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  1. Hi there! How exciting and I am so glad there is at least one other 2014 bride on here! My fiance and I are actually leaving on a cruise on 2/2 to check everything out and finalize everything. We will then have to come back and get things going. We are also going back and forth between Carnival and Royal. Needless to say, once we come back we will have to finalize all of our details! I agree with you that these forums and Pinterst have been a really big help. How many people are you expecting for your wedding? Are you getting married in port on on the ship? Are y
  2. Hi all, I know that there are a few 2013 cruise brides on this board but wanted to see if there are any for 2014! I am in the beginning stages of planning my Feb 2014 cruise wedding and thought it would be good to see who else is planning and how we can share our process along the way. Happy Tuesday!
  3. Have you looked at the past cruise reviews? Also, by going to Carnivals website under weddings it will tell you what comes with each package. Also, I recommend calling the Carnival groups and having them send you more information such as pricing, food choices, etc. Lastly, I would recommend going to cruisecritic.com and selecting the weddings and honeymoon page. People have also posted reviews and pictures on that board which will help. A good start would be searching on this board for Acitera's post about her Carnival wedding. Hope that helps!
  4. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! I have a lot of inspiration as I start my planning. FYI: I'm from Duluth and went to UMD. I assume you went to CSS? Small World! : ) Wishing you all the best!
  5. HI Allie- Congratulations and thank you for sharing everything with us. Your post has given me so much inspiration and ideas - thank you again! Not sure if I missed this or not - but where did you or did you make the Mr. & Mrs Moore sign you both are holding? It is so cute! Thanks and congratulations again!
  6. Would you mind sending me the template as well? I love how they turned out! arch713@aol.com Thank you for much for sharing!
  7. Thanks Hopesgate! Are you using Island Bliss as well? I noticed you are getting married in Jan 204 and I am looking at Feb. How is your planning going?
  8. Hi...have you reached out directly to Carnival yet? It would probably be good to get hooked up with a specific wedding consultant at Carnival to give you more specific details. I agree that the general info is good but talking to someone can clarify things. Good luck!
  9. Thansks Mrswilson. I agree - can't go wrong with December as I am sure that is a slower time with people getting ready for the holidays - but a PERFECT time for a wedding. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hi Peach- I think overall anything CAN be done - its whether you want to or not. : ) My only advice is that if you are going the make your own food route - I would delegate this to other people who can help. You can't do everything yourself and you will have more than enough to think about. If you have family/friends that are willing and can take on this task - then go for it! Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the response! My fiance and I are actually going on the Liberty in Feb to see if that's the ship that we would want to have our wedding on (and having a vacation as well). I am hoping that once we come back and I will then be ready to finalize a date and get started with planning. We are debating between Royal Caribbean, as well. I just worry about keeping the price reasonable. I'm having a hard time justifying almost a 2 to 1 ratio for Royal vs. Carnival when I know they both will be equally as fun. So, for now, just information gathering. How fun that you've been on a
  12. Thank you so much for sharing! I love how your invites turned out! One quests, about how long did it take you to make all of your invites?
  13. Loved your invites with the cute cut-outs! The attention to detail really makes a difference! Thank you for sharing!
  14. Love the idea of sending a thank you card once people book! Love the whole package and thank you for sharing!
  15. Britney- thank you for sharing. You are inspiration to me as I will hopefully be starting my DIY invites soon!
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