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  1. Carley All I can suggest is flipping thru this thread and looking for past brides photos of Aventura so you can get and idea of what it looks like. I have no comments on Cancun Palace but whatever you pick will be amazing. Here is a photo of us at the alter in the gazebo on the cove side. Its gorgeous!!
  2. Hi MrsMoye As my post states I purchased these from Vistaprint so you would have to create them there. I do not have a template for them. Sorry
  3. Thanks!! Most of it was done by another bride at my same resort so I got lucky. Just made it my own and added the passport stamp.
  4. Looks like I posted in this thread a few yrs ago. What we ended up doing was buying huge duffle bags (so big they fit a person...yes I tested it out lol) and stuffed they with the OOT bag stuff and wedding decorations. I carried on the glass vases, toasting flutes and any of the breakables but all the bags, survival kits, paper products and other goodies for the bags were in boxes or bags inside the duffle bags. That way I had my suitcase just for clothes/honeymoon stuff. It worked out great and we brought just about everything with us...centerpieces, vases, lights, sashes, OOT bags,
  5. Thanks Kara!! As you have seen us all say....its tough but if you stick to it you will get the results. To this day I still tell myself that the DVDs were made so it is just as hard for me on day 1 as it is for me on day 30 or 60. So I don't kill myself trying to keep up with the ppl on the video. I know I am not at that level at the moment but will get there eventually. It is so funny to look back at the first week from 4 weeks in and laugh at how hard it was for u and how easy it is now. The Fit Test really helps to show you your progress too. Just dont get discouraged if you ca
  6. Awesome job ladies!! Anyone see the advertisement for Shaun T's new workout T25? Just 25 mins straight thru - no breaks. I can't friggin wait to try it out!!!
  7. OMG they look amazing. Great job girl. Your guests are going to love love love them!!!
  8. Thank you!! I am so glad people are still appreciating them. Let me know if I can help out in any way should you choose to do them.
  9. Hi Junelove - They were created in Word using shapes and text. There was a template floating around that I used for some of them so I didn't have to re-create them and just changed the dates, location, text, colors, etc.
  10. Good Job Ladies!! Keep at it. Can't wait to see how you all feel at the end. Elissae - unfortunately I'm still doing PT for my knee. I've been on the stationary bike a few times but I am so anxious to start doing more. I have an obstacle course race in the beginning of April and I am getting nervous that I wont be ready. Hopefully it's not much longer (fingers crossed)!!
  11. Junelove - you could totally do it on your own. There can be some struggles along the way. Printing was not my friend until I figured out a work around and then it was just fine. I think you should attempt it. My guests still talk about the invitations to this day. I am so glad I did it. If you need help or are even looking for someone to do them for you....just let me know. Here to assist!!
  12. Hi blondi Here is the color that I purchased. A2 Aqua Lagoon Metallic Good Luck!! I bet they will turn out amazing!
  13. Good Luck with your workouts ladies. Keep it up and stay motivated. Each day your workout gets you one step closer to your goal. I am nursing a knee injury right now so I cannot do much which is very frustrating. I am very motivated at the moment and miss Insanity so much. Just signed myself up for a obstacle course race in April. Definitely need Insanity to help me get through that. Have a great weekend, push hard and DIG DEEPER!!
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