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  1. I've been going back and forth between the wedding coordinator for flowers as well as an outside florists. Everyone has warned me about the high pricing from the resort florist.. and WHOA were they right. My outside vendor fee is low at $150 per vendor and I have already booked the outside florist but I wanted to share with you my experience. I started talking to the outside florist even before I booked the resort since flowers are important to me. He has been very helpful and always responds to his messages. For the resort florist - I have to go through the coordinator so its very difficult to convey my vision and attach photos, etc. It's like we were playing telephone. This is the pricing I received from the outside florist: Tall centerpieces: $175 - tall cylinder clear vase with white roses, white mums Low centerpieces:$85 - Small cylinder with matching arrangement as tall centerpiece Prices from resort florist: Tall: $550 Low:$300 Yes, huge difference in pricing. I showed both florists the photos attached and while I know there are orchids in the arrangement, I mentioned to both of them to take out orchids since I know they are expensive. This was where the outside florist was much easier to go back and forth with. For my bouquet: I am going with white roses and dendrobrium orchids with silver pins in the center Sorry, I posted too soon: For my bouquet: I am going with white roses and dendrobrium orchids with silver pins in the center outside vendor: $165 resort florist: $250 Matching boutonnieres cost $15 So far my total cost for flowers is $1530 and this includes: 4 tall centerpieces at $175 a piece (this includes white wooden boxes for the vase to stand on during the ceremony. We will then move all the flowers to the reception area). 2 low centerpieces at $85 a piece flower petals to cover the aisle at $200 my bouquet at $165 matching boutonniere at $15 2 arrangements on the white curtain for $75 a piece (these will be recycled for the bride and groom table Flower girl and ring bearer flowers: $30 total $100 delivery and setup fee I am utilizing the free bouquet that comes in my package for my bridesmaid and the 2 corsages/2 boutonnieres for the parents. My budget for flowers was $2k so I am currently under budget which I am very happy about after hearing girls spend $5k on flowers. I will have to add or remove things as I find out how many guests are coming but this is what I have so far. I might add another arrangement for the escort card table. How much did you ladies spend on flowers? Or what was your experience like?
  2. I wanted to share with you all how I ended up choosing the resort I am getting married in in Cancun. I found this to be the most difficult and daunting part of planning. You all have been so helpful so I wanted to return the favor for any others looking or getting started. I also have more info on my flowers and budget and I will post that separately so people can get an idea of what things will cost. I was very concerned with pricing and I know asking what you paid for your wedding is a little sensitive but I will start a new thread with my wedding flowers cost. I knew I wanted to get married in Cancun, not Riviera Maya or Playa Mujeras, but downtown Cancun as I have been there many times before and for my group it would be a perfect destination between partying and beach/resort/relaxation. I started out by writing down all the hotels I liked and then I started emailing info. All I got from the coordinators were the pdf files with the packages, but realistically, that was not enough to make a decision. With my personality, I need to know all the ins and outs and what to expect before I choose a resort. I've heard things can add up and there are a lot of hidden fees. I don't mind spending money but I want to know in advance what I'm getting into to avoid any arguments later. I also received lots of recommendations to get a travel agent and they would be able to help me. I did get a travel agent but making the decision on which resort still came down to me knowing all the facts. With the above being said about my personality, a lot of people on this forum as well as the coordinators recommended to choose a hotel based on where I saw myself getting married and which grounds I liked. For me, this wasn't enough. I badgered the coordinators to show me all of their fees, including outside vendor fees, how it works with the extras such as dj, photographer, and decor, as well as extra guests and linens, etc. The hidden fees I found were astonishing, some hotels were charging extra money to walk in sand if you had your reception on the beach or to keep the food warm. Off the bat, I discounted those hotels since those were things I didn't want to deal with. I chose my resort on one thing alone after all my research: Outside vendor fees. I wanted a resort with low outside vendor fees as I didn't want to be bamboozled into paying high resort pricing when I could get the same thing outside for cheaper. The resort I chose is Dreams Sands Cancun and the date is 1/28/17. Dreams Sands outside vendor fees are $150 per a vendor which is very reasonable compared to the others who charge $800 or $1000. I made sure this fee was per vendor and not per person. The resort is not as beautiful as lets say the Hyatt Ziva, but ultimately I would be very agitated had I found out these high fees later on when I started planning. The coordinator at Hyatt Ziva was actually not very helpful when I contacted her and was trying to get me to book the package on the very first day that we spoke on the phone. After receiving a more detailed email from them, I crossed Hyatt Ziva out. Thats it, I based it on one factor. I also made sure this hotel is in a great location right near party city and its affordable for guests and allows kids. So far, planning seems ok. Dreams Sands seems easy to work with but I will definitely fill you in on all that as I get closer. How did you all choose your resort?
