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  1. Hi ladies, My family and I will (husband and daughter) will be traveling to Turks and Caicos December 7-11. Other brides have helped me reach my room nights for my wedding and I would love to return the favor if you are in need of additional guest night counts to get any wedding perks. We won't attend any wedding events. Please let me know if we can be of any help. ❤️
  2. @ADAMNJENN17 we have 98 guest attending our wedding at Moon next week. And no one is paying that price. Definitely reach out to speak to a BDW travel agent. I am working with Teresa
  3. thank you so much @!! I didnt think it would be enough time. The latest we can have the reception outside is 10pm on this terrace, my only other option is to switch back to the ballroom to go later. The beach is also an option, but I don't want it on the beach. I was thinking if I had the cocktail hosted at the same location as the reception then it will give more "reception time" since people can get to their seats. Did you feel that a 4pm ceremony still allowed for ample time getting ready? I want to do first looks and bridal party photos before the ceremony. I am also worried
  4. Hey everyone, I am having trouble planning my reception location and times. I have a large group of 100-120 people and we are on a budget. So, Our ceremony is planned for 5pm at the Tucan Gazebo. I originally planned to have the cocktail hour at Tucan terrace and reception in the ballroom. But then I started hating the ballrooms and didnt want to spend a ton of money trying to decorate it. So then, I moved the reception to the Carribbean terrace (rooftop) but we ouutgrew the space. So then I asked to have the cocktail and reception at the Grand Terrace. And our
  5. Hi Sam I'm getting married at Moon Palace in June. Welcome!!! I am actually working with a TA through Wright Travel Agency, I'm working with Teresa. She's pretty awesome and this forum is awesome as well. My wedding fir the most part is all planned out. Please let me know if you have any questions I'd be happy to help
  6. Don't let the vendor fees scare you. Once you start contacting outside vendors you'll learn that they can be cheaper even with the vendor fees. Also many outside vendors give special discounts to Palace Brides because of these fees. For DJ we hired dj discomovil, saves us almost $1000. For photography we hired Ivan Luckie gives us more for 8 hours at a lesser cost what dream art provides for three hours. For videography we hired love works cinemas.
  7. I am having a ballroom reception, I am renting chairs, lighting, and curtains. I am considering doing full wall draping
  8. Great review thanks! Just curious why did you rent the chairs, tables and chargers from gama and not latin asia? I'm planning to rent chairs from Latin asia. I know they are the approved florists, but i just want to be sure there's no extra fee for using them for decor. Gama had never responded to me when I asked for décor options
  9. Cecilia was one if the photographers I considered. I found her early in ny search. One thing I didn't like was that she required a deposit to be transferred to her bank account with no contract what so ever. I really didn't like that and I am much more comfortable making transactions using PayPal or on the vendors online portal where I receive a contract and receipt. This turned me off immediately
  10. @@AngDima the wedding was lovely. As a guest I really enjoyed the resort, the only complaint we had as many of the other guests is that the couple did not allow for us to have down time. They literally had something planned the entire time. Other than that the staff was awesome, the jerk hut at the pool was my favorite, the Italian restaurant was very good. I didnt care for the buffet. I ate breakfast each morning at the open air restaurant, I cant remember the name. The beach is lovely and the water is nice and clear. Theres a trampoline in the water. The drinks are also made great. I found i
  11. I was just at a wedding there in May. If you have any questions I will try to answer the best I can and what I cant answer I will ask the bride
  12. Sorry for my late reply. Im.not receiving updates from here anymore. I'm not sure why. I hired ivan luckie for photography and loveworkscinemas for video. Their prices are very reasonable. Our ceremony is at 5 at tucan gazebo, cocktail right after at toucan Terrace, and Reception in the ballroom. I went to a wedding in jamaica and the reception was outside, it was nice but soooooo hot. If you're looking into the ballroom, I'm told they now charge a fee depending on when you signed your contract. JUST A Heads up. Other than that planning is going. I'm working on getting my invites out soon
  13. very nice! Where did you get the little bags for the zantac and aleve?
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