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  1. I just got back from my wedding at H3R.....it was AMAZING!!! Luis and Allibe were great! All the vendors were great too! I don't know who did the flowers, but they were beautiful (Luis chose the florist), the DJ was Ismael (we had 2 parties, 1st night DJ was ok, but we talked to him after the party and the 2nd night was incredible), my hair was done by a South African guy named Jonathon (he was booked at the last minute) and he did an awesome job- exactly what each of us wanted. I did my own make up. Set up was done by Planner 1. We had a mariachi band and cigar rollers (we don't know their names). We brought a custom cake topper and our cake was beautiful! Our minister was Pam Lopez and she shared with us what she would say beforehand just in case we didn't agree, we said our own vows and had a poem and prayer read by family. Our photographer was Aki Demi- super sweet and great pics. We didn't have her do an album, we just had her give us a disc of all the pics she took so we can create our own album. We had a BBQ/Luau on the beach for the welcome party and then the next day the ceremony was on the beach and the reception was at the pool. Everything was great-if you can do a site visit and meet with potential vendors it's recommended. Luis may not always respond to you right away (he is VERY busy all the time), but if you communicate what you want, he will get it done for you! Luis made sure everything ran smoothly and we had nothing to worry about....I want to do it again!!!
  2. Hey Future Mrs.M! Did they finish the new spa??? They told me it would be done this July. You're getting married the weekend after me by the way! When do you arrive? We leave on the 10th. Hope all is going well with your planning!! Â
  3. Congratulations Avi!!!! Hope we get to hear and see more!!
  4. 60 guests booked, with us that makes 62 and there about 4 more we're waiting to hear from...
  5. Has anyone been there recently or spoken to anyone at H3R about the spa? When I was there last August they said they were working on a new spa and gym (because the one they have is really not special at all) and that it would be complete by this summer. I keep forgetting to ask when I speak to Luis or Allibe.
  6. Mrs.S2B

    Perfect DW Manicure - OPI Axxium!

    HAT0112- I see you're in Philly. Go to Christie's on Main Street in Manayunk. Â I think AXXIUM is great!! BUT.....there is a big BUT...do not do this regularly. I think it's awesome for a DW since it doesn't chip at all and lasts extra long, BUT after doing it for a couple of months, my nails really thinned out and began to hurt and get black and blues. So, I will do it for my DW and that's it.
  7. Mrs.S2B

    Marathons, 1/2s, and 10Ks oh my!

    Runner here too! I have done a few half marathons, one sprint tri and one mud run and many 5 milers and 5ks. My next 1/2 is Sept.19th in Philly. My next mud run is in Maryland on October 9th and then the wedding November 6th. I was just let go from work and I'm bummed, but on the bright side, I get to work out every day and sometimes twice a day!! I love spin, weights, running, and yoga. The FI got a personal trainer at the gym and is really getting into it too. It's fun to be working on this together!
  8. Mrs.S2B

    Transporting Wedding Dress

    There are several Wally Garment Bags...which one did you get? Everyday Entire Collection Series 600 Garment Covers Series 700 Garment Bags with Handles Series 800 Garment Bags with Pockets Series 800LC Large Capacity Garment Bags Series 900 One Pocket Garment Bags Series 1800/2200 Shoulder Strap Garment Bags Series 500 GarmenTote® Tri-Fold Series 3500 Framed Tri-Fold
  9. I love my ering! I think it looks beautiful all by itself, but it would still look nice with a band of diamonds above it. What do you think about wearing the e-ring on one hand and a different wedding band on your left? I want my wedding band to be more antique than my engagement ring.
  10. Mrs.S2B

    Movie game

    Gene Kelly: Singing in the Rain
  11. Mrs.S2B

    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    That I just lost my job so now I am questioning lots of decisions. Â You are given $5000 towards some sort of home improvement project....what will you do?
  12. I saw this starfish idea on theknot.com I got my starfish from Oriental Trading (a little smelly, not too bad) I will get ribbon I will print on nice paper the names and table numbers and then cut the paper with those funky design scissors and then use a one-hole puncher to string the ribbon through and tie it around the starfish Â
  13. The dress I bought DIDN'T have a low back, but being a beach warm weather wedding, I wanted a low back....so....the woman who is doing the alterations is making it happen!!
  14. Oh wow! I am so sorry to hear about Mexicana! UGH!! This is awful. I'm sorry you ladies are having to deal with this. Good luck!!