  3. @@yangher Here is the link again. I just copied and pasted it from the email she sent me. http://weddings.palaceresorts.com/sites/default/files/download_pdf/pdf/aditional_services.pdf What hotel is HRH? I am closing in on Dreams Cancun and I'm really hoping it works out. Their outside vendor fee is $150 per a vendor. They charge around ~$120 extra per person if you exceed the 20 people in the package and that covers food, chairs, open bar, plates. I think I have to pay extra for their ceremony chair but not sure yet about that. I was really looking for the Hyatt Ziva because of their gazebo but my goodness are they difficult to work with. They tried to get me to put down a deposit when I called their 1-800 number for the first time!! I would stay at the Ziva as a guest but I think if I had my wedding there I would be so annoyed finding out I have to pay $400 because of the lag between my ceremony and cocktail hour. I can let you know what my travel agent says and what Dreams says after I speak with them. I do like the fact that Palace resorts gives you free event time and the coordinator is really pushing that on me but I told her she would have to lower her room prices for my guests lol. http://weddings.palaceresorts.com/sites/default/files/download_pdf/pdf/aditional_services.pdf
  4. OMG @@snswedding2016 @@vancouverpetunia @@jes0912 you ladies rock!! I can't believe you all had over 40 guests and stayed in those budgets. Maybe I am misunderstanding these packages when they are sent to me. @@jes0912 I just received a pdf from Moon Palace today with all the additional fees, like an extra $27 per guest to keep the food warm...I laughed out loud at this. I know Moon Palace gives you credits and free event time but I am not sure of how many people I will have. It can range from 30 - 60 people. @@vancouverpetunia @@snswedding2016 Here is what I am looking at the Dreams Sands in Cancun...let me know if I am misundersanding: Dreams of Love Wedding Package This package includes: • Service of Judge or Minister • Wedding organization and personal touch of on-site wedding coordinator • Preparation and ironing of the couple’s wedding day attire • Complimentary room for one member of the wedding couple the night before the wedding (based on availability and upon request) • Bouquet(s) and/or boutonniere(s) for wedding couple • Two boutonnieres and two corsages for wedding party • Hairstyling and makeup application for one member of the wedding couple for day of ceremony • Wedding Cake and sparkling wine (up to 20 guests) • Private Cocktail Hour with hors d’oeuvres (silver menu, up to 20 guests) • Private Dinner Reception (silver menu, up to 20 guests) • Natural floral centerpiece for the sweetheart table (1) • 36 full color photos and wedding album (taken during ceremony) • Special turn-down service the night of the wedding • 15% discount on all spa treatments (boutique purchases not included) • Newlywed Package (see pg. 9 for details) • Waterford Yours Truly toasting flutes • Late check-out for the couple (based on availability and upon request) • Free Anniversary Nights (see pg. 8 for details) For $3199 Each additional person is $117.90 -I do my own nails. I am not having a bridal party (just maid of honor). My sister in law does hair and makeup so that's covered. In this package I have 20 guests included for $3200 but if I have another 30 come that would be another $3537 in addition to the $3199. I do want a reception with dancing. I am not paying for a dance floor. I am mixing my own music and one of my fiances friends will be an MC for our announcement and speeches. So I am looking at $6736 for just feeding people. No flowers, no changing out chairs or linens, etc. Am I going about it correctly? I would pay to add some centerpieces for color and pay for sound equipment and lights. I can't find any resort in Cancun that has a package for 40 people. I've been in contact with a few different resorts and having a call with Dreams Sands on Monday morning. @@jes0912 Here is the link to the pdf I received from the Palace resorts with all their additional fees : http://weddings.palaceresorts.com/sites/default/files/download_pdf/pdf/aditional_services.pdf I feel like these fees aren't even avoidable. They will just tack on $27 to keep your food warm, etc. @@jes0912 I believe the 75 room night is still in effect but you receive 9 hours of free event time. When I spoke with the lady at Palace Resorts she said that people would have to book through Moon Palace to qualify for the group package and they would have to book for a minimum of 3 nights. If they book 2 nights, it wouldn't count. I know I will definitely have at least 15 couples going (lets say they book for 3 nights each that comes to 45 nights). At 45 room nights, this will give me a free cocktail hour. Then the question becomes, will people book through the resort directly or just go onto expedia or orbitz to book. Moon palace said if they book throgh those sites, it does not count. I'm speaking with a travel agent tomorrow so perhaps she will have more insight to getting free things. But with a price tag of $1200 per person to travel from NY with airfare and hotel, I would feel terrible making my guests pay that much for me.
