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  1. I ordered it on etsy from a shop called Wandering Fables. It originally was only in colors but I asked if they possibly could do the gold glitter and they did.
  2. Congrats on becoming our next Moon Palace bride sister! I was just married there this past June. I've been there once before with wedding. Its a beautiful resort and it is massive. It's really like 3 resorts in one, but pretty easy to get around. As planning goes you will see sometimes it does take the planners a while to get back, but they will eventually get back with you. we had 34 guests. All our guests stayed in Nizuc side. We did the complementary package. 4pm ceremony at Tucan Gazebo, 5:30 pm cocktail hour at Tucan Garden and 6:30pm reception at Tucan Terrace. Add-ons: horse & carriage, 1 extra hour to the reception and ipod system with 2 speakers and 1 extra tier to the cake. We didn't add any extra lighting and there was enough light on our terrace. Yes we wanted to get lights around the palms and overhead but figured we be fine without it. 1) One tip when you go and have your first meeting with your on-site is to make sure you have your vision on paper or pictures. Especially if you are bringing your own décor. If you only tell them, they can't read your mind and cannot see your vision. I made and brought all my own décor. I made on word a sample of exactly how I wanted all the guest tables, sweet heart, cake, guestbook tables set up. Then I labeled all the items as well which doing this made it a lot easier for my coordinator to figure out how to set it up. 2)Don't stress... everything came out perfect, couldn't be happier. The only hiccup we had was we decided to use the ipod method for our cocktail hour/reception. The only issue with that is the tech that is there for setting up speakers/sound does not work the music for you. You would need to designate one of your own guests to do it. Our guest was too busy having fun and messed it up twice. It was no big deal though. 3) Look into what night your wedding is on. If the Nior night club is open that night suggest to keep your party going and head there after the reception. That is exactly what we did. My hubby actually paid for the VIP upper area of the club where you have to order bottle service. We had that entire upper floor to ourselves and 34 guests. I think he paid $800 for it. Otherwise if you wanted to just do the bottom floor of the club its free! When we were there it was open Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat I believe. 4) Advise your guests of the resort credit program and send them the information about it and how to book their spa/ golf/ tours prior. If you don't book prior to you arriving it could all be booked up. All my bridesmaids and myself used our credits for hair/makeup on the wedding day. We also, used them to swim with the dolphins excursion off site. 5). Book the horse and carriage ride for your entrance!!! Everyone was so surprised and loved it. It even made my groom cry when we rode by. 6) Don't worry about the seaweed. Yes unfortunately there is a lot of seaweed this past summer there, not sure if there still is. When we went 2014 it didn't have any or much at all. It has not always been an issue, but all of that area of Mexico is getting hit with it. Its not the resorts fault, big seagarsum issue since last few big hurricanes that hit there. The Mexican government is trying to help all the resorts clean it up. Moon does its best to clean it up, they usually do it 3-4 times a day. For best spots on beach with less seaweed for pictures is closer to the grand side. We actually did our first looks by the pier (between Sunrise/Nizuc) and there was lots. My photographers had us stand on the sea wall and it helped hide it in pictures. Really there is so much to do and the pools are awesome. Plus you can always take a cab for about $30 to Sun or Beach Palace to use for the day. The current at those comes in differently so they don't get as much seaweed/ any and its that pretty blue green water. 7) Another tip, make sure your guests either have facebook messenger or viber. Advise them in advance that since the Wi-Fi is free to turn off all their data on their phones and to use those apps to communicate with each other. I had 34 guests and that made it so much easier for us to all get together. Also, try to pick one pool area and stick with that so if your guests go off on their own they know where you may be later on hanging out. 8) must do restaurant Arrecifes its the Brazilian restaurant. We had all our guests meet there after our rehearsal. If you do eat there make sure to get the Mayan Coffee after dinner!!! the waiters will come up with different alcohols, coffee, ice cream, etc light the alcohol and do this neat presentation to make the coffee drink. After our guests seen my groom and mine made - everyone all 34 wanted one!! so yummy.. 9) right after you check in make sure to find out where the honey-moon desk is and register there. They ask for your room number and give you t-shirts. They also will ask you when you want to set up your private dinner. I believe they only do those Tuesdays and Thursdays. We weren't able to do ours because our wedding was on Tuesday and Thursday we had our TTD session so we missed out on it. We did get honeymoon cake and extra bottle champagne surprised in our room and the honeymoon breakfast you actually pick out your menu choice before you arrive. Your coordinator will send you the info and you will send her your choices. 10) Keep all your emails from your different coordinators. Understand the packages and rules may change after you sign your contract. If so, and what is part of your contract is better make sure you keep it all in writing just in case they try to change the price or something. If you have it in your contract they will grandfather it in and honor it. Also, understand that what some of us prior brides had in our packages is different than what is offered now. so if you hear about someone having something included or price is different ask when they got married and understand rules/regulations change each year. If you want ideas or see pictures I have a bunch in my gallery. Just click on my profile pic to go to my page. I just recently got my professional pictures back and my TTD session back so I'll be posting those soon as well. Happy planning!!!
