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  1. I have made every excuse under the sun 2 not work out! I just don't know what the heck is wrong with me! I know I'm over weight n I know I don't want 2 look like this but yet I still don't do the wrk out! I just feel like their isn't enough hrs in the day. I'm worried about working out in the mornin before wrk bc I'm soooooo out of shape that it is gonna just knock me out n ill be 2 tired at first. N then who the heck wants 2 wrkout after wrk! Uggggg sorry I had 2 vent! Kara- insanity loser!
  2. I started the fit test on Saturday made it only half way through due 2 beig dizzy and almost throwing up. The fit test was a lot harder then I thought :-/ I am very out of shape. Was afraid 2 start up again on Sunday bc my back was sore, afraid I would throw it out! Monday would be my rest day. Tuesday I was supposed 2 start again but go home late from wrk n life got in the way so I am going 2 start it 2day. I'm nervous but it needs 2 be done. I will not walk down the isle being the weight I am now! Plus I want 2 be healthier. We can do this ladies! We just have 2 put our mind 2 it. If u are i
  3. Yes it does, I was worried it would never get done!
  4. We picked July, only bc my job closes for a wk end of July and a wk in Feb. Didn't want 2 do Feb so July it is! Plus I like the idea of it being a summer vacation for anyone that wants 2 join us.
  5. Miranda we r basically in the same boat, I'd like 2 lose 30 lbs, we r getting married July 2014 so I have some time but I don't want 2 lose not then gain again!
  6. I was worried bc I do not have good luck! We called n got it added along with our renters n car insurance, it came out 2 be $4 extra a month! Soooo worth it! congrats on only have 3 wks.. Omg r u excited?
  7. Hey ladies, My FI and I finally got my ring insured, I figured u would all understand how relieved n excited I am. Only took us 2 months 2 do so! )
  8. I'm having my girls n guys pay for their own stuff, we are not expected 2 pay for their stuff. At least not around here we aren't. With all the expense I can't even think about paying for their stuff. Also, we r getting married on embarkation day on our cruise so most of my girls are not coming along for the week all they have 2 do is drive 1 1/2 hrs 2 the ship.
  9. sxcT, thank u for the encouraging words, I have 2 get it in my head that if everyone else can do it so can I. And keep thinking that I want a sexy body for the summer and when I get married. I checked my order n it's saying it should be here on Saturday. When did u all start? I have 2 have Mondays as my off day. I work 2 long of a day 2 workout on a Monday I know I won't do it. I can't wait 2 get started!!!
  10. Your logo is adorable, how did u make it? Details plz if u don't mind! It looks so professional Kara
  11. Every time I see this topic I think it says disposable underwear! Lmao
  12. Hi Insanity Ladies!!!! I can't get over everyones results! sxcT u inspire me! I so want to look like you on my wedding/honeymoon! Shaylaj great job! And congrats to everyone else who has completed or is doing Insanity! I just ordered my DVD's 2day and can't wait for them get here. I have read through this whole thread 2day and am soooo excited to start, a little scared but excited to start feeling good! I am getting married July 25, 2014 so I still have a good amount of time and I KNOW I can get my sexy body back. I want to lose about 30 lbs so I plan on doing Insanity then maybe Insanity
  13. Congrats on nailing down ur cruise line. So much fun! I have been enjoying all the DIY projects n ideas. U will have a blast on this message board so many wonderful ideas, so many talented ladies. It's been awesome! - Kara
  14. That sounds great! I'm still not sure I want 2 do TTD it's not really my personality. But I still have a lot of time so we will see what I decide! Lol
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