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  1. Hi @@smw39 - Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I was married at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay this past February and everything was absolutely perfect. I'm not sure if this resort will be something your interested in though as you said you want a nice beach and even though the SWO beach is nice it is man-made and on the small side. I would still check it out though as the wedding coordinators there do a great job and pretty much every SWO bride that has posted on here has been very pleased with their services. You mention you want to keep the costs down but at that time of yea
  2. Hi @@BritML0121 ! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am a recent SWO bride (February of this year) and my advice would be to stay away from the resort videographer. I have just posted a very lengthy 3 part review of my wedding experience at SWO and outside vendors on here. Part 2 specifically covers the resort photographer/videographer (they are the same) so you can read that to see why I don't recommend them. I second @@KG1990 reply - you have definitely chosen the right resort to have your wedding in Jamaica. The wedding coordinators do a wonderful job and you will have a beauti
  3. This post is the final part of my 3 part review of SWO and my wedding in Jamaica. If you missed Part 1 & 2 go back and read them as there is valuable info about the resort, outside vendors, and SWO wedding coordinators. (Part 1 of 3 is here and part 2 of 3 is here) BRINGING DECORATIONS FROM HOME I brought 1 suitcase of various items from home with me for decorating the gazebo and took them to the meeting with the wedding coordinator 2 days before our wedding. I was a little worried before the meeting because during my emails with the wedding coordinators they said I would have to pay a
  4. This post is part 2 of 3 for my review of SWO and my wedding in Jamaica. If you missed Part 1 go back and read it as I give a detail overview of the resort. (Part 1 of 3 is here and part 3 of 3 is here) WEDDING COORDINATORS The ladies in the wedding department at SWO are very knowledgeable and work really hard to help you have the perfect wedding day. Yes they are slow to respond when you are more than 2 months away from your wedding date but that is because they are busy helping other brides who are getting married before you. Once you get closer to your wedding date their response time doe
  5. My husband and I were married at Secrets Wild Orchid on February 2, 2016. Needless to say this review is long overdue. Originally I had planned to come home from Jamaica and write my review right away but after a year of planning our wedding I really just needed a break from “wedding stuff”. I did keep notes though during the wedding planning and our time at SWO so I wouldn’t forget any details when it came time to write my review. Hopefully other brides planning a SWO or Jamaica wedding at another resort will find the info in this post helpful as they plan their perfect wedding in paradise. I
  6. @@krystalball have you taken a look at the Consumer Protection Act for Ontario? here's the page where it talks about contract and additional fees: https://www.ontario.ca/page/your-rights-when-signing-or-cancelling-contract Not sure if this will help you but I know when ever I mention the Consumer Protection Act to companies that are giving me the run around they suddenly become more accommodating Good luck!
  7. For those of you that are interested in dinner at the Seawind Club the best way is contact the restaurant manager, Elvis, directly. (yes his name really is Elvis ) The restaurant at the club is called Calypso and their phone number is 876-940-9660. I was not able to arrange a dinner there before I left for my wedding in Jamaica but the club was located next door to our resort (Secrets Wild Orchid) so once we got settled in we walked over the restaurant and spoke to Elvis. He was absolutely fantastic. He reviewed the menu with us, made recommendations, and, showed us the wine list so we co
  8. I second @@ashhtayy 's comment about the spray tan. Yes spray tan has come along way since the days of Jessica Simpson's famous orange skin tan but the spray tan does still come off in the water; especially salt water. Everybody's skin reacts differently to spray tan but I know for me it always wore off unevenly so I ended up with a blotchy look after a few days. Not sure I would take the chance on that for my wedding I'd be afraid of the tan rubbing off on my dress. I did the tanning beds but I already had a good base (I spend the entire summer in the sun on my boat) so I only needed a few se
  9. Thanks for the feedback ladies! One of the pitfalls to being a bride is in the 11th hour you start to second guess all your decisions Great info on bring home bouquets to Canada Ann! I was always under the impression from CBSA that you couldn't bring home anything that was living. I probably still would have made my own bouquet anyways just due to the price Tia Flora wanted to charge but still great info for all the other Canadian brides on here.
  10. I'm leaving for my wedding at Secrets Wild Orchid in MoBay in 2 days and have finally finished my bouquet, my FH's boutonniere and my grandmothers corsage. I would have loved to have real flowers but I wanted peonies in different shades of coral for my bouquet and as many of you know the prices are crazy expensive (quotes I received were in the $600 range just for my bouquet!) to me that is just too expensive for flowers I can't bring home through customs to have as a keepsake so I ended up making my own using a mx of real touch and silks. I did have some dusty miller in my bouquet to match t
  11. Thanks for the links @acw271011 I reached out to a tour operator that booked our golf excursion and the manager of the Seawind Club is off until Wednesday so hopefully once he is back to work we will be able to arrange something. We leave on Friday morning so worst case we will go there our selves (it's next door to our resort) and talk to the manager directly. Once I figure out how to book I will post for other brides that are interested.
  12. I am staying at Secrets Wild Orchid and having my wedding there on Feb 2nd and since it suddenly just became only the two of us I would like to arrange a special candlelight dinner on the beach after our ceremony. I've heard that the Seawinds Beach Club and Calypso Restaurant next door to the resort does this but I can't find a website with any details. Have any Jamaica brides on here had experience with this? I have also reached out to SWO about having a candlelight dinner at the resort on the beach or one of the gazebos but they still haven't replied to me with pricing or menus to chose
  13. Not sure where you are getting married but if you are getting married in Jamaica then check out the Bung Guh Lhung band : https://www.reverbnation.com/bungguhlhung I know Secrets Wild Orchid uses them as their Reggae band for weddings and a few SWO brides on here that had a reggae band said they were very good. They play a mix of contemporary/popular songs as well as traditional reggae. Also check out youtube as there a lots of videos of Bung Guh Lhung singing and performing so it will give you a good idea if they are right for your group. Good Luck!
  14. It is going by fast acw271011. It seemed like time was going so slowly for the longest time then suddenly I woke up and was 29 days out with still so much to do
  15. To be honest I really didn't keep track of the cost as I was going along but I estimate it was probably somewhere in the ballpark of $7.00 per invite plus postage. I only needed 25 invites but ended up making 30 just in case I needed extras plus I wanted to have one for myself as a keepsake.
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