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  1. @@ashhtayy - Best advice is just stay on top of her. I also found she'd reply a lot quicker when it was me directly contacting her about something for another guest Hopefully she has improved!
  2. Kristy, had to come and read your wedding review! Glad everything turned out so well, and you ended up saving money not having to extend or get the decorations! I haven't done photobooks yet - so lazy Haha and I obviously concur on everything about the TA - bleh. I listed her name as well though because I wanted to give local brides the head's up if they did a search
  3. Kristy, saw your pics on fb too! The pics are gorgeous - you look stunning and so happy . I love the pics of you jumping off the boat!! Looks like a ton of fun
  4. @@veryvalentine - Thank you! I liked incorporating that as well. Easy too when you only have 4 guest tables
  5. I went with Styling Trio and would 100% recommend them. I've gotten my makeup done a bunch of times (in Toronto) and it was by far the best makeup I've ever had. I looked like me but much better haha. They are definitely pricey but I have to say I thought they were worth every dollar. I had Adrian and Susie on my makeup and Esperanta on hair - all were wonderful You can see some pics and more commentary in my review #2 (see signature)
  6. @@snswedding2016 - I got mine done at Lust for lashes on Queen West. I had Michelle, the owner, do it. She did a great job but they are pricey
  7. Haha glad you like the eyelashes! I actually wore false ones on top of my extendions for more oomph for the wedding - I'm glad I did too. But for the rest of the week I just had the extensions and it was great to look "made up" around the beach, etc. An update for you - my lashes are fully back to normal about 3 months after. I would have loved to keep them as well but too costly and a bit too high maintenance for me. I like being able to rub my eyes . But I definitely can't leave the house without some eye makeup now like before and I miss how I looked with them
  8. @@Wafflesmom - I'll definitely keep it if no one else wants it. Every time I try it on with different outfits, it still looks really Ballerina-y / Princess-y to me - I think b/c of the colour and b/c it's really poufy. Maybe I need to find the right thing to pair it with still. I kind of wish I had gotten a dove grey or mint green one instead - I think it'd be more versatile
  9. @@smileitseb - thanks! I designed it myself and had them printed double sided on Vistaprint. They turned out great
  10. Ah bad timing! I was going through my closet yesterday and decided to post it I think we have the exact same taste
  11. Hello ladies, I bought this Space 46 Blush Pink 25" length tulle skirt a few months ago to wear for my bridal shower, but I miscalculated the shipping time and it came too late . So now I'm married and have no occasion to wear this tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina haha . It's just sitting in my closet now so thought I'd post it and see if anyone wants one for engagement pics, bridal shower, etc. It's completely brand new - I've only tried it on. It's the Space 46 one bought online from Adorn Calgary. I paid $132 CDN after taxes + shipping and it's just hanging in my clo
  12. @@calgarybride2015 - haha no. He was busting out a lot of moves that nights. He ripped his pants doing this Russian dance he does - imagine deep squats with the legs kicking out haha
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