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  1. I am totally loving "River" by Emile Sande'.. it just gets me! Not sure if it is too totally untraditional though.
  2. Does anyone have any photos of the Disco? We thought renting that out after dinner to save on costs, but I really want to know what it looks like first! I can't find anything.
  3. I really liked the thought of "If lost please return to ____" until i realized that if someone dishonest found it, and the room key was there along with room #, would anyone's stuff come up missing? Did you have issues with this ? :-/
  4. How was the semi-private set up? Were you right in the middle of everyone else eating their dinner? Did you get to decorate at all like a "real" reception? Any input is greatly appreciated ! Thanks
  5. Houstonnlh CONGRATS! You looked stunning and everything about your big day turned out great... so happy for you! If you would't mind sending me the spreadsheets from the WC that would be incredible, as I'm not getting any response from her. Also - how many people do you have to have to do a buffet dinner? For some reason I was thinking 50 but I'm not positive.. I'm afraid we won't make it to that number and I just don't see a plated dinner at Baja Norte - that cost adds up quickly! Thanks so much for sharing your review. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that it can get nerve-wrecking when you don't see many reviews from the last few months and your wedding is coming up fast! You're awesome
  6. They look wonderful! Are you also doing a Ceremony Program? I had thought I would do a Program attached to my fans but I am really liking this idea now... HM you've made me think! Thanks for sharing.
  7. How great to hear from you! Everything (especially you!) looked absolutely wonderful- can't wait to see your review!
  8. Does anyone know if you can have a DJ on the San jose' (Mexican Restaurant) terrace if you rent it for the whole night? Trying to understand our options before the resort wedding planner gets ahold of us Thanks for any help you can give!
  9. I can't wait to hear about your wedding when you get back, Aynat!
  10. THANKS! I got two Now I have to try to narrow down the list of everything I want to do! My fiance' thinks I'm a crazy person LOL
  11. Okay girls here is my story... I have been searching for a convetible dress since the beginning. Last week my mom got a call telling her about the a bridal store that was going out of business in a nearby town - where everything was 90% off! I did not imagine I would find the perfect dress for me, but I DID! Best of all - I literally paid $87 for the dress of my dreams! I had to take it home that day ((since the store was closing)) and will have to find someone to do my alterations... but definitely worth it! I don't have any pictues of the dress short, but you can see exactly where it comes off.
  12. I love it! Convertibles are so great and PERFECT for Destination weddings!!
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