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  1. yes..u can definitely use them as table decor..they would look awesome!! I just got the online images from my trash the dress from delsol.. my felt circles look great in the water..i'll post them as soon as i get them next week:) i really utilized them to the max since i worked so hard at making them..lol..i still have them..guess what my christmas tree is going to have this year???hahahha..my leftover felt balls!!
  2. 100 circles!!! wow!! how many are u going to make??? Btw..it looks very good..doesnt not look like a loofah!! lol!!
  3. http://sugartotdesigns.blogspot.com/2012/03/baby-jar-topiary-felt-flower-tutorial.html it might work with tulle..try it!! the most difficult part was cutting the circles!! it took 15 circles to make one ball... but it was great..i also had them on my tables.. they look cute. The ones i used for the ceremony i stringed it with my husband's fishing lines.. after the wedding..i brought it to the trash the dress...cant wait to see how that turned out.
  4. Thanks everyone!! I got the bottles from Coronne.com and also the plastic sealers to seal the bottles. i printed the diy labels from ruffled.com. i only filled the bottles in the resort. As for the bags, I got them from a wholesale site from China..I had to order 100 minimum..I have about 30 or so extra bags, extra water bottles and extra travel pillows...so if anyone is interested..email me:) my email is lielitan@hotmail.com.. The bag is by far the best quality I have found so far..it is all lined inside so even if the bag got wet..everything is dry inside..and it closes with a zipper:)..everyone loved the oot bags:) Ling
  5. I shipped most thru Fedex..and they made me pay an extra 80 dollars when it got to the resort.. If I had to do it again, I would bring it myself..beacuse customs went thru my package and messed up and opened my first aid kit and mask even though they were all in see thru bags. Ridiculous..i spent a day fixing them. So even of i had problems with customs at the airport, at least i can see what they are doing and explain. and no, i did not have any trouble at the airport with the rest of the wedding stuff.. they see a lot of brides i guess..they know the stuff i had was for a wedding:)
  6. This was at the cocktail hour. We wanted to have the welcome dinner at the buffet, but it was Mexican theme night that night and was great because we had the buffet, and there was a show and there was a 12 man mariachi band.. I liked the orange lounge better because it was just one open space( better for mingling)..and the blue bar is bigger but you'll have your guests all scattered around the bar..
  7. sorry don't really have alot of pics, didnt get the "real" pics back yet.
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