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  1. Is there any way I can report a member for sending me spam?  They have done it directly to my bestdestinationwedding PM inbox...  The member name is remis300. Obviously I will not reply to the email - but I did want to bring it to someone's attention to protect other members  .......................................  Hello. My Name is Remis I was impressed when i saw your profile at (www.bestdestinationwedding.com) and i will like you to email me back to my inbox so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am. I belive we can establishe a long lasting relationship with you.In addition, i will like you to reply me through my private email box (remisbaby@ymail.com) This is because i dont know the possibilities of remainning in forum for a long time. Please reply to my inbox so that i can be able to send you my picture and tell you more about me ok. Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest. Remis. (remisbaby @ y m a i l . c o m)  Â
  2. Hi Ladies I need to borrow your creative genius! Can anyone think of a cute saying to put in the playing cards in the OOT bag?? allong the lines of "to have and to hold, and keep your beer cold" ?? any ideas?
  3. woooooooohooooooooo! I got the dress and I am OVER THE MOON! Not only does it fit! it's stunning! The dress is a LOT heavier than I was expecting, and it is well structured with full boning etc. The lining is a thick bridal satin and then there are several layers of beautiful quality chiffon over the top. The beading is not as sparkly as the original - but I dont actually think thats a bad thing! I was a little concerned that my dress choice was a little too bling for a casual beach wedding... Anyway - so here is the bit you have all been waiting for - the pictures!! Now keep in mind that I am on my own, its 11pm at night, the lighting in the spare room (or wedding room as we now call it!) is shocking and I'm taking pics on my blackberry - without the flash so that I can see the reflection in the mirron - but I thought I better get some photos to you lovely ladies... Thanks for all your support and kind words xx Details:
  4. Yeah sorry - I should have been clearer about the shoes Duosheng also made the shoes... I started with a pair of high heel black and white striped shoes I found online, but it in paint and then went from there... I knew I wanted fun and colourful shoes - but everywhere I find them, they have a MASSIVE heel (I'm such a clutz I would end up faceplanting in my wedding dress) so I decided to give duosheng a try for the shoes as well Shoes were $75 including postage - which for shoes that I had a dream about then got to design myself, to match my colour exactly - I'm totally stoked!
  5. So I finally got my pictures from Duosheng... and I think I will have to wait until I get the dress before I know if I am happy or not! The thing that concerns me the most is the size of it! I am a size 16 and this dress looks TINY! I have asked her to confirm the measurements for me, and remeasure the dress, and those were all right - but tell me if you think I am crazy - but that is NOT a 105.5cm waist and 135cm hips! But she assures me that it is, so I guess I will just have to wait... The original is definately not as floral, but I don't mind that... The original is VERY sparkly tho, and this one does not look sparkly - but I guess thats nothing some swarovski crystals and a needle and thread cant fix! What do you ladies think? I just can't shake the fact that my heart sunk when I saw it original: My amazing shoes are another story! I wanted something a bit different for my shoes, in the colours of my bridesmaid dresses, but with only a little heel so I drew this using paint: and here they are!!! So very very happy with the shoes...
  6. I was supposed to get photos of my dress from duosheng on Tuesday, I emailled Wendy on Wednesday, and now its Friday and still no response... I not really worried that anythings wrong - I'm just so anxious!!! I'm DYING to see it and just put my mind at ease! sorry had to vent... but as soon as I get these photos I will put it up for everyone... AAARG! HereFishie & bluestarfishsea you must be so happy - both of your dresses were AMAZING!
  7. OK, so just as a follow up incase anyone is reading this wanting to find them too - An Aussie bride on another forum mentioned that she had seen lots while vacationing in Vietnam - Well I never thought to try and look for a vietnamese onlien retailler!!! Two minutes on google and I have found an online retailler!!! They even have one specificall for candles insted of light globes!!! They are silk so no customs issues... http://www.vietnamonlinestore.com/produ ... _offset_=0 and at less than $5US a pop - they are a BARGIN!!!!
