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  1. @@JamaicaNicole That is horrible girl. I totally understand your frustrations though and wanting to get it all out. I didn't have any bad experiences with my photographer (got married in DR in April 17, 2015) which I am thankful for because the pictures were so important to me. Don't stress over it yet though. Good idea until waiting until you get the pictures back. Make sure to show some of them when you get them Would love to see them regardless. Oh and I am learning photography now myself since like a little over a year ago. So hearing this stories helps me learn from others mistakes that's for sure. Chin up girl.
  2. @@acw271011 Hi hun, How are you? How have you been? I decided to pop on here for the first time in a long time to see how all the newbies are doing. I feel like an old married woman now..lol Hope everything is well with you. Miss ya. Kristy
  3. HI there, Welcome to this site. I haven't been on here in a long time. My husband and I got married April 17, 2015 in Dominican Republic at Melia Caribe Tropical. The ladies on this site will be very helpful to you as they all have helped me so much in my decisions. I, like you, had no idea where to even start. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your fiance.
  4. Nice to see HDC is still getting great reviews. We had them for our wedding April 17, 2015 and we are so happy still with our decision. We basically have one wall in our house dedicated to our wedding photos...haha
  5. @@swalker7979 I didn't have the reception at the resort. I just had the ceremony and cocktail hour there (selections were provided to me before hand to choose from). From there we had our pictures done and then left for the La Barcaza (which is where we had the reception).
  6. @@acw271011 Oooooooh I love your pictures what you have up so far. Your dress your hair, everything looks amazing. I can't wait to see more pictures. Congratulations to you and your husband on your renewal.
  7. @@acw271011 Hey sweetheart how are you doing? Married life for me is going great. I am actually helping my new sister in law somewhat plan her wedding, well giving her advice or helpful tips. She isn't having a destination wedding though (they are the way to go in my opinion). It's only been like since April but I found it so hard to just be "no more planning." It seems you get so consumed with it that it's just sad when it ends. So I have taken up photography to fulfil that void. Haha I wanted a hobby after all the wedding planning was over anyway and I have always had an interest in photography. I absolutely am loving it. How is everything with you? I must go visit your planning thread to see all our pictures.
  8. Facebook message received and now here I am. Sorry I have been MIA in a while. @@swalker7979 @@calgarybride2015 I just got married at Melia in April of this year. I had a total of 29 guests and all of them loved the resort. Not one complaint from my guests. They loved it. Even with it being such a big resort (it's huge, so if you aren't into the really big resorts then maybe opt out). But honestly it might be huge but it's beautiful and lots of restaurant options. My husband and I stayed at the level adult only section of the resort (would highly recommend the upgrade). So I chose to have the ceremony at the garden gazebo just cause I loved the way it looked and the garden surrounding it. And it went with the package I chose which was the basic package aka free wedding. The reason I chose this is because I had the reception off the resort. My reception was on La Barcaza wedding boat (which I also highly recommend if you are looking for laid back kind of reception). Anyway, Geraldy was my wedding coordinator and I tell you he is simply the best. He did everything so great and made us feel so special. He does a lot of these weddings and simple put, I didn't feel like I was just a number to him. We had a cocktail hour right near the garden gazebo and the food (which I didn't have because I was busy either pictures) was excellent according to the guests. My brother said that the cocktail hour food that he had was the best he had at the resort. Anymore questions feel free to ask but I honestly don't think you will go wrong at all at booking this resort. It's simply breathtaking in my mind. The landscaping is beautiful and for a wedding it is just amazing.
  9. @@vfosho Welcome to the forum girl. Oh the fun you will have. I got married at that resort just this April past. The resort was gorgeous. Have you ever been there. You won't be sorry. I had an awesome time on that resort and ALL my guests loved our choice. I didn't have my reception there so I wouldn't be able to help you out there but any questions you have feel free. Eeeeeek so exciting. What have you done so far?
  10. @@Meandhim I am so glad you got everything sorted out with Air Canada. Imagine won't be long now and you will be flying down for your wedding. You must be getting so excited. I remember the hard times you have had throughout your whole planning process and it's all coming together so nicely now. Can't wait to see some pictures of when you go home (Assuming you will be posting some of course).
  11. haha @@TinkerSofi, Thanks. Yeah I just felt awkward standing there and not knowing where to look (do I stare at Nathan the whole time and feel creepy) or do I go back and forth from Nathan to the Pastor....you can clearly see what I went with..lol
  12. Thanks girls. I am so glad I got a video and now a little highlight one too. I told him every year on our anniversary I am going to whip out the video (the long version). haha. @@calgarybride2015 hahahaha yes I am pretty sure it was nerves. I totally noticed that too in the video. Of course I never noticed that day but watching it back is when you notice these things...lol
  13. http://www.dropbox.com/s/vek1xn2i3q082h6/Boda%20Melia%20Caribe%20-%20Abril%2017%20-%20Kristy%20and%20Nathan%20-%20Highlight%20HD.mp4?dl=0 Hey Girls, Here is our highlight video. Hope you are able to view it.
  14. @@pddcmc Awesome. Don't forget to show us your work when you are done. Oh I checked with HDC and my highlight video should be ready by the end of this week. Fingers crossed.
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