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  1. Has anyone given out pre-travel letters or other information and how did you do it? I planned on giving the OOT bags to the guests that are not staying at the resort before I leave for the DW.
  2. Use a honeymoon registry. I've lived with my FI for almost 13 years so of course, our household is well established and we don't need another toaster or Cuisinart. I used www.honeyfund.com and connected it with my paypal account. Basically, you can set it up any way you want with different prices such as $50 towards airfare for two to Paris or $25 for spa services. Your guest would just pick one and pay for it via paypal, credit card or even print out the coupon and give you cash or check. The money goes straight to your paypal account. There's a small fee but this way your guests can use their credit card if they want to instead of just giving you cash.
  3. I bought some beautiful crystal pendants from Nordstroms. I'll try to find pictures of them and post later.
  4. Our wedding is costing us around $10k which includes our 10 day stay at the resort and wedding reception with 45 guests.
  5. We're doing a welcome dinner at our AI resort. I opted to pay extra for a semi-private dinner at one of the resort's restaurants. I've read from other posts that some brides wished they did reserve a dinner rather than just having everyone show up at once to avoid problems with staff and slow dinner service. It's $20 per person but I think it's worth it to make sure that everyone has a great dinner and service.
  6. I paid for half of the BM's dresses which was how much I had to pay to order the dresses. The BM's have to pay for the balance and their own alterations.
  7. We're having our legal ceremony at the San Francisco City Hall when we get back from our honeymoon on our 13 year dating anniversary. We didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting married legally in Mexico.
  8. I paid for my own dress and we're paying for the whole wedding ourselves. I also paid for my parents' travel expenses since they are retired and on a fixed income.
  9. Wow, what a difficult situation. I hope everything works out.
  10. Ooh I love this idea, but too bad my FI manages to lose his collar stays all the time. I have to buy him the metal collar stays every year.
  11. My FI is the same way. I feel like I can never get him something because he buys it as soon as he wants it and the stuff he wants is usually quite expensive. And, he's loves to buy electronics and takes the time to research and read reviews. I don't pay much attention to what's hot in electronics.
  12. My fi has so many watches and recently got a rolex so I can't really top that. So, I'm going to get him a pair of white gold black diamond stud earrings. I wanted to get him regular diamond studs but with wedding planning and all, I won't be able to afford it so the black diamonds are the least expensive option.
  13. I can't remember if it was on the gold package, but I thought the Sea Bass was great and so moist. You can also mix and match between the different packages. I chose the surf and turf, sea bass and chicken stuffed with cheese.
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