  8. Hi Girls - Sorry I've been a bit quiet! It's been a while - and it has really helped me reading where all of you are up to... I am a bit of an organiser, so I have a few things done, but reading some of your stuff has reminded me of so many little things!! So I thought I would write out fully where I am up to - hopefully it may help one of you! xx Venue booked Our invites are out, and we have started to have people booked! ME: *I ordered my dress fron China which should arrive in the next couple weeks It is a bit of a gamble, but there are no places like David's Bridal or anything in Australia, so its $2000+ or a sample sale (and I am not sample size!). So the dress that I have ordered is $3000aussie from bridal shops + alterations (about $500) etc and the dress from Duosheng is $450 inc postage, straps and crinoline. If it turns out to be horrible, I still have enough time to get my dress ordered from a dress shop... *Shoes - I fell in love with a pair of manolos - but the heel was sky high on them, so I contacted shoesofprey.com.au where you can design your own shoes on their website, and they will create them for you - but the cost was $300aussie. Eventually I contacted Duosheng (who are doing my dress) who will make the shoes for $65aussie. Bargin! if they turn out to be horrible, I'm back to square one, but at least I've only blown $65 not $300! *I have already got my real touch bouquet, and latex flowers for my own DIY project of making corsages and button holes. FI: *We have his shirt - actually I bought three of them, incase he gets a bit sweaty in the Fiji heat, he can just but on another shirt! It is a pinky colour, with rolled up sleeves *still looking for pants BMS: *Their dresses were the very first wedding purchase - they are multicoloured maxi dresses - very tropical in purples, teals, blues and greens, with touches of pink, yellow and white too! All of our other choices have been based around these dresses * I bought Parasols for them - I thought the contrast of the white parasol with the colourful dress would help to balance it out * I will make them wrist corsages out of the latex orchids I bought online - I figure it is going to be too hard to juggle parasols and bouquets! GM: * I wanted to pick out the bright purple from the BM dresses have have shirts in the same style as my FI - but couldn't find them anywhere. I have been talking to a tailor in town who is going to do them for me, I little pricier than I wanted, but she found a great colour, and they are going to be an exactly copy of FI's shirt too *pants - still looking for them Photographer is booked - we have a local photographer in Fiji - but he is originally from NZ and is the island's best wedding photographer. We are still tossing up with the idea of a video - where are all of you coming down on that choice?? I think I am at a bit of a standstill now until we get a better idea of guest numbers etc... Still looking for grey cotton pants for all the boys, and shoes and jewellery and stuff, but I think I'm pretty on track
  9. Hi Girls My internet searching is getting me nowhere! I saw these lamps in a shop window - they are about 30cms tall - and about $60 each! I would love to use them as centrepieces... There are battery operated candles at our resort already (in Fiji) so we are really just looking for the shell of the lamp - and it doesn't need a fancy base... Anyway, just thought I would try you ladies in case someone has seen them before somewhere!! Thanks, Jo
  10. My boss thought it was so strange that someone would send me real flowers in a box! She even commented that they didn't look wilted at all even though they were sealed shut...! The photographer who has done our engagement photos said that silk flowers are easy to tell, but she has done whole weddings with real touch flowers and not realised they were fake until the end of the night when she inspected them as they had not started to droop so she wanted a closer look... Anyone who touches them on the day will be able to tell, but I dont think you can tell at all in photos or for 90% of your guests...
  11. I was really happy with the price vs quality. The thing that scared me the most about ordering fake flowers is that people would be able to tell and they would look tacky - I think it is worth paying a little extra to get really good quality that I will be able to keep It was about $150AUD for the flowers inc delivery
  12. You will have to click through from the email they send you. All different combinations of free stuff are on offer at once - but they are set combinations... So you may recieve on email letting you know postcards and rack cards are free, and another that says postcards and flipbooks are free - but unless they are on the same emial, you wont be able to order the free rack cards from one email and the free flipbooks from the other email together in the same order... alway click through from the email and you will be right... remember that the email deals are only available to those recieving the emails - so if you log straight onto the site - they aren't going to be there showing up! Hope that helps
  13. I have been a bit slack lately and haven't uploaded in a while. I am very happy to report that I have recieved my bouquet from Life Like Wedding Flowers I'm so happy! The quality fo the flowers is really good, they are a thick latex with a felt-like touch... Massive thanks to Island Bride for putting me onto this vendor!
  14. Some of you may remember my original monogram, which had a funny hibiscus/face in it. Well my beautiful friend has been very patient with me, and changed it to an orchid, then to a frangipani - and now finally, used a design element from our invites, and I couldn't be happier with the final result! and I am glad to report, that even though I frelt like a I was a horrible, fussy bridezilla - she still loves me (although I do owe her a cocktail at the wedding!) and we are both really happy with the final result
  15. TAaaDAaaa! My invites are finally done! I will start with the finished product: Its has totally been worth it in the end, but an absolute mountain of work. Easy stuff first - pocketfolds were from Cards & Pockets So, to start with I chose a vector design from 123 Royalty Free - Stock Image and Photo Subscription and downloaded a 30day free trial of adobe Illustrator (and taught myself to use it using online tutorials and youtube). I had already ordered some test products from Vistaprint, and knew that I wanted to use rack cards, brochures, postcards and business cards. Here are each of the products I designed: front cover (Rack card - same as an invitation on Vista except you get 50 free insted of 10!) // one sided (matt side stuck to pocketfold) inside information (Rack Card) // one sided (stuck to pocketfold) Wedding Ceremony/Reception details // Welcome dinner details (Rack Card) RSVP Postcards (Postcards) Travel Brochure // Travel deal - All inclusive package // Hotel infomation // Travel agent contact details (Brochure) Your presence is our present // Wedding website link (business card) I also ordered oversized postcards with Thanks! across the front that we are sending to people when they book - letting them know how excited we are that they are joining us, and how much it means to us that they are coming to Fiji. There were 100 invites in total. Althought I got lots of Free products from Vistaprint, I still had to pay AUD$8 per design that I uploaded, and you cant get the same design free twice, so some of the products I had to pay for. Most expensive item was the brochure ($1 each) but I really wanted to include all that information and people were really impressed by them. All up for 100 invites was AUD$415 (pocketfolds AUD$186 (special discount code used) and Vista print order AUD$217 and plain envelopes we printed on and sticky corners AUD$12 office works) which was a lot of work, but for the cost of completely bespoke designed invites, I think it was worth it. It also means I have all the design elements so eventually everything will match - menus, programs, thankyous, gift tags, welcome letters etc etc. It sounds like a lot of work, but I am so super happy with the end result, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Plus, getting a design you already like from a vector website is a bit of a cheat way too... Anyway, thought I would share!
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