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  1. Sorry I can't be of any help with your wedding venue but you'll love Akumal. We were at the sister resort (adults only) Sian Khan in January and weren't thrilled with it. But all of the reviews we've seen of Akumal are fabulous, including family that were there from the UK for 2 weeks. They absolutely loved it! The restaurants are terrific and the food is really good. There are various review sections on the site that might be helpful to you. If you go to the top Search and key in the resort you'll find reviews of the various services they offer and should be able to get more detail on the spa
  2. You picked a beautiful place to get married. The photos from the gazebo and the beach area are gorgeous. The resort is wonderful. A lot has changed since we got married in 2011 but they still know what they're doing and will make the day super special! Good luck and happy planning!
  3. @@kcha0225 There is a past bride that was married at Melia Caribe Tropical. You could read her planning and review. I know she was very happy with how things turned out. She's under kcole123. Just do a search up top under her user name and the planning thread should come up. Good luck!
  4. That's an easy one! Joyce at Dream Weddings Riviera Maya is the best!! We had her for our vow renewal in 2015 and she kept me sane!! I had a pretty good handle on things but Joyce reminded me about things I didn't think of and also handled all of our venues in Mexico. We did it off resort (ceremony and dinner following) and it all worked out beautifully! I would totally recommend her without any hesitation! She's a member of this site as well.
  5. Wow! This place looks absolutely amazing!
  6. It's your wedding. Do what YOU want to do. I think both are gorgeous!!! But my feeling is for the long. It's simple but very elegant and I think it would suit beautifully for a wedding in Italy. I wouldn't even shorten it for the AHR. You could absolutely but why? It's your time to celebrate. You don't have to go the whole route. You could put a single flower in your hair to make it more simple if that's what you want. But the thing about a destination wedding is there are no rules. Go with what you're comfortable with, not what it her people think you should wear. My vote is for the long dr
  7. Hi Ladies, Congratulations to all of you on your upcoming weddings! This site in incredible for ideas and suggestions, and tons of information! As well the brides here are generally great for sharing experiences and details. The one suggestion I would make is read, read, read. There are so many brides that have come before you and they've left behind some real pearls of wisdom. I'm the one that originally posted about this resort and so far I think the experiences have been good. Believe me - any question you can think of has been asked and answered here at some point in time. So play arou
  8. @@ep643 Congrats and welcome! TA Wendy has given you some great information for sure! The other thing is you can do is look through the site. There is a ton of information here along with multiple reviews from brides that have had their weddings at the resorts you're considering. I'd suggest doing a search up top. Just type in the resort and you'll get a bunch of threads that you can read through. That's the one thing with this site - it's so worth taking time to read through what's here. I will say that Moon Palace is a very popular venue and they have the horse and carriage! Something m
  9. @@2ndTimeMrs Oh my gosh you made me cry!! I LOVE your review! It's awesome! As for "talking you off the ledge" lol it was completely my pleasure! We had so much in common as far as circumstances go..... yeah there's a few people I'm still upset with 5 years later!! Wow - we just celebrated our 5th anniversary and it's already a year since Mexico and our renewal! We have to hook up girl! Life just gets so much in the way.....
  10. @sarahjayne07 Hi! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and welcome to the site! I don't know if this is any help or not. My husband and I renewed our vows in Mexico last October at Grand Coral Beach Club. We stayed at Valentin Imperial. I used Styling Trio @StylingTrio for myself and my friend for hair and makeup. They are absolutely incredible and totally worth every penny! I don't know anything about the person that you mentioned. I went to Styling Trio's location in Playa del Carmen for a hair and makeup trial but then had them come to the resort the day of our renewal. All I had to
  11. @rebeccarpeck1 Congrats and welcome! That's such a pretty bouquet! I'm not familiar with the vendor. There was a past bride here that dealt with Stemple Shop. Have you checked them out?
  12. Congrats! and welcome to the forum! There's no shortage of information and ideas here and brides are generally pretty willing to share! I'm a Jamaica bride - 5 years next month (wow time flies). We were married at Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica and absolutely loved it! There is a whole thread here dedicated to the resort. We found it very reasonable from Toronto although we were in a different time of year. January and February are peak winter travel months so when you say as cheap as possible, you may be in for a bit of a surprise at costs. Definitely get yourself a good travel agent. They'l
  13. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! My husband and I were married there nearly 5 years ago already! The time has gone by so quickly! We are quite a bit older and it was second time around for both of us so we also had to include notarized divorce papers. But nothing else had to be notarized. We sent copies by email of our birth certificates (not long form) and our passports and a notarized copy of our divorce decrees and that was it. it was really easy. To get a notarized copy of any document, you need to find either a lawyer or notary public. there will be a fee for getting this done. Take
  14. We had our renewal at Grand Coral Beach Club and a dinner afterwards at La Casa del Agua. I would highly recommend the restaurant. Their service was wonderful, the food was delicious and they managed to put us into a private room because of rain that worked out perfectly. My preference would have been for the outside terrace but Mother Nature had other ideas. I have a link with my planning and I think there should be photos there too!
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