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  1. Hi! I'm just on the border of Suffolk! I'm getting mine from officesupplies which is a really random name as they do wedding stuff and not office supplies lol! Where abouts in Mexico are u thinking? We are getting married at excellence playa mujures...it looks sooo amazing! Babyonline has great reviews! What sort of dress are u going for?
  2. Hi all! After much deliberation I decided to take a risk and order my dream dress from DHgate. My dream dress is an essence of Australia D1463 and is a little out of my budget as we are already spending lots going from the UK to Mexico for the wedding. This is a lot cheaper and the people making the dress had good feedback and were very fast at replying! Fingers crossed it all works out!!!
  3. Hi everyone! What are your thought ordering from DHgate? I'm from the uk and have found my perfect dress which is a little out of my price range, however iv found it on here for less than half price! Do I take a gamble? Help!!
  4. Yes definitely! I'm really struggling finding any info on it! I'd love to obviously get a good price but not at the cost of having bad quality dress!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm from the uk, has anyone ever ordered or had any experience from kaku.com? My dress is an essence of Australia which should be £1100 but they are selling it on the website (replica) for just £280. I'm a bit wary about the quality and can't seem to find any reviews anywhere!!! Any other suggestions? Thanks :-)
  6. Wow ur being a lot more thoughtful than I am. I was planning a wedding in the uk and in the end we decided to go for abroad (for this instance mexico!) as everyone was basically deciding for us and we were working around everyone else's preferences and not ours. We've had to be cruel to b kind to ensure that our day is just as WE want it x
  7. We are currently looking at the excellence resorts in cancan and playa mujeres as they have both been highly recommended by friends who have had honeymoons/been to relatives weddings there! Defo worth a look! Hopefully will be booking soon!!
  8. Hi allie! Thanku so much for ur lovely post! I think we are defo looking at Mexico for our wedding now...it just looks lovely!! There's been a few places where we have seen that tickle our fancy: Secrets maroma Dreams riviera Paradisus playa del carmen and cancun Grand Sirenis Ocean coral or ocean maya resorts I will have a look at its tho, it sounds lovely! How did u find the planning went? Was it quite plain sailing? Look forward to hearing back! :-)
  9. Hi, We've been looking at the dreams and secrets resorts in Mexico! There's so much to choose from! I'd really prefer an adults only hotel as there are no children coming. There's so much choice it's hard to narrow it down! X
  10. Yes Antigua does seem to be a bit easier to get married! I'm so fussy lol, I have seen a few in both that I like the look of, blue waters and cocos hotel were 2 of our faves in Antigua! Are u also getting married in 2014? It seems that there's so many options, it's hard to pick!
  11. Hi! I'm also a newbie from the uk! Looking to get married in Mexico in 2014! There's so many hotels to choose from!!!
  12. Hi all! Me and my OH have been engaged for just over a year and are planning to get married 2014. We are looking at Mexico or Antigua...any suggestions for hotels? Ideally we want to get married on the beach and stay at an adult only resort! We will be having around 15 friends and family with us, there's just so much to choose from as I'm a bit picky! We don't really want a sandals destination but any help or tips you can give will be much appreciated!!!
  13. Hi all!!! Me and my other half are getting married in 2014! Looking into Mexico or Antigua! Any recommendations? We really want the ceremony on the beach and will probably have around 15 people come with us (friends, family etc...) Literally have no idea where to start so any tips or help would be much appreciated!!! X
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