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  1. Glad to hear it kaitstr he is an amazingly talented photographer and just a great guy.
  2. Exactly! It has to be about us (you) as a couple a family anyone else is a bonus. I reclaimed my wedding this week and I am so thrilled.
  3. Photography is essential, and something that you don't want to regret. A perfect wedding with average photography takes away from the memories and the legacy. It is one of the things in a wedding that is defiantly a long term investment. Meet the Burks is a great US team based out if Charlotte, NC they are personally and prices are reasonable. Merrick Cousley is skimpily amazing and he is a native, an absolute pleasure to work with abs micro detail oriented.
  4. Many times RSVP dates are scheduled based on the requirements if the resorts. I suggest at the latest a week prior to your final cancelation dates so you can drop unneeded rooms with our major penalty.
  5. Most certainty she LOVES shoes. So much that SHOES was her second word!
  6. It is 5 per person transaction, you can make 2 transactions per customer and I even had the baby make one for hers. We actually could have gotten 4 more pairs.
  7. Exactly and with each of us purchasing we can get a larger quantity. :-)
  8. We live in the Sacramento Valley in California it's high 90s-113 from late March to November a colorful stock of flip flops is an affordable essential. We usually go about an hour before opening and wait to go. We all have color assignments and know the sizes we need in each color. They are 9 and 10 I trained the well!
  9. You can't go wrong at any Sandals property. I am not sure how many people are attending yet. RSVP deadline is August I am thinking 20, which is just what I want but I have reserved space for 40.
  10. It is kind of a tradition for us we go every year. Flip flops and Black Friday.
  11. I love the orgnization! All of the St. Lucia properties are amazing!!! It really just depends on what vibe you want, what your preferred activities are. Exc. the St. Lucia properties are breathtaking, my personal favorite is the Grande St. Lucian.
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