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  1. Not to discourage you, but I thought that this by far was the most crowded resort on the island. Although I can see the appeal of an AI because meals and drinks on the island are expensive, this is the one resort my husband I and I said we would never stay at because it appeared to be a mad house. Every other section of the beach in front of all the other resorts even the one near the reef were so much more quiet and peaceful, but people were packed into the stretch in front of Beaches. It reminded me of Waikiki. And we were there before school let out. But Grace Bay is stunning in pers
  2. I am really getting confused on all of the tipping. I read that you shouldn't tip business owners, but what about the second shooter the photographer hires? And if they do get a tip what do I base that on and how do I give something to them and not the main photographer? Also my coordinator charges 15% on what she books. I am assuming I tip the people she books (guitarist who charges $175 and officiant, I am not sure of his cost since he is included in her $345 basic package). Do I still tip her? Do they get 20% tips? What about the coordinator at the restaurant that I am i
  3. These are such great ideas! I think we are going to go with signing a wine bottle since we love wine so much. Thank you ladies!
  4. I voted for #2 as well. Although the others are cute as well, I wouldn't want a pic of someone else in their bathing suite or making out on my fridge.
  5. We will also be giving OOT bags. We are asking people to let us know what day and time they arrive so we can meet everyone at the airport (we are a really small group).
  6. I got mine from Vistaprint with one of their free offers and just paid for shipping. They look like professional brochures.
  7. I have heard a lot of good things about Olowalu Plantation House. And that it is even more beautiful in person. We are a small group so we are only having our ceremony there. But I have seen pictures of ceremonies and receptions there and they look beautiful.
  8. There will be about 14 guests at our wedding so I am not sure what to do for a guestbook. Any ideas? I am currently considering a mat for people to sign or a small platter. But I know there are some creative ladies on here so I am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  9. I am still trying to decide on this. We are a small group of about 16 and only having a reception dinner so I think we'll only need 3-4 hours.
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