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  1. I informed everyone that we were no longer addressing questions about rates and the resort as respectfully as I could. I provided the TAs information for them to direct their questions to. The TA then turned their questions into bookings. Of course I had a few "know it all's" who booked through discount travel websites. The catch with them is that they would have had to find their own airport transfers. Given the unfortunate reputation Mexico has, they have since booked with the group and used their credit from the discount website for another trip.
  2. Did anyone bother to get quotes from various airlines for their group? A minimum of 10 people leaving from the same airport seems to be the norm and some sort of deposit is required from the "group organizer". If anyone has experience with this I have a few questions: (1) How did you get your deposit back after people book their flight? (2) Was the lower price worth the hassle? Thanks!
  3. Bump! I somehow missed this post. Bumping for others.
  4. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to see somewhat of an official balance. I calculate figures all the time and often wonder if we will really come in under budget once we see our final invoice. BTW, you give me hope for staying around $5k at the resort. We are expecting 30-35 ppl.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by kking Hello Future Now Jade Brides! Quit worrying and know that everything they do at Now Jade, they do it well! My fiancé and I visited Now Jade last week November 9th-16th and let me tell you that it was amazing! My mind has been put at ease for my wedding on June 18th, 2014! Everything was incredible. FOOD & DRINKS: The food was delicious, neither of us got any stomach sickness and I am extremely sensitive. The restaurants were all delicious; my least favorite would probably be the Cin Cin, which was the ‘adults only’ one. Remember, when you go to the restaurants in the resort, the portions are extremely small, so you order an appetizer, salad/soup, and a main dish each or else you will still be hungry! No reservations are needed and my fiancé and I are early eaters so we never had to wait. The restaurants open a half hour earlier then the buffet so we went to the restaurants mostly, however, when we did have the buffet and it was very good as well! The service of the staff getting drinks for you while you sit at the beach, pool bar, or anywhere is amazing! As soon as your drink is getting empty another one will appear in your hand! The drinks were strong and made with top shelf liquor if you request, they have Absolute Vodka, Bacardi Rum, and other well know alcohol! For the beer drinkers, they have Corona on tap, Corona Extra in cans, Bud Light in cans, and Modelo in the mini fridge in all the rooms. There was also a café on site which is included in the all-inclusive, that was like a mini Starbucks, something unique that I haven’t seen at most resorts. ROOMS: The rooms were spacious and updated! We stayed in the basic room because that is what our guests will be staying in when they are visiting for our wedding, and we wanted to see it from there view first! The bed was pretty comfy, there was a sitting room as well, a balcony with two chairs and a side table, although we didn’t have a view being on the first floor it was still nice, and the bathroom was extremely large! There was a bidet and toilet with a door in the bathroom, a large tile shower, two sinks, and a jetted bathtub! Also, the mini fridge is included, no extra charges as well as a safe in the closet! This was the best all-inclusive room I have ever been in! ROOM SERVICE: We didn't have any complaints will room service! They were quick, especially with breakfast! I ordered the American Breakfast which consists of two eggs made to order and sausage, bacon, ham, whichever that had, some days they wouldn’t have bacon, toast and choice of coffee and juice. They would tell you there’s about a 30-45 minute wait but it never took over 30 minutes for breakfast. We also ordered a late snack, of macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers and they were quick as well! We didn’t get our room serviced every day by choice because we just didn’t need to but it you still needed a couple bottles of water or a couple towels you could just ask the room service ladies in the hallway. POOLS: The pools are beautiful, clean, and refreshing, there are three separate pools, not too hot as you might expect! The infinity pools look straight into the ocean which is gorgeous! The pool bars are always kept clean and they have pretty good service for the demand! My favorite pool bar was on the preferred side, which it doesn’t matter if you upgrade or not you can go to whichever side of the resort, because it was right next to the ocean! By the way, there are also no bracelets worn at all, so they do not designate if you are preferred or not, it all goes by room number. BEACH: The beach is gorgeous, not as deep of a sand/beach area as I expected but very nice, they keep the beach area neat and they are plenty of cabanas if you want shade! We had no problem finding chairs every day! I was concerned about the clearness of the water and seaweed but it was pretty clear and not much seaweed at all! The workers are out every morning raking the sand to make everything look