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  1. Congratulations on picking your resort!! I'd definitely recommend the pergola over the beach. I had originally planned on the beach all along, but it's really just way too close to the adult pool, in my opinion. You'll have a bunch of people in their bathing suits literally right behind you as you say "I Do!" (I straight up watched someone's wedding from there a few days after ours, and tried to shush some loud drunk people cause I felt so bad for the bride). We moved ours to the pergola at the last second and were SO glad we did. It gives you much more privacy. I had 58 guests, and we
  2. I know I've already posted about a billion pictures, and have already raved about Photos in Cancun, we got our edited pictures back and I just had to share a few! I can't recommend them enough!
  3. I loved my dress! It was the perfect balance of princessy and beachy for me - it was obviously a full-fledged wedding dress, but the material at the bottom was this netting that was amazingly light and easy to move in and wasn't too hot in the Mexico sun. The back was a little daring for me, and I feel like I look lumpy in some of the pictures, but oh well!
  4. Wow!! I can't believe that happened to so many of your guests! When I was there in June, the ATM wouldn't even work for almost any of our guests - it would just say the transaction couldn't be completed. I had to borrow some cash from my parents since I couldn't get any out, so bring more than you think you'll need! Also, you can get pesos at the front desk and have the amount charged to your room, which could come in handy for shopping, cab fare, etc., especially if you want to save your US dollars.
  5. I got them from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/258177006 They weren't the very best quality in the whole world as far as the material, but they looked great in pictures and were the cheapest ones I could find! If you go with these, keep in mind that the shipping is from Thailand though so it takes a few weeks.
  6. We just got our wedding video back from Adventure Photos! It was too long to upload the whole thing, but here's the pre-ceremony and post-ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMT4YWsT9R0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q11gjbGc9qs
  7. Outside the realm of resorts and booking things, I found that, for me, the longer I planned, the more money I spent. For example, by the time my wedding got here and I added up all the stuff I bought for my bridesmaids, I was SHOCKED! (I mean, they were worth it, but still!) I had just kept buying them presents here and there over my 1.5ish years of planning, and even forgot that I had bought some of it until I was wrapping everything up, and then realized I went overboard on spending. Just something to be aware of!
  8. I got a gel manicure on Sunday and my wedding wasn't until the following Wednesday, so almost a week and a half later. I got the same manicure in the picture (except this was 3 manicures earlier so my nails were way longer), and I thought they still looked fine on my wedding day, since the base color was so light - they were grown out a tiny bit, but you really couldn't tell. the glitter on the tips kept my nails REALLY strong and they didn't chip at all, since glitter is basically like superglue on nails. As long as you have/find a manicurist who is really good at gel (because that can make a
  9. @@TraceyT I just had my wedding at the Now Jade Riviera Maya and I thought it was relatively small compared to a lot of the mega resorts I had seen, especially because there are two sides: an adults only and the 'family' side. When I've gone in the past I've pretty much stayed exclusively on one side or the other (usually on the adults only, but with all of our family with little ones there I was always at the family side during our wedding trip), which cuts the size in half, so if you had an idea of which side you'd prefer and got your room on the right side, there wouldn't be a lot of walkin
  10. Unfortunately it was the outside vendor fee, even though in my original paperwork it said I would only have to pay a day pass. I asked if I could have the day pass price since that's what I was originally told but they were sticklers about it. It was worth it though!
  11. Hi @@mlklovestory716, I just got back from our Honeymoon at the HRRM last week, and we loved it there. I'd say it isn't for everyone - it's definitely more of a "party" resort, so if that's your thing then it's perfect, but if you just want it to be quiet and relaxing during the day, it might not be your cup of tea. But since you had your wedding booked at another Hard Rock, I'm sure that atmosphere is already what you're going for! Definitely stay on the Adults Only "Heaven" side - it's a whole resort in and of itself, with it's own restaurants and everything, but you can easily take a golf
  12. I totally agree with @@calgarybride2015 and @@veryvalentine - our guests did a great job entertaining themselves, planning their own vacation, and doing what they wanted to do. The only things we met up for were cocktail hour and rehearsal dinner (and the wedding, obvs), and everyone was off doing so many things that I almost felt bad interrupting their days for even that stuff! I had toyed with the idea of other events, but I'm definitely glad I stuck with just those things. I think almost every single person went on some kind of excursion, from deep sea fishing to Tulum to jet skiing to a j
  13. Hi everyone! I just posted my review (plus a million other details) on a new topic called "Our Amazing Wedding at the Now Jade!" I was going to put it here but it was way too long and I didn't want to clog up this topic. Let me know if anyone has any questions about anything!
  14. DISCLAIMER: This is way too long and overly detailed, so Godspeed if you plan on reading it all! It started out as my wedding review of the Now Jade, but turned into me unpacking and reliving the best day of my life. We stayed at the Now Jade Riviera Maya from Sunday, June 14 - Sunday, June 21 with 55 guests (57 including us). Our wedding was on Wednesday, June 17 on the pergola. We had our cocktail hour at the mix bar, and our reception at Castaways. My husband and I then went to the Hard Rock Rivera Maya for four days, until Thursday, June 25. Pictures by Photos in Cancun: https://ww
  15. @@KayRae is exactly right - the longer you have the plan, the more stuff you buy without realizing it! I honestly didn't realize how much I had spent until I was writing out my response to this post, since I would just but one thing at a time, and then it ends up really adding up!
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