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  1. I measured him myself and did the custom measurements. I did it twice just to be sure. I also added about an inch across the back/shoulders and a little bit of extra length for the pants. It turned out that the pants were just right, but they also have about 2 inches extra on the bottom that could be let out just in case. The pants weren't lined; I don't think that was an option when we were ordering. I don't think the pants need to be lined. You want to be as cool as possible, so the extra lining probably won't help. And thanks, I'm glad you liked the photos!
  2. it was just beige linen. Turned out to be exactly what he wanted
  3. Hi Everyone! We ordered my husband's suit from here. It was perfect. Fit him like a glove. We just got our professional photos back, and it looks great. Also, when I took it to get drycleaned, the lady there was commenting on how good the quality was. Definately money well spent. Here are some photos so you can see what the suit looks like after its actually ironed. Tamara Moldon's Photos - Our Wedding | Facebook
  4. Shortcake- The wedding ceremony was at 2:30... it was about 30minutes, and then we had photos for another hour, and then about 5:00 pm the sun started setting. I checked online the time that sunset was supposed to be that day, and was about 5:20, so it started getting dark about 20 minutes before sunset. And it was actually lighter out than it looks in the photos. I just have to say that my advice is not to plan your wedding around the pictures, because you will have good pictures regardless of the time. Hope that helps.
  5. They're here!!!! I'm in love (with my husband of course) lol and the photos!! Here's the link: Tamara Moldon's Photos - Our Wedding | Facebook Hopefully it works!
  6. Hi Christina, During the ceremony, they have flowers all over the place at the gazebo, on the pillars and a huge arrangement on the table where the comissioner stands. For the reception, they bring this stuff over to the table, sprinkle the whole thing with rose petals and add candles. It looks very classy. I'm not sure if they have other things to choose from. On a side note, I just checked fedex. My wedding photos are going on one helluva trip, last night they were here in BC, and overnight traveled to miami, then memphis and now they're back in BC! so Hopefully I'll get them today and
  7. Meg, We used Claudia's company for our wedding. Claudia was taken, so I got Citlalli. Her photos looked awesome online. She actually came with 2 assistants. One was her sister, and the other her fiance. Her sister was also taking photos (citalli came up to my room to take "getting ready" shots, while the sister went to take photos of guests and the pre-ceremony stuff). When we were getting our "posed" shots Citlalli was taking the photos while the sister was doing the lighting. Her fiance was great too. He carried my flowers and shoes (wear comfy shoes ladies!!) and was super sweet. They st
  8. Christina, They shut me down pretty quick. At about 10:55 Erika kinda started looking uncomfortable, like she wanted to tell me time's almost up, so I just told her 2 more songs. After the last song, like literally, right after the last note, they started dismantling everything. I don't think there is an option to stay later, but honestly, you'll be so tired. We were going to go to the disco, but just hanging out at the bar was such a good way to end the night.
  9. Hi Meg, At our private reception, we assigned the ipod role to our MC, but Erika pretty much took care of the ipod. It worked out ok. I sorta took over too when I relized that there wasn't enough time for the whole playlist. Whatever you decide, your wedding will be awesome. Tamara
  10. They said about 6 weeks, so I'm hoping to have them by the end of the month... I'm seriously dying to see them!!!!
  11. Hi Christina, Yes, they had champagne right after the ceremony. it was served from a table set up off to the side, about 30 feet from the gazebo. It was served by a waitress from the beach bar thats right there. They didn't have champagne for everyone during dinner. I suppose you could ask for it, but its not like everyone were given a glass automatically for toasts at dinner. Oh, another pretty funny point, for those wondering about privacy. Erika certainly did her best to keep it private. Of course you can't control the people snapping photos from the "sidelines", but right before
  12. Hi Sarah, feel free to borrow the photo. lol. it was such a pretty bouquet. I couldn't take it back with me but i took a few flowers from it, ironed them between some paper and stuck them in a book, so at least i have a few pressed flowers from the bouquet now. Meg - Yes, it was a U shaped table. We had 23 people and it worked out perfectly with people sitting only on the outside of the U. Our ceremony was at 3:30 so we were done right around 4. that left 3 hours for photos. It was really the perfect time because we got almost an hour of daylight after the ceremony was over and then
  13. Well I’m back and still recovering. The wedding was absolutely amazing. Our travel agent got us first class airfare for the way there. We were also supposed to get a room upgrade (as palladium advertizes free room upgrades for honeymooners, and we were legally married a week prior at home). That never ended up happening for whatever reason but i wasn’t about to complain. The day that we arrived we got a letter asking us to meet with Erika the next day. When we met with her she asked us about all our preferences. She asked if we had a chance to see the ceremony sites, which we alread
  14. Hola Ladies! I'm at the GP now. Getting married tomorrow. Dave and I trying to write our vows and looking for inspiration online. The mosquitoes are pretty bad. I have big welts all over my legs (thank god for a long dress!!!). I met with Erika 2 days ago - I asked for the most tropical flowers in yellow and purple. I also left my dress for steaming and they brought it back to my room today - hope it still fits, so much yummy food here. We had clouds all along so no sunburn, but I'll be here for another 10 days so there's still time to fry. Erika arranges for the photographer to meet you in
  15. ARGH!! I'm leaving for the airport in like 8 hours. I can't seem to pack properly. I just keep putting it off. I can't organize it the way i want to and FI is at work and asked ME TO PACK FOR HIM! Not really venting here... I've just exhausted all of my procrastinating resources so this is the last thing I can do before packing. Well, I'll probably sit here and hit the refresh button for a while before going to pack
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