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  1. @@calgarybride2015 @@acw271011 Thank you so much ladies! I love Styling Trio! And our photographer and videographer Sarani Weddings were amazing! Everything turned out great!
  2. I ended up using Styling Trio. Best decision ever! They were so amazing. They did exactly what I wanted. I had a trial and used this trial for a family photoshoot. Had them come to Dream Riviera Cancun for hair and makeup for me and my 7 girls, had a hair change for the reception. And they also did my TTD photoshoot hair and makeup. I love Adrian and his team. I'm so glad I went with them. Here's a highlight video of my wedding: https://vimeo.com/160636262 And wedding photo blog links: http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey-dreams-riviera/ http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey/
  3. We got our wedding video highlights. We had our wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun 01/23/2016. We went with Sarani Weddins for photos and video and we are so delighted with everything. We hired them for a 7 hour coverage of photos and video as well as a TTD photoshoot in a cenote. Here's the link to our wedding video highlights: https://vimeo.com/160636262 And the link to our wedding photo blogs: http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey-dreams-riviera/ http://www.saraniweddings.com/weddings/gallery/jenna-jeffrey/
  4. Just sharing my wedding video highlights. Wedding date: 01/23/2016 Dreams Riviera Cancun (Ultimate Package) Ceremony: gazebo 4PM Cocktail hour: jacuzzi 6PM Reception: ballroom 7PM Hair and makeup: Styling Trio (Adrian) Photographer: Sarani Weddings (Lunic) Videographer: Sarani Weddings DJ: DJ Mauricio Wedding coordinator: Maira Gomez https://vimeo.com/160636262
  5. @@TammyWright Thank you for your response. I did and I think we came up with a decision.
  6. Hi Ladies, please help! I'm torn between this two. I like both of their photos. Also, I will be needing videos. Del Sol will be launching their video services and Sarani has been doing video services. I can't decide which on to go to. Any suggestions and past experiences with these vendors would help. Thank you!
  7. @pddmc WOW! Beautiful wedding!!! Were you able to get all the photos del sol took from your wedding (including raw photos) or is there a limit on the number of photos you can have? Did they also provide a photo album?
  8. @@desmiv At one point my fiancé and I were at the same boat. And I have determined the biggest factor to consider is that time of the year... Around June to September Cancun's chance of rain is pretty high and if Cancun beach wedding is what you prefer you might want to consider a change of date. Originally we wanted a June wedding but knowing the chance for rain and hurricane, I just didn't want to deal with the stress.. As far as the beach itself, when we visited February of this year you can definitely swim in it. The seaweeds gets a little too much but they do clean it twice a day and its just getting there at a good time will also help. Another thing too, there are water sports activities around that you can do and you can do boating, kayaking around the area. We felt that the place is also a little far from everything but we thought that people are actually there for our wedding and the thought of a secluded, tropical, hidden paradise theme feel was definitely there that's why we thought its a good idea to keep it in that place. We almost switch to Dreams Sands or somewhere around the hotel zone area but the place felt more touristy like. If anything our guests can travel to the hotel zone area and enjoy some of the stuff they have to offer which in reality we have it here. Hotel zone felt more like Miami to us or something like that.. I hope this helps...
  9. Any of you ladies using or used the resort's DJ service? Is it worth it?! Does this include an MC or do we have to provide our own MC? Still deciding on how to go about on our reception music... Thank you ladies!
  10. @@ckelly2581 Congratulations!!! My wedding is on January 23, 2016 and I started my planning and contacting the resort and travel agent October 2014. I booked my wedding through the resort and I browsed around with travel agent. I suggest after confirming your date, contact a travel agent so you can work on a group rate and perhaps gets some sort of incentive for having 70 guests. I started with a room block of 15 rooms that we paid for and now I have 30 rooms blocked. The cost for any additional room blocks we needed were covered by the deposits from the rooms that were reserved by our guests. Our immediate family I knew for sure were staying with us for 7 days and the rest of our guests I did a room block of just guessing how many nights they will be staying. At least 3 nights to 5 nights and ofcourse they can just extend or upgrade their room category as they want, they just have to contact my travel agent and she does the rest. Hopefully this info helps. Happy planning!
  11. @@desmiv Congratulations!!! I honestly dont know how the previous destination brides did it without all these forums back in the day.. everybody has been so helpful and definitely gives me a peace of mind at times but seeing and hearing other stuff could also get overwhelming... hahaha!! As far as my room block, I blocked 15 rooms to begin with and paid for that 15 rooms in deposit. Increasing the room block is pretty much taken care of with everybody booking. This all depends on your travel agent how they do things.
  12. @pddmc aaaahhhhh... i love love your photos! They are absolutely beautiful!!!!!
  13. @pddmc Did you do a trial with The Best Moments? If so, did you have to pay for the vendor fee twice for coming to DRC twice?
  14. @@Wafflesmom Heeeey!!! Congratulations!!! Woot woot... we're getting married at the same time!!!! :-D I actually haven't booked them yet.. now I wonder since you are booked with them at the same time if they can still book me... what time is your wedding? :-)
  15. Thank you for that info @@KayRae atleast I dont have to worry about foreign transaction fee and such if anything I can just do what you did and pay through paypal and the rest in cash.
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