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  1. Thanks - I decided on USA Transfers through Entertainment Plus. They have been super responsive and seem resonable.
  2. I just ordered from Old Navy within the last 2 weeks when they had their 30% off friends and family discount! Since we are going to have them for all our guests when they come down to the beach for the ceremony I just ordered a variety of sizes. For woman I primarliy ordered 8's, with a few 6's, 7's & 9's. And for men I ordered primarily 9/10 and a handful of 11/12s. I figured flip flops don't have to be exact, you can always get away with a little bigger!
  3. We are hoping to provide transportation for our guests to and from the airport on the main arrival and departure days. Is anyone else doing this, if so who are you working with and what is the estimated cost?
  4. My wedding planner at the resort has recommended a person to work with to have items shipped that works with customs on a regular basis. So I was planning on shipping the towels. The towels are 19lbs. a dozen! We could never check them all!
  5. Hi! I actually just received some referrals from Raffaele too and they were great!!! We are doing our ceremony on the beach, cocktail hour around the pool at the beach and then reception right at Punta Bonita with the After Party being on the beach (dance floor, lounge set-up, etc...). We are working with Clara at Rosewood. Feel free to PM me with any questions! So glad to hear from another Rosewood bride! Can't seem to find that many!
  6. I plan on including personalized beach towels in our OOT bags. Each room will be receiving 1 bag, do I include 1 towel or 2 The resort has towels for the pool and beach, so it is more a gift than for use. Not sure what to do
  7. Whoever you are arranging the legal ceremony through should be able to help you. Our coordinator recommended a company to work through and they handle all of the paperwork, translation, etc... Beautyweddings.com The contact is Pam. This is info from the site: Beautyweddings take care on all legal assistance, required documents; either the legalization of marraige certificate or Apostillate Certificate, depending of the country from the couple is, after the couple follows very simple steps. Civil or legal wedding it is the only way to have a marriage recognized by law. May be worth the cost so you dont have to worry about it.
  8. We booked EW Cancun to bring in lounge furtinure, lighting and a dance floor for our after party that is going to be on the beach. Raffaele has been great to work with so far. I do just have a question, we also booked our DJ through them, has anyone used their DJ or know anything about them? Thanks!
  9. On the bottom of our invitation we put "Your Presence is Present Enough". We also didn't register as we didnt want to send mixed signals.
  10. Thank you girls so much for the great info! I love the web-sites so I can include a little write-up about each place too!
  11. I was hoping to provide some restaurant recommendations in Playa del Carmen to my guests. Does anyone know of any?
  12. That's my plan too! Trial night of our Welcome dinner and a quick hairstyle change so its different. Glad to hear making the deposit in his sister's account in legit. I am planning on going to Chase tomorrow.
  13. Thanks girls! All great responses. I think you are all right and cash is the way too go. I like the idea of half and half.
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