUSH 8x10 FRAMES - Purchased at HomeSense for $12.99 each ($38.97) - Asking $20.00 for all or $9.00 individually 4 BLUSH 5x7 FRAMES - Purchased at HomeSense for $7.99 each ($31.96) - Asking $16.00 for all or $5.00 individually 4 GOLD 4x6 FRAMES – 2 different designs - Purchased at HomeSense for $7.99 each ($31.96) - Asking $16.00 for all or $5.00 individually 5 GOLD 4x6 FRAMES - Purchased at Dollarama for $1.50 each ($7.50) - Asking $3.00 for all 18 CLEAR VOTIVES - Purchased at Dollar Tree for $0.50 each ($9.00) - Asking $5.00 for all 24 GOLD MERCURY VOTIVES - Purchased at Michaels in a pack of 6 for $14.99 ($59.96) - Asking $30.00 for all or $10.00 per pack of 6 9 GOLD PLACE CARD / PHOTO HOLDERS - Purchased at Michaels in a pack of 9 for $14.99 - Asking $7.50 for pack of 9 1 GOLD 7.5x9 AMPERSAND - Purchased at Michaels for $19.99 - Asking $10.00 2 MERCURY GOLD 4x4 JARS / VASES - Purchased at HomeSense for $5.99 each ($11.98) - Asking $6.00 for both or $4.00 individually 1 MERCURY GOLD 4.5x6.5 BOUQUET VASE - Purchased at HomeSense for $19.99 - Asking $10.00 8 (SPRAY PAINTED) GOLD 3x5.5 MASON JARS - Purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.50 each ($12.00) - Asking $6.00 for all or $1.00 individually 5 WHITE 3x3 LED LIGHTS - Purchased at Dollarama for $2.50 each ($12.50) - Asking $6.00 for all or $1.50 individually 6 WHITE 1.5x1.5 LED LIGHTS - Purchased at Giant Tiger in a pack of 2 for $3.00 ($9.00) - Asking $4.00 for all or $1.00 individually 28 WHITE LED TEALIGHTS - Purchased at Giant Tiger in a pack of 12 for $6.00 ($12.00) - Asking $6.00 for all or $4.00 for half 23 GOLD LED TEALIGHTS - Purchased at HomeSense in a pack of 12 for $6.00 ($12.00) - Asking $6.00 for all or $4.00 for half 1 MERCURY GOLD 3x5.5 MASON JAR - Purchased at Pottery Barn for $19.99 - Asking $5.00 2 PACKAGES OF SILVER HAIR BOBBY PINS WITH RHINESTORES (NOT USED) *1 package = 2 bobby pins, total 4 bobby pins - Purchased at Bitter Sweet for $10.00 each ($20.00) - Asking $5.00 for all *not actual picture but very close 2 GOLD STANDS - Purchased at Dollarama for $1.00 each ($2.00) - Free with purchase PICTURES FROM OUR WEDDING TO GIVE YOU A BETTER IDEA...
  13. I would continue to do your research just in case we got lucky but our photographers came down with us and there were zero issues! I was also anticipating our resort trying to get the vendor fee from us even though our photographers were staying for more than three nights but again, no issues. Better to do the research beforehand then find out when you have no alternatives
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