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  1. I bought most of them in Candy Mold Central but know they do not exist anymore. The other website that I was buying from is http://www.candylandcrafts.com/
  2. Sand Dollars are sold For starfish I'm able to split the order
  3. I have many starfish/sand dollars/shells to sell. I will post all of the items in few separate posts. All of the items were never used. The shipping is from San Francisco - paypal only. Please email me if you have any questions. 2 Nautilus Shells (6-7') - $21 each Can be used as ring holder/flower holder/table decoration 50 Round Sand Dollars (3-3.5') natural - $0.85 each or $35 for all the sand dollars may come painted with pearlized paint - then $1 each or $42 for all Can be used as place cards/invitations/decoration 3 Arrowhead Sand Dollars (3.5-4') natural - $1.2
  4. I have been going through my older wedding stuff and I have found bunch of candy molds that I used for making chocolates for my wedding. You can use them to make your own: - chocolates (party favors) - soaps (party favors) - chocolates for decorating cakes - chocolate lollipops I have 14 different molds - can sell them for $1 each or all of them for $11. Shipping from San Francisco - paypal only. Let me know if you have any questions regarding the sizes. Ania
  5. I have a custom wedding dress for sale. The dress is made of an upscale type of taffeta with lace inserts. The pleated bodice is covered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals and the dress has a sweetheart neckline. The dress has a lace-up back which will fit sizes 4-10. The left side of the dress has a lace insert from waist all the way to the bottom of the dress. The lace also covers the edge of the train, which is quite long. The train can be folded by using a special button which makes the dress easy to dance in (pictures of long and folded train included). It comes with tulle skirt to put u
  6. Those are actually pictures from my wedding and I have attached the starfish using the fishing line, so it was invisible. Hope that helps
  7. I'm glad you got it in one piece and that you like it. I love those shells so much that I'm using them now as part of my home decor:) Still have few of them if anyone is interested
  8. Hi, just wanted to let you all guys know that all the items except the books has been sold out. PM me if you would be interested in any of the books so I will check the shipping charges.
  9. Next week I will heave few nautilus shells to sell. They are all in the size of 6-7". They will be both natural and pearlized ones available. The price is $21 each unless you want a pair then there is $40 for both. You can use them as ring holder, flower basket, use them during the sand ceremony or as a decoration. PM me if you're interested by the end of the week. Paypal only. You can find my post in the buy/sell/trade. P.S.The shipping will be from San Francisco
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