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  1. No it wasnt an outside photographer, it was Tropical Studio I did the free package and just added a photo package, its tricky with the included photography with the wedding packages, its only of the ceremony? or something like that, I would write Tropical Studio and ask them to explain,sorry didnt respond earlier
  2. Yeah they are coral satin sashes, I rented them from the resort, The Trio was $280 for the hour,they definitley set the mood
  3. see my review in the review section. We had an amazing wedding and amazing vacation. I wouldnt have had it anywhere else. Weather was excellent, my god is it hot down there, even into the night. We switched last minute and got a DJ, Im very happy we did. It was worth it.
  4. I dont know if there is any past brides reading this, but I was wondering for the outside reception did anyone just use an Ipod docking station/stereo and was it good enough?
  5. Sorry I didnt respond earlier, to be honest I have burned myself out on the wedding stuff. I am not using the resort DJ because we are only having about 14 ppl attend I think it would seem a little odd, not enough people for a dance party, so we are bringing down a M3P player/stereo just to really have a bit of back ground music. And I will being using Tropical Studio for my photos
  6. Im having the same problem with my mom and I get more and more worried as the summer gets closer to ending, seeing as all the fall stuff is already out. I actually get upset with my mom because she looked for one day and tried on a bunch of dresses and didnt find any, but its only by my sisters urging that she even went out to find anything. Me and my sister went shopping and picked up some stuff for her to try on and that was a bust. Ive ordered dresses online that was a bust. She to be honest doesnt even seem to care, and its about the only thing she has to do for this wedding is find her self an outfit and that seems to be a big hassle for her. Its not like there is going to be a lot of a choice in a month.
  7. Ok I havent posted in a while, just thought I would update a little.. I really wanted the Pool Island and I put down the deposit to have it, its an extra $250 but I think its what I really want.. I was wondering if anyone booked a photographer other then the resort Photographer? I was just going to make my life easy and go with the Tropical Studio but I joined there facebook page, and where some pics are awesome, this one wedding photo group just wasnt looking that great, I dont know if its resolution on a computer or if those pics are as crappy as they look. I would be so sad that after all this hmming and ahhing about the little details that I would have a photographer unable to capture it all.
  8. I choose Dreams Palm beach because I liked the pricing for the wedding, and the travel costs, its a more expensive place but not the most expensive. I also choose it based on my sister who is going to have a little baby along with her two other kids so I wanted to choose a place that was closer to the airport, no hour long drive ( which Dreams PC would be) BUT the one thing that I really wish Dreams PB had that Dreams PC does is the ability to have the reception on a terrace , seems like a small thing but some of there set ups looked soo beautiful, but I was trying to be considerate of my sister. Which by the way has bitten me in the butt so many times I cant count, she never did seem satisfied with how much I considered her and her situation when trying to pick a place. So all in all if I didnt care if I had a place super close to the Airport I would have probably gone with Dreams Punta Cana. But I mean who can ever be sure which place is better.
  9. I got two different email addys weddings.drepb@dreamsresorts.com and weddings2.drepb@dreamsresorts.com The second one is the one to my 'current' wedding planner
  10. Ive never had a problem getting a response from the wedding planner at Dreams PB, But I do know that I have already had three different coordinators, I was just switched about a month ago to one lady, and now another lady is in charge. I dont worry too much because they still have my emails and everything and to be honest Im keeping it pretty simple with the planning so i dont have a lot of requests or needs.
  11. Oh this is so perfect! I wanted to know what the grey looked like, and i think they look fantastic, its pretty much exactly what I planned on doing with my guys, except my colors or turquoise and coral
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