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  1. Hi Morgan, I am happy to answer all of your questions but I am NO EXPERT. Lol. 1. Debora from Del Sol Photography shot our TTD session. After the shoot, we placed all of our wet clothes in a large plastic bag and when we got back to our room, we hung it in the shower and washed as much sand out of it as possible. We then hung it out on the back of a chair on our balcony. The dress was completely dry by the time we were ready to checkout and go home. As soon as we got back to NY I dropped it off at our local Dry Cleaners (they charged $300) and it was like almost new again. 2. We shipped nothing down. Our wedding coordinator made it clear early on that they were not going to be responsible for and shipped goods. However, Maracas Mexico did ship our maracas to the resort a couple weeks before (I think that was an exception). I brought 2 extra luggages down with me. Both were hard-top to prevent any damages. We used 1 for mostly the OOT bag items and the other for the extra wedding decorations. It worked out great for us because my sister was allowed to carry 2 extra bags for free (she has 2 kids). 3. I waited until after my wedding to post my planning thread. I even waited until after I received our "sneak preview" of our professional photo so that I could include our photos. I would suggest you start to write your post from beginning to end by using Microsoft Word or something. That way, you will only have to copy and paste it write onto the forum. Also, I have been MIA for awhile because I'm in nursing school. I logged in today and saw that there have been many changes to the site. So I wouldn't be able to assist you as to how/where to post your thread, Thank you for your kinds words. I hope I answered all of your questions and I wish you all the best with your wedding planning! Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words. Our resort forbids the use of silk flower petals on the beach (for environmental reasons). So I purchased 5 bags of real rose petals through them. If the costs of the flowers weren't so outrageous, i would've had a much fuller layer of petals for the aisle. Oh well... it did the job and I think it turned out beautiful either way. Sure. I'll send you the templates when I get home tonight.
  2. Thank you! We had our guest sign on it with a fine pt. marker. It turned out so beautiful and unique. Thanks so much everyone!! I am glad you all enjoy my planning thread and I was able to give back to all of you helpful and creative ladies!!!
  3. Thanks! Here's a photo of how it turned out on my planning thread. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75527-justnoelles-peacock-wedding-planning-thread-long-pic-heavy/?p=1816690
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by sparklej18 Can you also send me the templates PM I'll PM you the templates now.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by sparklej18 Simply amazing and just a beautiful wedding. Your wedding thread is great you make it look so much more doable I am going to start ordering all my etsy stuff right away thanks Thank you Sparkle!! I lived on Etsy for a year and a half. Lol. Planning a wedding is definitely doable. However, If you can save money DIYing, do it. I had very little spare time due to my work and school schedule. But if I had the time, I would've definitely did a lot more myself. Good luck! Quote: Originally Posted by Jahanee Conner @JustNoelle Your wedding was simply gorgeous!!! You did an absolutely fantastic job. Can I ask you what website your purchased the mini tote bags on? Also I cant open your template is there any way that you can send it to me in a PM. Thanks Jahanee!! You may not be able to open in the PM either. I believe you have to reach a 150 post count to open any attachments but I'll PM you the attachments anyway. I bought the mini tote bags from EBay. They don't have the turquoise or purple colors anymore and they are now more expensive then what I paid. I'll look to see if I can find the link and send it to you too.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by af2492 Amazing job Noelle! What website did you buy the tote bags from? They look great! Thank you! Thank you! I bought them from Ebay. If interested, I have 6 purple bags and 4 turquoise bags left. PM for more information.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mckievme So much inspiration from your thread! Thank you sharing. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time and all your hard work paid off. Congratulations!! Also - your TTD photos are amazing. They may have just convinced my FH to get them :) Thank you so much Mck! My husband was reluctant about it at first and now he can't stop talking about it. Lol it was so much fun!!
  8. WOOHOOOO!! My planning thread made it to BDW's featured home page!! The little things make me so EXCITED.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by EVKnowsitall Haha I noticed you bought the frames in Paramount for your table numbers. So clever. I live right by a paramount and it never occurred to me to use anything in there for the wedding! I love how you spray painted them! They came out gorgeous. Table numbers were something I overlooked and quite frankly forgot about haha. I wish you had this thread way before I got married and did a peacock theme. I could have used some guidance! My wedding was after yours. I love your mothers dress btw! So perfect for a peacock theme. Thanks EV! Finding the frames was sought of last minute for me. I was searching the dollar-trees, Marshall's and Walmart for frames that were decorative enough, made a statement and did not weigh much (to avoid overweight luggage charges) and decided to take a chance in paramount... And Bingo! I found exactly what I had been looking for. I didn't realize you had a peacock theme. I was searching high and low for peacock brides on BDW. I think I was obsessed with finding you all at one point. Lol. But I'm glad you like my thread. P.S. Let me see them pics girl! I'm sure your wedding was BEAUTIFUL!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Wedding2014 noelle you are amazing! Thank you for all the info advice and photos!! Congrats!! Thank you! I used to stalk a couple of brides on BDW (lol) so I know the importance of sharing ideas/advice. I'm glad you enjoy my thread and are able to take back something from it. Quote: Originally Posted by AllieH Noelle - your wedding was AMAZING. and your TTD photos are incredible. congratulations!!!! Thank you Allie!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by AnaSteele58 Great planning thread! Thanks Ana! Check you inbox, I responded to your message. Quote: Originally Posted by csho Seriously Noelle! Your wedding was stunning! You did such a wonderful job putting it all together! Looked sooo beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you so much. I was so worried about the "peacock theme" but I'm glad everything came together nicely.
  12. Wow!! Amazing pics! That was such a good idea to take engagement photos on your vacation.
  13. As promised, attached are my templates for my Survival Kit Topper, First Aid Sticker and Money Holder Insert. Feel free to use and tweak them as you please.
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