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  1. Quote:Originally Posted by EmmA1025 Hey Everyone! Im about 7 months away from our wedding and although i still have time it seems like its coming so fast!!!! Im going to order invitations soon and im thinking of mailing them out beginning of january and asking for the RSVP by March 1st. Our wedding is may 16th.. does this timing sound about right? For past brides or any brides to be.. has anyone not given the dj a set list of songs and just let them wing it? I am going to give a few specific songs that must be played like our wedding song and mother son and father daughter dances but
  2. I am pretty sure that is the case. My Travel Agent who has a long standing relationship with Pilar and NOW jade told me that it is 3 days for symbolic and 4 days otherwise. However, if you have everything covered with Pilar, then I'm sure she would tell you if there was an issue.
  3. For symbolic, you have to arrive 3 days prior to the ceremony : )
  4. Michelle, I don't know anything about that travel agency, but the destinationweddings.com people are awesome, and definitely legitimate. I have known other people who have used them for DWs, and said they couldn't do it without them. Hope this helps : )
  5. Nice! Yeah, I ended up going with the Pergola as well..I liked the idea initially of going barefoot, but I've heard the beach is a bit rocky so we are all gonna have to rock some heels. I ended up going with Castaways. Happy Planning!
  6. Hey ladies, I am looking at photographers right now, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I am really working within a tight budget but to me, the most important part of the wedding is the photography and I'm not sure I'm satisfied with Adventure Photos. I did contact Del Sol which was WAYYYY out of our price range. I also contacted Derek with Photos in Cancun and Gonzalo Nunez who were a bit more affordable.Does anyone have any recommendations? I just contacted Sascha Gluck as well. I would like to do about six to seven hours of photography on the day of to cover
  7. Just got my official confirmation e-mail from Pilar, and I couldn't be more excited!!
  8. Oooohhh okay. That's pretty reasonable. I was gonna go with the $1500 photo package anyways so that is very reasonable. I just haven't heard many great reviews on the resort photographer. So if you have a separate photographer, are there other fees to bring him to the resort??
  9. Can someone tell me what FI means?? Is that an abbreviation (future something) or is it short for fiance and pronounced "fee"?? LOL
  10. Snoopy, I've heard that as well. It's kind of like your still outside which is really nice. I know you can rent fans from the resort too but that's just one more cost that I don't need. I def like the idea of AC!!
  11. KHunt, You rock. Thanks for all the advice. What is the pricing with "PHOTOS IN CANCUN"? Is it less expensive than the resort or did you just like his work better? Regarding the fire dancers, are they regularly at the resort? If they will already be there, I'm not gonna pay the extra cost but I def want my guests to enjoy them. Thanks for the info on the dance floor. That was super confusing to me. I am definitely going with the Pergola. I'm still a bit confused about castways vs bamboo room, but AC is a huge factor!!
  12. KHunt, Thanks so much! That's great advice. I didn't even think about how silly that would look. That's a great idea.
  13. Hey Emma, I have a bunch of wedding info on NOW Jade. If you like I can send you some to your email.
  14. Ok, these are my last questions for sure... 1) Is Del Sol photography the resort photographer?? I noticed most pictures posted here on this BDW thread are Del Sol, and they are amazing! If not, does anyone have price quotes? 2) Any info on firedancers from anyone who has had them? Price? How long they perform? 3)What is the purpose of adding "the dance floor" to the package?? Does this mean sectioning off an area for dancing or is this mainly for outdoor receptions where there is no "floor"?? Super confused on this one! Thanks! Sorry in advance for the five billi
  15. Bamboo Room vs. Castaways?? Pros & Cons?? Also does anyone have any insight between the beach & pergola?? They are both gorgeous! I can't decide : (
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