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  1. Hi Everyone! I just received my quote from Aurora for my flower requests and she is quoting me $2500+ for canopy decor, 3 centerpieces and flower petals along both sides of aisle??!!! The flowers I requested are not rare,,,pink roses and white lithiansus??! I've contacted local florists with the same request to see if there is a difference in price... Anyone know if this is the going rate at the resort??
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich My fiance was floored that the resort wouldn't ask kids to get out of the pool during dinner receptions.... He imagines us sitting down to dinner and being blind sided by a giant splash!!! The kids did stay at the other end of the pool and were behaving.... so as long as that is the story at my reception, I'm sure I can deal!! Both pools are lit with changing color lights which are pretty... so that will help the ambiance for you. THAT is just NUTS! I thought there were closing hours fot the pool...like 6pm or something like every other re
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I think you'll have plenty of room... for both the tables for your guests and a dance floor if you want it. We would have had plenty of room for a dance floor if we wanted it (the concrete between the DJ booth and the tables were fine for us - it kind of created a dance floor area). Hi! I saw your pics and you set up was beautiful! I was just wondering if you had any other views of your recepetion area. From the pics you posted, we aren't able to see everything. (DJ, dance area etc...) I am planning on having a similar set up but I want
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride I bet that person doesn't know what their talking about. I had no issues bringing my dress as carry-on with westjet (mind you that was 2 years ago and a domestic flight). I have never heard of anyone not being allowed to take their dress as carry-on with any airline. So don't worry about it. I spoke to them again today, and was given the ok by 4 different people, the only thing they said was they would have to check it at the airport to make sure it wasn't too puffy to fit in the overhead compartment. They said they didn't have the place to hang it
  5. Hi everyone I just phoned west jet and I was told that I am NOT allowed to bring my dress on as carry-on, instead it must be placed in my checked luggage! It was to my understanding that on all westjet flights I could. The man on the phone kept on saying "no carry on baggage at all...he said any travel to the US prohibits carry on baggage even though I kept telling him I am flying direct to mexico, not stopping in the US but he still said no?! I think I will call back tomorrow and ask to speak to the person responsible because there is no way I am risking losing my dress! That is the
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by OceanWonderland Wow...ummm ok, not sure about this but one of the April 2010 brides is getting married at Dreams Punta Cuna (sp?) and she said she just got the new wedding package info. and it says ... "The Ultimate wedding package and the Dreams of Love wedding package inlcude dinner-reception per 3 hour event at the Ballroom or On the outdoor locations , wedding groups smaller than 25 people could be at the restaurants , just consider the fact that special music or dancing is not allowed , in that case we suggest the ballroom." She already booked her wedding
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by aliceo Hi ladies, I am about to reserve for next June, for a ceremony at 6pm. Do you think this is too late? I don't want to be walking down the aisle in the dark.... Or is there lighting on the beach? Thanks! -a. Hi! My name is Jessica and I also live in Montreal! My wedding is on June 23rd! What date are you deciding to have your wedding? I don't think 6pm is too late but you have to take into consideration that you probably won't have any sun left for pics after the ceremony. Also, the reception only last 3 hours or so at the resort
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by vlynnw It just throws off the timing of everything else, I was trying to prevent things from being spread out because I don't want my reception starting to early and ending early. What time were you hoping to start the reception? I believe most receptions start around 6-6:30pm (regardless of the time of ceremony) and end 4 hours later. Therefore receptions must end at 10-10:30pm.(for outdoor receptions) Aurora agreed to extend my reception until 11pm Don't forget the cocktail hour, that could be from 5:30-6:30pm....if you have the ceremony at 4pm,
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by dallasbride I've read that they limit it to two weddings per day. Let me know if you find out differently! Hi! If you look at the 2010 Wedding guide, it clearly states that the resort can hold up to weddings per day....unfortunately! I spoke to Aurora and she states that they still do up to 3 weddings per day also... I don't like the fact of that many weddings in one day, but apparently the Brides that had to share their day said that their weddings went as planned... Good luck! <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/">
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyandRich http://i772.photobucket.com/albums/yy4/Amy Other details - - The rent candles and holders, but prices were a bit ridiculous. - The photographer... with the package, shows up to the brides room 15 minutes before the ceremony for photos. About 5 minutes before, they take a few photos of the groom. They photograph the ceremony and then group photos afterwards. They will then take a few more photos of the bride and groom on the beach. If you want photos taken around the resort you have to - bring your own photographer or buy extra time wit
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by BrideBarbie I'm the day before on June 22nd 2010! Hi BrideBarbie! Whan are you arriving? I will be arriving on the 19th. I had to change my date (exam conflict) It was previously booked for June 5th. I had everything planned and booked....deposits and all. Luckily I was able to change everything to the 23rd! I little set-back, but things are back on track now! How are you with your planning? How many peeople are attending your wedding? Keep in touch! I hope we get to meet up over there! Jessica
  12. Thanks for all your support ladies! I have now booked a new date, June 23rd, 2010! Thankfully my DJ and photograher are available that day! Now I can get back to the planning! Thanks again everyone! BTW, Any DT brides on June 23rd?
  13. Hi Ladies! I got the worst news possible today! I have to change my wedding date! My fiance s a Urologist and has to write his licensing exam the day after our wedding! For the past 25 yrs the exam has been the last Sunday and Monday of May. That is why we scheduled our wedding for the week later. This year of all years, the exam date has been changed to June 6th and 7th, agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have already booked the resort, rooms, photographer and DJ. I have sent out e-mails to everyone and now I am waiting to ear back from Aurora for change of date. I was hoping to c
  14. Hi All!!! I'm so excited, just received my wedding invites from Hanson Ellis, Message in a bottle! They are perfect! I will try and post some pics, but I'm having difficulty doing so... Can't believe everything is coming together, I think it has finally hitme that I am getting married! OMG!!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by clinicalgal Hi Ladies!! Day before the wedding question here: 1. Are you allowed to rehearse in the location where your ceremony will take place? 2. What do we do about a rehearsal dinner? Do we have to pay per person as we do for the wedding reception or can we just go with the group to dinner after having a rehearsal? Hi! From what I have read on the site before, you can have a rehearsal the day before the wedding but you MUST arrange it prior to your arrival with your WC. Always keep your e-mails fromt the WC and print them out as pro
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