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  1. Hi Ladies, I featured a destination wedding at Playa Fiesta today and just had to share the images of some of the details. I thought they were great inspiration. I love this venue and I have heard nothing but amazing things about the food and what a beautiful place for a ceremony. The maracas were done by Mishka designs, they do such an incredible job. I hope it brings you some inspiration for your big days at Playa Fiesta.
  2. Hi ladies it has been a while seen I was on here and I miss you girls. We finally got our pro pics tonight and are going to go through them. I promise to share them as soon as humanely possible and finally get my review up. Congrats to all the most recent brides and congrats to all the upcoming brides! if anyone has any questions or anything do PM me. Looking forward to all the upcoming weddings and I can't wait to finalllyyyyy share ours
  3. Sorry ladies what is up with images??? Does anyone have any ideas on why they are not embedding into the posts and how to get them to do that?
  4. Msglave so sorry to hear about the make up craziness!!! I am so happy everything turned out in the end and you looked beautiful! ChicagoBride don't worry it will all come together and your day will be perfect Ladies I do have to say I know Fernando is expensive but it is seriously worth every penny, he is like the hair and make up whisperer lol we got a couple of sneak peek pics back so here you go. Our pictures are suppose to arrive Jan 2nd and I am just dieing to see them!!! I am just going to test one out first since there as been some issues with posting images
  5. Welcome Sarah! Happy Holidays ladies hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful. Thinking of all you 2011 brides your year is here!! hope everyone's planning is coming together
  6. Don't kill me but no I haven't I always swore to that I would do it as soon as I got back. The time just escaped me with the holidays and than last week I came down with the flu Pro pics are coming on Jan 2nd so I figured what the hay I might as well wait till than now lol I have started it and its already super long but I wanted to cover every single detail
  7. Hi ladies just wanted to stop by and say hi and wish everyone a happy holiday. How is everyone's planning going?
  8. Jozee I used Cancun Transfers and they were awesome!! I still check every day to ladies lol I remember this time last year when I was planning it got quite to for a bit. I swear I will have my review up this Sunday if it takes me all day!! Everything is crazy before you get married and a little while after ahahaha
  9. Congrats orbiting!!! the mayan ceremony looked so cool! Msglave can't wait to hear about it and see pics. Enjoy your honeymoon. Lisa - That is annoying but you gotta do what you gotta do and don't worry people will get over it
  10. oh good - ya mine got luchador masks and were running around with them on! I was thinking omg we are going to get kicked out of this place ahaha but it was funny in the end
  11. I am excite to see them to! lol they really worked for every single girl Ya that was me oh I know like hey I am from the BDW site ahahahah anyways you looked beautiful. I hope my group never disturbed your week. We were very loud and had a crazy bunch lol so if anyone did I am sorry
  12. FutureMrsYak you are just glowing thank you for sharing it made my work day pass really quickly lol Randi omg now that I saw a picture of you - you were in the wedding center just leaving when we came in for our meeting!!! You looked gorgouse. I love the BM dresses, every single one of them looked good in that dress.
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