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  1. it is so difficult to find the same style with so little time,how about customize your bridesmaid dresses at dressilyme?what you need to do is just send your favorite picture and your measurement and the color you like.
  2. Hi all BTB, Summer is also can be a wedding festival?My parents and i have been invited to a wedding in July 30th. I wanna to wear cute and cold dress to attend, but I'm having a hard time finding something I like, that I feel would be appropriate. short dress will be too short for me .but I don't really want a long on either! can u help me to pick it out?
  3. yes,agree with our viewpoint.most of my friends tell me to get one design or expensive wedding dress in this year,it is one of the most important day in my life,but what i really wanna to get is my style wedding dress.suitable for my character and figure.
  4. I searched the topic online and found some sites that sell wedding dresses online recently. And many of them have a column called the latest trend in 2013. But I just wonder is it really important whether the style of wedding dress are trendy in this year? I think what matters is the dress style should fit you.And sometimes I think one reasonably wedding dress will be better than one design or expensive wedding dress. what is your opinion about this?
  5. what a pity,the color and the style are both my favorite,but the size is too big for me.good luck to u to get a good result.
  6. yes,first,i will get one wedding list according to some local community,then classify the diy project,group buying,shopping online and others. last,take action now for your enough time.
  7. wow,sounds very great.keep it for unexpected needs.
  8. Now many of you may wear necklace made of silver or gold with a pendant. Do you ever want to try something new and unique? Button necklace below is in vintage style which will bring you much more charms. How to make a button necklace will give you a sense of freshness. let's make a button necklace for yourself
  9. hello,all brides to be, have you ever joined such activities on pinterest?it is holded by dressilyme.and we can get up to $300 coupons once joined the contest,in fact,i never joined such activity,but i have one pinterest account,and i wanna to have a try,and no matter how much coupon we can get,it is one good news at least for our all the brides to be ,right? here is their banner for how to win the coupons for the wedding&bridesmaid&occasion dresses. http://www.dressilyme.com/help/helpdetails-84-5.html
  10. wow,thank u all ,and all of them are collected by myself from different blogs and sites,everyone will get their best hairstyle,good luck to all of u,and as to me,i like the #2 and #4.but the #4 is too complex.
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