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  1. Fear not, I believe Javier is your on site coordinator! Javier was the coordinator for our wedding last year. I worked with him for about a year prior to the big day and I had the opportunity to meet him when we arrived at the resort. I think there was a shift about 2 years ago that moved planning away from Miami and into the hands of each resort instead. With that said, there is an on site team that handles the actual set up so you will be handed over to them once you arrive.
  2. Hi Diane, I am SO, SO sorry for the delaying in responding. I had some issues signing into my account to respond. Unfortunately, the fans and ribbon wands have been sold. I apologize for not updating this posting. I updated my kijiji ad but forgot all about my post on bestdestinationwedding.com. Both items were originally from Oriental Trading company if that helps you at all. I hope your wedding planning is going well and my delay in responding has no cause any additional stress for you. : ) Please note, the raffia fans, ribbon wands and OOT bag items have been sold.
  3. Hi UKbride. Good news, I think there must have been a miscommunication! I married at the Azul in March and had 16 guests. We ended up using the ballroom instead of Plaza Zavas due to questionable weather but I brought sheers, table runners, chair bows, fans, candle holders, etc. and was charged $250US for setup. $2000 does not seem right. Maybe there was some confusion and they quoted the rentals AND setup instead of just setup. Hopefully, an email back to clarify results in a much lower price for you. Please note though that I don't think they commit to a setup only fee until you
  4. Congratulations! So glad you had such a special day! Just out of curiosity, what did they charge you to extend your reception?
  5. We happily celebrated our marriage at the Azul Sensatori in Mexico on March 7, 2017. I was a major DIY bride and was always on the hunt for good deals and great DIY wedding decor ideas. A huge thanks to all brides, past and present, on the bestdestinationwedding.com forum! Now that we’re back, it’s time to put my office back in order and pass along some of my extra wedding stock. I know as a Canadian bride, it was sometimes difficult to purchase items online as shipping costs were often astronomical. Also, sometime you just need a few more of something and the retailer only sells by the
  6. Hi there. I am just east of Toronto (Oshawa to be precise!). I just had my white, bling and sky/cornflower blue wedding on March 7th in Mexico and will be selling off some items soon. Not chair sashes but other items like raffia fans, chinese lanterns, frames, etc. You may be interested in some items. Let me know what you may be looking for.
  7. Overall, we had an amazingly heartfelt day and a super fun reception with our friends and family. While everyone we dealt with at the resort was super nice, I feel that the onsite wedding department dropped the ball several times. We also feel like there were several attempts to take advantage of us monetarily. Luckily, we still had a great time so I am refusing to let these things tarnish the experience. I plan to write a full, in depth review once I get settled back in.
  8. I am at the Sensatori right now and was married on March 7th, two days ago. I brought most of my own decor due to the ridiculous prices being charged by Lomas. We had two suitcases but it really wasn't that much stuff, just bulky. Table runners, chair bows, gazebo sheers, chinese lanterns, framed signs, candles, raffia fans for the ceremony and maracas for the reception. In the last 1.5 years of planning I had repeatedly heard $5 per person as a typical set up fee so for our group of 16, I assumed about $80 - $100 US for the setup. I couldn't believe it when they advised me just a few hours pr
  9. @@annie271....Yes, I would still recommend weddingwire.com! I didn't end up using the budget function but instead used an excel spreadsheet where I could also track my to do list. However, the website was great for tracking my guestlist, RSVPs and I also do regular "update posts" for all guests to keep them informed. I also used the seating plan (so easy!) and just emailed a .pdf copy to the resort. Obviously, a website is only as good as the content you post but we have received rave reviews from our guests and it had WAY more visits than I ever imagined so it is obviously being used by
  10. Hi there. Where are you from? Canadian and US brides have very different promotions. As a Canadian getting married at the Azul Sensatori, I received very little from the resort itself. Even had to pay for the "free" basic package. Their argument is that we see the savings in the packages offered by our tour operators (Sunwing, Transat, etc.). Apparently, our combined flight/hotel/transfers savings are substantial so we lose the right to free cocktail parties, etc. I would highly recommend that you find a GI Certified Travel Agent as they seem to have access to additional promotions. I had
  11. I can't believe there's only three and a half weeks until our wedding day!!! Most of my to-do list is done with the exception of last minute items or things I am still on the hunt to buy, but that if I can't find, is no biggie. No stress!!! I started to haul out my decor, favours and OOT bag items and was a little overwhelmed by the volume of stuff. Not that I bought a lot but it sure does add up quickly! I thought I might have one suitcase of wedding stuff but I think it will more likely be two. That's a little stressful but many of you have done this before, so obviously it can be do
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