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  1. Hope this answers some questions: Deposit $100.00 to hold your wedding date ALL the details to be sorted out when you get to the resort and meet with the WC. From what I have found is, any planning with the WC beforehand is pointless. First come first served with reception locations and ceremony. Seems like most people want the poolside area....and there are 3 or 4 inside venues so don't worry about the indoor reception. As long as you have your date reserved you should be fine. I did all my stressing already, and learned that there is no point. Everything will work out when you
  2. Im going with Caribbean Emotions (Micheal Weiler) for my Photographer. He's awesome. Check them out on facebook too. Hes constantly updating his pages. He even adds you as a friend....very reassuring, and I love his stuff!!
  3. Hi. Yes, I had to do the same thing. Just watch your credit card statement if you are worried, but that is the only way they will process your deposit.
  4. I think there is only one priest that will do your wedding in Punta Cana. Not sure of his name...any reason why you decided against Pastor York?
  5. Got my save the dates done. 19 cents each!!!! I designed them in paint, and printed them at Walmart.
  6. Bonfire - $100 plus 15% service tax at Dreams Palm Beach As soon as I get the all inclusive package rate I am also going to send out save the dates with the flight/hotel information and prices, which will be almost 11 months in advance of the actual departure. Then 3 or 4 months before the trip I will send out formal invites with the rsvp-by then all those who are coming would have already purchased their tickets. I am not too worried about how many people come, because most of the planning happens once you get to the resort.
  7. I also got my confirmation!! YAY.That's a load off. Make sure when you fill out the credit card authorization, that you put $100.00 for the deposit. I left that part blank the first time, and waited 2 weeks just for it to get noticed and then had to resubmit with the amount written in. So..it took a week for me to get the confirmation once it was filled out properly. I filled everything out - but changes can always be made. Pastor York can be reached through email. Here is his website http://www.easterndominican.com
  8. Ashleyryan - Just curious- What airline are you using?
  9. Scarlet. Im set up with Pastor York too!!! He is amazing Keep me posted about your confirmation - I am also still waiting for mine. I want to get started with my save the dates, and flight/hotel reservations so I am twiddling my thumbs now waiting!!
  10. I find that if you are just looking for general questions/pricing, it will be tough to get in depth responses. There are 2 email addresses... I am sure you have them. One starts with weddings, and the other weddings1...I just gave up on getting exact prices way in the beginning of my planning because I knew it would be tough to get. As long as you have the price list, and package info. you should be able to get a rough idea....I have the newest price details. If you need it let me know...not sure if you already have it or not.
  11. Here are some more pics: I didnt think the ballroom was that bad. It looks nice once it is set up. img src="http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/5694/getattachment2n.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/
  12. Originally I wanted my reception poolside - it is a beautiful set up, but I am a little worried about the wind. Some nights were fine and others were not. There will be older guests at my wedding, so I want to make sure they are comfortable so that is why I have chosen the ballroom. The no risk choice I guess. It just makes it easier, plus you don't have to pay extra for the lights which I think are extra which you will need once it gets dark. Afterwards, off to the disco. The restaurants will not do a private reception. I think they may accommodate 20-25 guests - but there will be other p
  13. Check these pics out : http://good-times.webshots.com/album/569657411jERYQD?start=480
  14. Hi Scarlet Bride! Those sheets/sheers are all provided by the resort at an extra cost of course. I also got the chance to see a bonfire on the beach. It was pretty cool. It gets a little windy on the beach, so it was a little out of control but fun lol Ps...let me know when you receive the official confirmation/credit card charge. I am waiting for mine. I just want to be able to book my flight, but can't until they give me my official confirmation. Thanks
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