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  1. I actually found mine at Dollarama, it was full size Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 for $2. I bought mine back in the summer and bought out the whole store! But I was actually at Walmart today and they had the travel size Hawaiian Tropic for $2
  2. It's a lot to think about! We're doing a little welcome portfolio with t he welcome note, schedule of events crossword book etc. We are going to give that to everyone at the airport and they can carry it on the plane and read through everything, then our welcome bags will be given out that evening at our welcome dinner. I don't want to give everyone their bags at the airport because it would be too much of a hassle for them to have to pack them back up, and we have little bottles that we wouldn't be able to bring as a carry on. Hope this info helps!!!
  3. We are also giving ours out when we get there. I would hate to have gone to all this trouble putting the bags together and for our guests to not even bring them with them on the trip! It is a lot to pack everything but we've already put so much time and effort into the bags that I just don't think it would have the same effect if we gave them out a few days before!
  4. What are some different sayings everyone has put on their key card holders??
  5. We are doing personalized shot glasses, we're going to have the waiter bring them out before dinner and do a toast!
  6. Okay so I just joined this site and I have to say is as if my life wasn't already consumed by OOT bags before I joined!!! I cant stop I'm going crazy, everyone has such amazing ideas and just when I thought I was pretty well done I come on here and everyone has some AMAZING ideas and realized my OOT bag just isn't up to standards! LOL Only problem my wedding is 2 months away...guess I better getting moving on these!!!
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