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  1. The & sign is 12"x12", so it's right on the cusp of the size for USPS. It looks like it'll be somewhere between $4-6. I'll look into that today - the ball is 6" so will need to find a box that will work!
  2. Items for sale! More as I get more time to go through and sort my spare room http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/79146-wedding-items-for-sale/?do=findComment&comment=1895327
  3. I'm starting to sort through the HUGE pile of things from the wedding. Quite a bit is not worth shipping (due to damage/fragile/weight, etc), but here are some things that people might want! All items are somewhat negotiable - buyer will pay exact shipping & paypal fees (it's 3% + .35) as I'll send an invoice. It gives both buyer and seller something like 145 days of protection that way. I ship out asap, once I've received payment. As I find more things, I'll post them to this thread and update the bought/sold. Feel free to ask any questions! AVAILABLE ITEMS: Ampersa
  4. I flew Southwest Airlines, and did not have hanging space. It fit in the overhead fine, and the dress wasn't overly wrinkled. I had it steamed at the wedding, which I would have done anyway. I think my husband ironed his suit, but not sure if the bag made it any worse than it would have been otherwise - I think he just likes to iron his nice clothes
  5. Crown Club Paradise Cancun - Resort Review I've requested BDW add this resort to the "Resort Reviews" section, as I can't find it, but in the meantime, I'll put this here! If I have anything else to add, I will My review of Crown Paradise Club Cancun with 30 guests & 2 kids: Hotel – 8/10; Overall, we were pretty pleased with the hotel. We looked for a cost efficient resort that had decent reviews on the hotel, and was kid-friendly. Some of the rooms smelled a little moldy when we checked in, but that’s a pretty common thing in the tropics. The hotel was very clean
  6. I almost like her version better than my actual cake I thought the real one was a little tacky, I'm more of a simple look. They put way to many flowers on there for my taste. By that point in the night, I was just glad we had a cake before the photographer left lol! She was very professional and did a great job. Highly recommend!
  7. Quick update I ordered a Christmas ornament of our cake from this Etsy vendor (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CMYKlays). It was very reasonably priced, especially as the original vendor I found on Pinterest started at 150-400!! It's adorable! I love it!
  8. I made my daughter's dress from tulle Here are some instructions - I used an old pair of shorts, and about 20 yards of tulle I think? It cost me about $15 total to make, because I got the fabric flowers 50% off at hobby lobby I got my son's suit at JCP - didn't exactly match, but he looked pretty cute!
  9. I know you ladies wanted to see more pictures - here is a sampling from our ceremony from Sam Luna! He sent over 900 pictures, so I'll slowly winnow them down to share!
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