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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jjambrina WOW, is all I have to say about DJ Mannia, he was awesome. I was SUPER nervous about the music and the introductions and if they would be reliable, and they truly exceeded all my expectations. He was also very accomadating for our appointement because I had to reschedule due to my flight being cancelled. He was very professional, polite and easy to work with. I gave him CD's with the music I wanted played and for the introductions and he did exactly what we wanted. My guests and I did not stop dancing all night and everyone commented on how great the party was. I would definitely recommend his services and would use him again myself GOOD LUCK !!! Jenny & Derrick Jenny....may I ask what they charged you per hour?? Just wondering if that is going to fit into my budget. Thanks! Nicole
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin Nicole, You mentioned menu cards... is this for your reception? Are your guests choosing their meal at the actual dinner or before hand? I have no idea how this part is done! I wasn't sure if I need to send out an additional insert with the invitation or to put it on our wedding website. Cathy Hi Cathy! We are anticipating a pretty large group...and will more then likely have to go with the buffet option. I'm planning on having my food choices picked prior to leaving...so I can print out what will be served on a menu card and bring with me. If for some reason I can't decide on the food before we leave I guess I will just scrap the whole menu card idea My understanding is you are going with a gold or silver dinner option for a private reception....everyone will be served the same meal...outside of special conditions (i.e. vegetarians). If you are not doing a private reception and will be celebrating in one of the restaurants...it's my understanding that your guests can order whatever they want off of the menu....so it probably wouldn't be possible to make menu cards. Hope that helps!! Nicole
  3. wow...that is so exciting!! your wedding looked so beautiful and you looked absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin Hi ladies! I just spent my whole planning period scanning through sooo many posts! I'm getting married at the end of July and I already paid my $500 deposit back in January. I've already received a contract and my honey and I added comments to it and Ana got back with me to confirm the changes. So the other day I resent her the commented contract along with some other questions and I got this response that was something about the email account being changed... Did anybody else get this? The first thing I thought of was that Ana was no longer working there!! I haven't heard back from her (although it's only been a few days) but I'm starting to panic! Also, I'm pretty laid back about most of the details: as long as its me, him, our families and the sand between our toes I don't care about the rest! But the small inner diva in me has been thinking about decorations and I'm a DIYer but I haven't figured out the logistics in bringing stuff down! Anybody got a clue on how you're bringing the decorations? Are you taking it with you in luggage or shipping before hand? I'd like to do floating candles in vases (like a previous post showed) and I was really thinking on making some pomanders out of paper but how would I get it all there? I also got a bounce back....I believe her emails are auto-forwarded to her new email address (weddings.drerc@dreamsresorts.com), but I still forwarded myself just to be sage. I am a HUGE DIYer as well...and am struggling with how to transport decorations, OOT bags, menu cards, etc. I've heard that you have to ship around 1 1/2 months in advance (don't quote me ) in order to guarantee it arrives on time...as organized as I like to think I will be with my wedding...I HIGHLY doubt I'll have things ready that far in advance to be ready to ship!! So I will more then likely put all the items in suitcases...and ask different family and friends to take an extra bag with them in order to avoid extra baggage charges Best of luck with your planning!! -- Nicole
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mandi77 Hey there ladies, I'm Amanda....I need to vent! I thought this destination wedding would be easy...haha! I've spent (wasted) hours researching and stressing on a good resort for me, but afforable for my family. Now that I've fallen in love with DRC, I cant get ahold of this Ana. I've emailed like 3 times and no response for over a week, I feel like I'm stuck in limbo because if the date I need isnt available, I'm just wasting more time waiting for a response. Did any of you ever feel like just giving up?! I was hoping for a simple and basic wedding in August. This site has helped a lot but I got a little worried that my date wouldnt be avalable when I saw people that were already booking for 2011. Thanks so listening! Hi Amanda! I am in the process of trying to secure a date with Ana as well. It took her almost 2 1/2 weeks to respond to my initial email requesting date availability....so it's not just you I sent a follow up email about a week ago and am still awaiting a response. I am hoping like you my date is available. Best of luck!! Nicole
  6. Does anyone have a list of the possible outdoor private reception sites? I can't find that information in their wedding guide or online. Thanks! Nicole
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by 2010 Bride! This email address bounced back...does anyone have the new address? Here you go: Ana Ma. Cruz [weddings.drerc@dreamsresorts.com]....the "wedding" is plural.
  8. congratulations and good luck on your weddings!!! cant' wait to read your reviews and see your pictures
  9. I didn't realize they don't let you use an outside DJ! That kind of stinks....their DJ prices are super expensive!! Boo
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Boo here is what I got from Ana, I thought there is stuff to work here with I am doing rose pomanders on the inside chairs for the ceremony and thought of literarly flippin them to use in addition as table decoration and for a low vase Ana quoted me USD 5 to rent Boo - Thanks for sharing these!!! Are these included in the package deals....or are there extra charges for them??
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