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  1. Hi Marian! Wow, what a group you will have, that's a great turn out! We had 41 people in our group, including my husband and I. Overall, I would definitely say that I liked DPB better, even before staying at DPC. I liked the beach better at DPB, the rooms, the landscaping/rocks everywhere, and the fact that it was smaller/more luxuriously laid out. However, even knowing all these things, it was not a hard decision. With that many people in our group, and many "partiers", we wanted a bigger resort, with lots to do, and a louder more exciting atmosphere. My neice and nephew came too, and I
  2. Hello, BeachBrideSoon! Thank you, I adore our photos, I'm just so happy with our decision for our photographer, she is AMAZING!!!! This was actually her first destination wedding, so she really wanted to do it to have something to show in her portfolio to branch into the destination wedding world. Therefore, she agreed to do our wedding for JUST the cost of travel, plus $250 for child care while she was gone. It worked out to about $1700 for her travel package (a lot, because she was a single room rate instead of double occupancy). We thought this was more than fair, considering her pack
  3. My TTD and wedding photos are up! Ottawa Wedding Photographers | Barb Cameron Wedding Photos Ottawa under "Online Galleries" then "Tara and Bill". I'm so happy, our photographer was AMAZING! Welcome back, Cath! It was so great meeting you in paradise, I'm sorry about the rain on your wedding day, but the result was still the same, and it's supposed to be good luck! :0) I didn't get a chance to see your wedding, since we did an excursion that day, so hopefully we can see your phootos soon! I was thinking about you when I heard about the flight delays back into the UK, I REALLY wish I had
  4. Eliana, Autumn, and Ashley, I just sent some photos along! :0) Toya, your first dress is beautiful, but I agree, the second one seems to suit you SO much better! I think you may have died of heat in the first one! :0S What are you going to do with it? Also, my photographer's name is Barb Cameron, her website is Ottawa Wedding Photographers | Barb Cameron Wedding Photos Ottawa She was incredible to work with, made this shy girl feel like a model!!! :0D I adore her!!!!
  5. Thanks for the congrats, everyone! Briefly, here were the not so smooth aspects of our experience: 1. Check in - Disorganized. The first 10 guests who were staying for 10 nights (31 more guests arrived for 7 nights) were all supposed to be in the same building, which didn't happen, but no biggie. We had booked the honeymoon suite, which was unavailable when we got there, we were told we could return the next day and switch, decided it was too much work and just kept our room. No biggie. The biggest problem was that we have a guest who required the bottom floor as he has terrible legs and ca
  6. Hello everyone!!!! We are home sweet home!!!! We had a great time, though everything didn't go all that smoothly all the time, we made it work!!!! If anyone has specific questions, just drop me an e-mail at taratoons@hotmail.com
  7. Hey ladies! Sorry, I've been such an absent BDW bride! We have been SO BUSY lately, with pre-wedding events, planning, packing, etc. Tomorrow is our legal ceremony, and we leave next Wednesday for DPC! Sounds like everyone is doing well with the planning, I've been following the board, just haven't had time to post! If anyone would like pictures of anything specific, just let me know, and I will make a list and do my best to take them and get them to you. You can e-mail me at taratoons@hotmail.com. BEST WISHES TO ALL!!!! :0D
  8. Hello ladies! Packing eh, AHHGGG!!!! Actually though, I've found that suitcases are holding WAY more than I expected them to, so so far, so good! Luckily, we are flying Westjet down and back, and their luggage allowance is amazing. 22 lb carry on, 100 lbs in checkable luggage in 2 separate bags, PER PERSON. It's great! I am super organized and anal about packing, so I have a hardcore packing list through Excel, but I am unable to upload here (not because of technical problems, more because of my lack of technical abiltiy). I am more than willing to send it along if you ladies would
  9. I just sent my questions and answers, thank you for doing this. With just a month out, I'm getting very frustrated with the way they are doing things. We confirmed prices with our WC (Sharron) about 2 months ago, prices for the dinner and speaker rental, etc, and since the prices went up, we just wanted to confirm with her that she would honour the 2009 prices that we agreed to when we booked with them, and she said we'd be charged the 2010 prices. I picked DPC because I thought it was cheaper than many other resorts, and now with the increase in prices on essentially EVERYTHING, it's not! If
  10. PLUS, when you register at most places, you have up to a year after your wedding date to purchase anything left on your registry at a 10% discount! ROCK ON!
  11. I definitely agree, I think registering is the way to go. It helps out guests too, since goign to a bridal or couples shower, no one really wants to give money, they want to give someTHING, and instead of ending up with a bunch of stuff that suits THEIR tastes, and having them hope it works for you too, at least you can get some stuff you want! We just moved into our house in October, so there is TONS of stuff we still need. We registered at Sears and Home Outfitters. You could always register for a bunch of stuff that you don't necessarily need, but would LIKE, and would never spend the money
  12. Hey guys, I've been super absent lately, because the last week has been crazy hectic. Last Wednesday, we found out that the tour operator FI worked for was ceasing operations on the Friday. Worst of all, our wedding was booked through them too. So not only are we now planning a wedding on one income, but we also had to scramble to get all the guests rebooked. Luckily, we got enough seats on a plane, and the flights are booked, but the room rates are up in the air, whether DPC will keep the same ones or charge us more. So it's been quite stressful. Elena, we bought tulle to decorate
  13. Hey ladies! Love the list idea, totally puts things in perspective! Thanks for adding me, but my wedding date is actually April 12th, not 10th, and since I'm technologically impaired, if someone could change that for me, I'd appreciate it greatly! :0) So all this talk of weight loss and working out, how is everyone feeling about their wedding bodies? Feeling ready? I've been trying to find the motivation/energy to get in better shape, but it's so HARD! I'm a total couch potato, and we have a nurse at work that makes a different type of cookie every week. So the temptation is just too gre
  14. Wow, your planning thread blew my socks off (leaving me with "cold feet" HA!)! You are one DIY Diva, AMAZING! How did you cart all that stuff down to your destination
  15. Thanks Bachata Bride, I'm trying to stay positive (even though I'm a total pessimist by nature). For example, now our guests arrive at the resort around 11 am instead of midnight, and they leave later on the last day. It just sucks that it's not just the wedding, it's his job too. At this point though, it looks like everyone will be getting their money back, but it can take up to 3 months. We have re-booked everyone onto another flight successfully, and are just trying to get a room rate and organize a transfer. Thank God FI knows his way around the industry, he's done great! Thank you so much
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