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  1. No, we did not receive a physical photo album from them. There wasn't a set limit of photos that we could have, but they do discard some of the photos that didn't meet their standards, which is totally fine and understandable. As far as the RAW images, I'm not sure - my husband is the photo expert, so I'll ask him. The thumb drive has two sets of "albums," one that is watermarked so you can share any/all images on social media, and a second without watermarks so you can print photos. They also include a document stating that you own the rights to the photos and you can make as many pr
  2. How cute??? A beautiful box with our wedding photos on a memory stick! Del Sol Photography has thought of everything! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  3. If Del Sol Photo was any cuter, it would have to be ran by adorable, fluffy puppies. I mean, how cute is this? I had totally expected a "basic" memory stick...and with that, hoping that I could find a place to keep it so I wouldn't lose it. But, Del Sol totally took care of that, too! For easy reference, here is the link to some of our wedding photos!
  4. I've been off the site for a while, too. But, thought it was only "right" to share my photos Thank you! I really love my dress, too. Wish I could wear it all the time LOL Photobook Canada... hm, well, I will have to see how much it would cost to use them since I am in the US. BUUUUT, I do love your book! Do it all over again? ummmmmmmmmmmmm lol The day itself, yes...the planning - heck no! lol Congrats again to you and your hubby! Best wishes!!!
  5. @@kcole123 Del Sol posted more of my wedding photos! Just wanted to share with you! http://delsolphotography.com/beach-wedding-dreams-riviera-cancun-tj/ PS that photo album book you had made it AMAZING!!!!! Who did you use to design and print it? I'd love something like this for our moms and for us.
  6. Just notify your WC of the vendor and provide the names of the stylists/photographers that will be there on you wedding day. I had The Best Moments and Del Sol Photography
  7. Thank you! Married life is great and we are having a lot of fun! I was very excited to come back and to share my photos with you guys (and future brides who may come across my planning journal)! Choosing the "right" photographer was the most important part of planning, to me, because eventually, memories fade..I wanted the emotions to live on forever - and Del Sol did exactly that! They are finalizing the rest of the photographs!!! YAAAYYYY!!! I have no idea how to chose which ones we display in the house! LOL
  8. Hi, everyone! We received more photographs from Del Sol yesterday!!! I can honestly say, this was the best money we spent for our wedding day. We absolutely love our photographs! Every time I look at them (which has been at least 15 times already!), I am taken back to our wedding day and reminded of the exact moments and feelings. These photos are more than just images, there was true, raw emotion captured and it will live on forever - something irreplaceable and cannot be reciprocated by anyone else. I LOVE how our photographers caught my husband's facial expressions - he is so an
  9. Hi, everyone!!! We received more photos from Del Sol Photography yesterday WOW! We LOVE hope they captured our day! This was the best investment we made on our wedding day!!! HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Del Sol, from our photographers to Ael with communication to the people behind the scenes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!!!!
  10. @@acw271011 I had about 5.5" cut off and had it dyed a dark brown with dark red undertones that really shine in the sunlight ___________________________________________________________ A few photos of our ceremony set-up, courtesy of one of our guests:
  11. @@badgerbride - We chose DRC because it wasn't overly pricey, but it also wasn't the least expensive resort. We wanted to chose a resort that had all that we wanted, as well as feeling comfortable inviting our guests to a resort that lived up to it's name and why it was a little on the higher side. We also sent out info, save the dates, prices, and invites VERY early so people could start saving and planning to attend. In reality, go with the resort that you and your hubby want because the guests that can make it and really want to, will find a way. You can't please everyone and you shouldn't
  12. Hi everyone! Thanks for the compliments!!! I absolutely will share more photos with yall! ____________________ The rosary picture has my mom, myself, and my bestie in it. My sister isn't in the shot because of where she was standing . But, she may in another shot at a different angle..we'll see. Either way, it's a beautiful photo! My "something old" & "something borrowed" was my mom's first rosary. So, we said a prayer with it before the ceremony and I carried it with my bouquet. This was really important to me, especially since we didn't have a Catholic ceremony. ________
  13. @@Matt Adcock - I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for the sneak peek images this morning! ___________________________________________________ We did Chichen Itza (the deluxe tour) and Snorkeling in 3 different cenotes! _________________________________________________ @@jenna85 By pddcmc Posted 27 April 2015 - 10:22 AM ⋅ 26 Total Views ⋅ 0 Comments Pros: Fun stylist & artist that created a flawless bridal look Cons: Communication with Martina Natacha Bitsch (hair) and Carla (airbrush make-up) arrived promptly at 12:30, as arranged. They were both very
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