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  1. Hi Mya062813, I created a brochure for my guests with packing tips, resort info, schedule of events, etc. I can send it to you for ideas if you want....if you're interested, send me your email address. :-)
  2. Hi danda, Did you want a lot or a little amount of maracas? I'm asking because they sell them at the resort gift shop...they are really nice but a bit more expensive then if you wanted a bunch of them and bought them in bulk online.
  3. Hi blondi1029, The charm frames were purchased at Michael's craft store or A.C. Moore craft store (I can't remember which one, lol). Then tiny photos of my dogs were inserted in them.....all done at home prior to leaving for the destination wedding. The charms were put on by my mom after my bouquet was delivered to my room. Hope that helps!! - Amy
  4. Hi Mya062813, I used the resort photographer included in the package and I was very pleased! I did upgrade the amount of photos after I saw them all because I could not decide....I really loved them. I personally did not want to spend extra money on vendor fees and the cost of an outside photographer.
  5. Thank you blay0204! I did have to rent the table covers and the napkins. The long table was either three or four tables long so I rented three or four table covers @ $25/each....sorry I can't remember how may I had. The cloth napkins were a few dollars each. I had thought about bringing down my own fabric for the table covers and bringing my own napkins, but in the end just decided to rent them because itwas easier nd frnakly I already had enough extras in my luggage. I will say that the resort has a book full of different fabrics to choose from with literally every color imaginable...some textured and very beautiful.
  6. Hi melnryluvco, If your ceremony and everything else is on the beach terrace, your sound system just may work...But if you have anything on the beach you may want to ask the resort what they think only because the ocean can get pretty noisy. Our ceremony was on the beach and all I know is that they set up speakers that faced out to the ocean and the music was def. loud enough over the ocean noise. We also used a microphone for the vowels and the officiant, so you may want to ask the resort if you can still get the microphone even if you dont rent their sound system. The sound system is $150/hr....I am not aware of it being $350/hr. Below is my reception table set up...you can see the votive/tea light holders. That centerpiece came with the package.
  7. Hi melnryluvco, Your set up looks beautiful!!! I just wanted to let you know that it will be very difficult to keep the taper candles and possibly the exposed low votive/tea lights from blowing out. I had candle holders that I put votive candles and tea lights in that were pretty deep and all my candles still blew out rather quickly from the wind...we just gave up on lighting them. If I were to have a 'do over' I would have brought the battery powered votive/tea lights. I would just hate for your vision not to work out how you want it to. I love the burlap too!!
  8. I used the resort DJ, but it came with the Divine Package....I believe it no longer is included in that package so I am not sure how much the resort DJ costs. I was very happy with him. I sent down my playlist one week before I got there and they played exactly what I wanted. I also rented the ipod speakers for the ceremony and cocktail hour. It did cost $150/hour, BUT they only charged me for one hour so it really was a good deal considering they take care of hooking it all up and making sure the sound is perfect. I had loaded my ceremony songs and cocktail hour songs on it and they played it exact.
  9. Hi Loreal30, He got the charms at the craft store 'Michael's' or 'AC Moore'. :-)
  10. Hi Noxx, My wedding was on March 16th and my RSVP date was March 1st. I basically knew who was/wasn't coming because anyone who was interested had let me know or had contacted my travel agent for more info. I also had an at home celebration on March 24th so I just used the same RSVP date for that too in the same invitation envelope. I did not have to give the Sapphire my final count until 2 weeks prior to me coming down so my date worked out well For the location, I put 'Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun'.
  11. Hi melnryluvco, I posted some pics on this thread on Page 31 and then a link to my slideshow on Page 34. I never did a full review, but I did post some 'pointers' on Page 33...and some pages right before and after that. I chose the Divine package and I picked the beef for dinner and it was delicious!! The wedding dinner was very very good and the service was amazing. Let me know if you have any other questions! :-) -Amy
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