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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by traylynn http://www.shopbubba.com/Default.aspx? You can get them cheaper at Walmart or from these boards I learned a placed called Canadian Tire Yes, they are cheap at Canadian Tire, but that is only in Canada. Only the Walmarts in the States carry them. (As far as I know). We had Bubbas at our wedding in July. They were everyone's favourite thing. They were SO great, and others at the resort were jealous! A couple of our guests (after a few beverages) even made up a song about how awesome they were, to the tune of "Build Me Up, Buttercup", which they called, "Fill Me Up Bubba Cup". They were such a hit!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2B26 I don't know if this has already been said, but I would have a picture framed with your pet on your head table or on the cake table. I'm having a picture slideshow at my wedding and we are showing about 20 pics of our cat along with the song 'you've got a friend in me' from toy story! I'm really excited I get to include our little baby in our wedding!! Great song choice! We almost had it during our slideshow at our AHR, but changed it at the last minute.
  3. So cute! From Sweet Home Alabama, right? And it is the answer given to the question, "Why do you want to marry me, anyhow?" How absolutely perfect!
  4. Alright, months ago I posted on here asking for an opinion to help me choose a dress... well, I bought the unanimous vote, had it fitted, and wore it on July 18 when I said I DO! (And then again the next day for our TTD, and then a month later for our AHR. woohoo!) So here it is on our wedding day... Thanks so much for your help, ladies! You can see the back here a bit And the top is shown more in this one And here you can see it blowing in the wind... It was very windy! But I liked the movement. It just flowed right behind me
  5. They stopped it when I got to the altar. They quietly turned it down, which was nice. For our bm and mom entrance, they all walked really fast, and they just turned it off when they got to the front. Oh well.
  6. I wanted to do the Hands ceremony element but did not get a say in the ceremony. Oh well. But it is lovely if you can do it. Check out things you are into... poems, songs, quotations from movies. I like some of the ones here for something a little different: http://offbeatbride.com/2008/07/wedding-readings We used Pablo Neruda's poem in some of our stuff, and a quotation from Romeo and Juliet, since I am an English teacher. We are also a little nerdy, so some nerdy movie quotations made their way into our guest book, though we could not use any of that in our ceremony. Just keep searching - there are a lot of non-religious options.
  7. So I am going to add to your confusion... sorry... I like both, but I much prefer without. I just think the dress speaks so much for itself, and when it is on, my eyes are on the applique, not the gorgeous shape of the dress. Just my two cents!
  8. Did anybody have any luck tracking these down? Or ones similar? I downloaded them way back... and now cannot find them anymore. I have 1 - 8, but I need 9 and 10. I need them immediately! Any ideas???
  9. Hi! My dress had a chiffon overlay on top of satin (and a bit of crinoline). It was TOTALLY fine. We did ours on the beach, then rinsed off really well in one of the beach showers, wearing the dress, then went in the pool for underwater shots. After, we filled our hotel jacuzzi tub, put the dress in, and kind of swished it back and forth, just to rinse off the chlorine mostly. Then we hung it in the shower to dry. Like everyone says, it looks cleaner than it did after the wedding. I am wearing it for our AHR this Saturday, and then I will have it cleaned and put away. So I do not know about organza, but my materials were absolutely fine.
  10. Do you have a photographer? We did a TTD at the beach, and then underwater ones at the pool. We had a wonderful time - a highlight of the whole trip! We went with Caribbean Emotions, in the DR. They are actually from Punta Cana, and very reasonable we think (though we do not have our pics back, so I guess we will see then!)
  11. Yes, we did 14 and used a big photobook that people signed yearbook-style. We asked that they write more than just their names! Then we are bringing the same book to our AHR. It would have been too big for just the DW, but a smaller one would still totally work. That is an awesome idea! The only tough part would be packing it I think.
  12. I hear you. We were a group of 14 people; at our resort, there was another group out of Canada there that was 60 people! I totally was intimidated at first, but it was fine. I could not imagine spending for that many people though! The only negative for us, being at a resort with a big group at the same time, was that people - staff and other guests - would ask if we were the wedding group from Canada, and we had to say, Yes, but not that group... we heard a lot of negative things about that group's treatment of the staff, grounds, etc., and it was unfortunate that we were still lumped in with them. But I digress... the smaller your group, the cheaper it is!
  13. It all depends. Some places offer free wedding packages, some do not. It depends where you are, how many of you there are, and what you want. I would do some research for sure.
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