  3. Wally 66" Garment Bag. If you search online for this bag you will find it between $125-$140. I am only asking $75 plus shipping for the bag.​ This bag has only been used once and is in excellent condition. My dress arrived in Mexico without a wrinkle and I didn't even have my dress steamed before the wedding because it stayed perfectly in this bag. - The manufacture states the bag can hold up to 6 garments. I took 2 wedding dresses (my actual dress and I had another for TTD), plus my daughter's bridesmaid dress and my rehearsal dress. It has padded roll bars to secure clothing and prevent wrinkles. - It also has multiple pockets to hold ​shoes, jewelry and other accessories. There is a large split pocket in the front 17x22" and one single pocket equal size on inside fold. There is two other 11x14" pockets inside and also a smaller accessory pocket. I was able to put 2 pairs of shoes, bride flops, my jewelry, veil, bride robe, bride tank/shorts plus dresses all in the bag. ** note the only thing the bag does not have is the over the shoulder strap. With everything I had in it, wasn't that heavy and fit perfectly in the overhead bid. ​ Other Items "I do " - Victoria Secret line Bride tank, size small white $15 Gillian & O'Malley white Bride robe, size XS/ extra small $12 If interested please let me know I it would ship from Fort Worth, TX
  4. thank you all. I actually was able to fit all my decor in one large luggage it weighed exactly 49 lbs! So, glad we brought our own and made most of everything. Came out perfect the way we wanted!
  5. No I don't have a copy of it can't remember exactly how he did it. Loved our minister though. If anyone looking for Moon Palace wedding pics I Just posted pictures in my gallery of sneak peaks. Album: "Our moon palace wedding ~ June 23, 2015" The only complaint wasn't really hotels fault There is a big big seaweed problem but I travel quiet often and it's not just Moon. All over the Caribbean is having issues. Just got back from Dominican and they had a lot too. Moon tries to clean it up 3-4 times a day but with the current in that area there's so much. the Mexican government is starting a program to help fund clearing it out. So if there is some or a lot there don't get discouraged. When you go closer to grand side of beach it's not as bad. Plus there are so many other pretty spots to take pictures. Also if you visit beach or sun palace for the day there is less seaweed there. They still have some but the current is different there so don't get as much.
  6. Some pictures from our Cancun wedding week Rehearsal Dinner - Arreffices Restaurant Ceremony- Tuscan Gazebo Cocktail Hour - Tucan Garden Reception- Tucan terrace After Party - vip area of Nior Nightclub
  7. This was our wedding cake. Top tier was strawberry and bottom tier is chocolate with chantilly frosting. I asked them to do an ombré effect. Location: Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort Cancun Cake topper: brought my own. It was gold glitter seahorse w/ Mr & Mrs Smith. Purchased from SugarbeeEtching on Etsy Close up
  8. Here is ours. We got married this June 2015 at Moon Palace Resort, Tucan Terrace Reception. All the decor was our own and we brought it with us. I just made a diagram how I wanted it setup and resort set it up for us. Our tables. My Diy blumebox vases and DIY flowers Hashtag signs for tables DIY menu cards and maraca favors Signature drink sign for bar area DIY bar sign Guest book/map table Sweet heart table. We had starfish hangers on bride and groom chairs Cake table setup P
  9. @@JessieL. In sunrise and Nizuc the only area that I think has pillow/aroma picks is concierge levels. Sunrise and Nizuc rooms are exactly the same as one another. Only difference is sunrise has the hammocks on balcony. I believe both are not as big or setup slightly different than grand rooms. Their balconies are not as big either. Just hammock or two plastic chairs and small table We did international cocktail hour - everybody loved it. Reception we did Cajun buffet. We swapped shrimp cocktail to do cerviche instead. It's so good. The deserts were so so. Our cake was really good. We did chocolate on bottom tier and strawberry on top
  10. We are getting married in Mexico June 23. Doing symbolic. We are getting our marriage license tomorrow May 28. We were going to get legally married June 5, but now ran into a snag and might have to wait til two days before we depart or after the wedding. My question is did any of you still do the symbolic wedding without the marriage certificate? Also were any of you still able to get the honeymoon package with only marriage license?
  11. @TropicsBride I booked my wedding back in Dec of 2013, my wedding is actually next month June 23. You put your requests in and the sooner you do it gives you a better chance of getting it. The first person that requests it gets it first. However, the true key on locking it in is paying your PO (purchase order) before the deadline date. You get your PO around 45 days out from the wedding. Once you sign all the documents and pay the remaining balance that will lock in your locations. However, if you don't pay it by the deadline date the resort can give your 1st choice location to the next person that requested it.
  12. If they changed policies after you signed they have to honor what the rates were back when signed. That is how I locked in few things. We started working with palace back in late 2013 so I was able to lock in few things plus we didn't pick our photographer until they offered the 400 deal so we were able to lock that. Every year more things change, every resort is like that. @@KatyM81 did you do the dolphin excursion? I know they moved it to off site. Just wondering how many hours of the day does it take up now? And what do they have at the dock where the dolphins use to be? Also, I keep getting conflicting info on using the vip area of Nior. I first heard it was only $100 something per bottle service. Then I was told its about $300-400 for a table for 6. Does any one actually know? I just want to be able to reserve the upper back area of the club and who exactly to contact. We have 30 people but I only think maybe 20-25 might go.
  13. does anyone have a copy of the current Credits/ tours list? I'm trying to put something together for my guests so they know what is available and can pre-book if so can you send it to my email: mishtb96@aol.com thanks
  14. Thanks for all the advice ladies. I think everything will work out. I have one bridesmaid that is good at doing hair so she wanted to do her own. she doesn't like others doing her hair All my other bridesmaids that are staying the full week want to use their credits so I'm going to pay their taxes for them. I have one bridesmaid that is only going for 3 days only so won't have many credits. So, with that and mostly because she was the one who took charge of my bachelorette party I'm going to pay for her hair in full as a gift for the party.
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