  5. @@ljgray1989 Thanks for the info! I feel like those are decent prices. I am looking at Cancun where the hotel strip is at Kulkukan boulevard. It seems that Cancun is more expensive than the Rivieran Maya. Some hotels in Cancun don't offer the free package if you book 10 rooms. Their packages for 20 people are around $3000 but then I'm finding it's about $117 extra per person. The $117 includes the reception and open bar but I am not sure if it includes chairs and setup. This is specifically the Dreams Sands hotel. Of course dj, dance floor is all extra. Other hotels I've looked at were Paradisus with package for 20 people at $4780 and package of 40 people is at $7780. If I want to change anything then I have to pay upgrade fees. Moon Palace and Beach Palace offer the free option but their nightly prices may be too high for my guests. I was hoping for a package for 40 people to be around $5000 that includes reception, bar, cocktail our and ceremony. Then I would pay for flowers and dj, although I am considering mixing songs myself. @@vancouverpetunia you are a wealth of information! I am looking at downtown Cancun. It seems that a lot of brides here are looking at the Rivieran Maya or Playa del Carmen. Yes, picking the resort seems to be very difficult. I am also looking at kid friendly resorts. I'm narrowing it down to the Riu's, Dreams Sands, and Krystal Grand Punta Cancun. By looking at the forums, it seems that no one has gotten married at these! lol. And most packages include 20 people. The original extra person fee I found at $55 was at Moon Palace but you're right, I don't know if that includes the chairs, table, linens, ceremony chair, etc, so I guess that $55 will turn out to be over $100. I'm also looking to have our guests pay $1000 or less for their stay. Flying from New York is not that expensive to go to Cancun (just bu looking at expedia, Moon palace comes to $1200 and Dreams comes to $800).
  6. @@acw271011 Thanks so much for the reply. I am based in New york. I don't know what a travel agent does. I usually book my trips through expedia. Does the resort give you this TA? Or do I have to seek one out and pay for it separately? @@vancouverpetunia Thanks so much for the reply. I guess my assumption of it being included is far off. In response to your - don't I need anything else, like decor, etc? Yes!! lol. Again, I assumed that was included. All I wanted was for a beach ceremony with a white canopy, chair, a runner, and flowers (also 2 pillars of flowers at the beginning of the aisle). Of course centerpieces and white linens, dj, and music. I guess a package does make more sense, but here is another question: When I look at some packages, they have extra per person fee at (let's say $100) but their a la carte is around $55 per person extra. Is this because the a la carte does not include tables, chairs, linens, silverware, etc, and the package option does? My simple white canopy with flowers idea and a basic reception with centerpieces and music seems so trivial in my mind but they make it out to be so complicated. I've spoken with 3 resorts so far and I think at this point I want to pick the resort that is the easiest to work with, good pricing for my guests and good pricing on packages and add ons, and kid friendly. Any feedback on resorts? Thanks!
  7. Hi all! I am a newbie here and need some help. I am looking to book a wedding in Cancun in January of 2017. What I want is really simple: 1. a beach ceremony with a white canopy 2. 1 hr cocktail for about 50 people 3. a private reception with a dj and dance floor for about 50 people I have contacted a few resorts and they've bombarded me with information. I was basically asking what I should expect to pay for the above. Most told me to book a package and then add on the extra per person. The extra per person fee is high - around $120 at a few resorts. It seems that its more cost effective to choose the complimentary package and then pay for the reception and cocktail hour. I've seen numbers at $55 per person for reception and $30 pp for cocktail. This includes open bar. I'm also assuming this includes basic setup of tables and chairs. Wouldn't it be cheaper to go this route than to choose a package and pay that crazy per person fee? Or am I reading this wrong? For any brides who have had similar weddings to what I am looking for - what did you end up paying? Thanks!
  8. This is a review of:

    Disco Movil DJs

    Great job!

    Pros: Music, Communication
    Cons: nothing
    Discomovil did our wedding on January 28 at Dreams Sands in Cancun. Highly recommend. I booked them about 1 week before the wedding for both cocktail and reception services. They had a questionnaire which I filled out and sent over to them. The questionnaire is basically used to help them create a program of your reception. They followed all my recommendations regarding music and added their own touch which fit well with my group. Definitely book them - they are affordable and always respond via
  9. This is a review of:

    Maya Floral

    Best Florist Ever!

    Pros: Price, Work, Quality, Email response, Ease of working together
    Cons: nothing
    Marvin did our flowers on January 28 at Dreams Sands in Cancun.  Loved working with him!  All the reviews are true.  He truly is great to work with.  (I don't know what that one review means about him being rude and unresponsive - I never experienced that with him). From the very beginning he was highly responsive via email (and I'm sure he gets tons of emails). We went back and forth with photos as examples and when I finally settled on a color he offered the best option for flowers to keep the
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