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  1. Thanks everyone..the gift bags were a hit ,,they loved the bubba mugs and used everthing that I had put in the bags. The kids were very happy with their own personal bag!
  2. We are leaving tomorrow, . Hope my daughter and future son-in-law like the bags as they have not seen anything yet. I can't wait to see them !!!!!
  3. they are not personalized but are wedding ones ordered from oriental trading
  4. Thanks... I bought the bubba mugs at Canadian Tire in Canada when they were on sale for 5.99
  5. I ordered the kissess stickers and the chocolate bar wrapper from the states..I will look for the name, they were very good to do business with.
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind comments...I hope my daughter and soon to be son-in-law will like them as they have not seen them yet. Will start to pack the stuff in suitcases this week and see how many suitcases they take up !!! My husband has said a few times to me ...how the h*** are you going to get all that stuff done there But I know I will figure it out lol
  7. Thanks everyone...we are flying Air Canada and between my hubby and I we can each check in 2 - 50 pound bags..so 200 pds and carry on is 20 pds each. I hope we can fit it all in -. So far 23 adults and 4 children are coming, so not a huge group but may take a couple extras just in case !
  8. The pictures did not go in order...the little tins are reception favors that will be filled with hershey kissess which have the labels on the bottom. Also we have children that are coming so I made some little girls and boys bags for them. Let me know what you think...hope my daughter and fiance like them as they have not seen them yet, I will be bringing them down to Punta Cana.
  9. My daughter and her fiance arrive a day before us - I am not sure if she will hand them out, most likely she will. I will be bringing everthing down.
  10. I am doing oot bags for my daughter that is getting married at Dreams Punta Cana, I want to attach tags to the bags but I am having a difficult time on what to put on them... do I say it is from my husband and I, daughter does not live near us so she has not seen anything that I have put together but knows I did something. Any ideas what I should put on the tags.....this something that I wanted to do for the guests that are attending. Please any ideas we fly out on Feb 20th and her wedding is Feb 24.
  11. Was at Walmart today and they have the Fruit Of The Earth Suntan lotion or spray for 2 dollars. Different SPF - I picked up 15 of the 30 SPF sport 177ml spray. Great deal !!!
  12. Congrats...we will be arriving on Feb 21 and our daughter is getting married on Feb 24 at Dreams PC. She is arriving on the 20th. Maybe we will see you around the resort. Jackie
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