nice and get the tiny bit of seaweed off the beach. Only complaint is that the beach is a little rocky, mainly in the middle area, and I would recommend telling the parents of children that are coming to get them water shoes if they want to play around and run in the ocean (my fiancé cut his foot on a rock when he was playing in the ocean like a kid)! Also, there are servers that come and get drink orders constantly, like no other resort I have been to before, we never had to make trips to the pool bar! WEDDING LOCATIONS: While we were there we watched a couple of weddings, all set ups were unique and they were all beautiful! They were mostly located on the beach, but there was one on the Pergola. I have seen questions about if the Pergola was handicap accessible and it is unless the Bride and Groom are handicap because they are standing a step or two down from everyone else. I have a couple of pictures of some set ups below. I am having a beach wedding, beach cocktail hour, and my reception will be in the garden area, unfortunately, we did not get to see anything in the garden area or a cocktail hour on the beach. Most of the cocktail hours were at the Orange Lounge and one at the Blue Beach Bar, both were nice! We saw a reception in the Terrance, that was pretty with paper lanterns hanging and one in the Bamboo Room, but we couldn’t really see that much detail in there! We almost have to do an outdoor reception because we have approximately 70 people already booked, and that is the only location to hold that many people!! If anyone can help me with the garden reception, please let me know! Also, most brides hired outside photographers, and I would recommend it as well, just because pictures are very important!!! I am having Del Sol’s Melissa photograph mine! Besides your memory that will be what you have when it’s all said and done! Oh, and a husband that you love and adore of course! MY WEDDING PLANS: So far, we have picked the locations as stated above, we are having our wedding on the beach, our cocktail hour on the beach as well, so far but that might change depending on the wind, and our reception in the garden area. At this point we have sent out our Save the Date magnets from Magnet Street, which I highly recommend for all things wedding, it is not a very publicized 'wedding' site but so far it has my favorite everything! Also, the dresses I have picked for my bridesmaids are long chiffon Mori Lee dresses, they were affordable and because I feel long dresses are more elegant and there are four different styles for 9 bridesmaids. I choose the color Turquoise and I am going to use Hot Pink as an accent color with the decor and flowers! I am working on picking invitations and there are from Magnet Street as well! I would like to have them sent out around February or March with an RSVP by April to know for sure how many people are going that might not have booked with our travel agent! Also, for men's attire I am going with Island Importer.com they have nice linen pants and shirts for the men and we are staying neutral with natural colored pants and white shirts. I ordered my dress which is a Maggie! So most of the hard part is done besides going through the options of cake and that other stuff at the resort, but those choices won't be as challenging! OVERALL: It was very nice, and Now Jade Brides have nothing to worry about! I was so nervous about going there because we were already committed to having our wedding there June 2014! I was very critical and I have been to many all-inclusive resorts but this one is perfect for weddings! Now Jade had the best overall food, service, and beach combine! Don’t be nervous or anxious; just be excited to have the time of your life with your future husband, family, and friends!! Enjoy Planning! It is suppose to be fun! Thanks, Kacie Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for clearing up my question about the pergola being w/c accessible.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by LaurenMoser2B We had 1 long table for 43 people on the terrace and I used my bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces. Here is a pic This is my vision! One long table. Where did you guys dance? Off to the side?
  7. Hello! I'm looking for a photographer as well. May I have a copy of the spreadsheet? If so, my email address is ana_steele58@yahoo.com Thanks!
  8. Yeah I've heard both too. Hopefully a past bride will be able to confirm if there is a ramp at the Pergola. We are May 2015 too! May 9th.
  9. I asked the same question and the WCs haven't responded. I have the Pergola reserved but I'm fearful that its not handicap accessible. Someone please help!
  10. I've been trying to think who were the last brides that were able to swap things and/or receive credit for unused items. I want to say after the May brides the WCs started putting their foot down. I have to go back a read a few reviews to be sure... I know the above comments reference not being able to receive a credit. Has anyone tried swap items in the same category (Fowers, Music, etc.)? For example, swapping BM bouquets for bouts or centerpieces. Or swapping live music for a DJ.
  11. No problem! May 5, 2015 is our day. I wish it was 2014 but we decided to take advantage of a deal on a new home. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!
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