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  1. Hey girls - I wore a lace dress for my wedding. It was a trumpet style and the bottom was not lace but it was a nice mix. http://www.robertandkathleen.com/blog/index.cfm?postID=308 Tara Keely has a lot of lace dresses that you can find on their website.
  2. When you get there talk to the concierge! We were able to get dinner reservations for 30 people at the lobster restaurant by the pool:) The other restaurants may not be flexible like that but the lobster one is!! And they should def. not charge you extra for that. The only time they should charge extra is like your welcome party and the wedding itself.
  3. Hey guys - I actually used cancund and don't have the best review about them. 1) The cigars were great and the roller was entertaining - everyone loved it. The negatives - they did arrive on time but I had told them not to charge our guests - after our cigars were rolled (50) he started charging when I specifically told him not to. We had to have our wedding coordinator pay him for the extra ones so our guests wouldn't have to pay. -The team showed up with the carlos guy, a random girl dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and the cigar roller. I had a bunch of nice pictures with the people around the cigar table and the girl with her bright t-shirt showed up in so many of the pics!! If you don't mind this then it wouldn't be a problem but I would definitely use someone else. I thought I'd be saving but I spent just as much using him as I would have someone else since he ended up charging extra at the end.
  4. Girls we had our cocktail hour at the martini lounge and our reception on the round terrace. We had our welcome party at the beach area and loved it!!! IF we could go back and do it again, I'd chose to do the wedding reception on the beach too. It looked so romantic with the lighting we rented and the sound of the ocean. I didn't like the look of the wall on the round terrace - the backdrop didn't look nice at all since you could see shadows/etc. We did like that it was a different thing than the beach when we were planning but I wish we could have done it on the beach. We still had a great time and loved everything but I think it would have been a little more romantic and gorgeous on the beach. Lighting can get pricey but it's all worth it! Trust me!! I was skeptical to pay so much for lighting on both nights but it was all worth it. I have to dig up what I paid but I think it was at least $500 each night if not more.
  5. I sent mine to get steamed at the resort and my Husband sent his tux to get pressed/as well. I sent it the day before and got it back the day of the wedding. The only thing is timing - I would tell them an hour earlier than you really need it. I asked for it for 11 but didn't get it until past 11. I had no other issues other than timing though - the dress looked great.
  6. Thanks girls!! Thank you to those that left comments on the blog - really appreciate it =D
  7. I would say maybe an hour each? I would double check with her though - she would know best : ) She was actually the one who suggested we should start earlier but I felt bad making my bridesmaids wake up earlier. I should also mention - she uses MAC products! My face is very sensitive and her make-up worked great on my skin - no break outs or anything! Also - she applied lashes for me and they LOOKED great and lasted the whole night!
  8. Hi - For my wedding day I used Sara Tamargo. Our ceremony ran a little longer and we didn't have enough time for a lot of pictures at the resort so our photographer offered us a second session for the next day. We got married on Friday but decided we wanted to take advantage of their offer for Monday. Unfortunately since it was after the fact, I didn't have a chance to mention it to Sara and I had a hard time trying to reach her that weekend after the wedding. So I called the concierge at the HTR and they offered me a lady who came and did my hair and make up for $120. You can see the picture (close up) of me at the pier (in our wedding pictures) - she did my hair/make up for this one. It wasn't as great as Sara but she also had less time to work on my make up and hair. I only had an hour from when she came to when I had to go get photographed. I didn't get her name though You can call the resort and ask them who they use. My photographer also photographed a model that Sunday who was photographed by this same lady - take a look at those photos. http://magnanimouspictures.blogspot.com/2010/11/model-shoot-in-mexico.html
  9. I used Cancun Transfers and they were great with our guests!! Their prices were reasonable and they were on time every time. We had about 60 guests and most of our guests used them. I liked them a lot because it was a private service and our guests didn't have to have a shuttle. I found that if you reach out to their sales people they give you a discount ona group. I also rented a bus from them for our ceremony which was offsite. I didn't actually see the bus because I rode seperately but they were on time. The one downfall was that I got a huge van for 13people from the airport to the resort. We all got in on the same flight - they assured me this would be big enough for all of us and our suitcases. At the end we were short one seat so my MIL ended up sitting on my FIL's lap. They were both good sports about it and are so easy going BUT I don't think that was good on behalf of the company. I would suggest double checking what your needs are.
  10. Our photographers just posted a blog of our wedding pictures!!! We got married in November 2010 in the beautiful Riviera Maya! Check them out and please leave comments on the blog. We get print credits with a certain amount of comments posted:) http://www.robertandkathleen.com/blog/index.cfm?postID=308
  11. Hey Girls!!! Here are our first professional pictures!!! http://www.robertandkathleen.com/blog/index.cfm?postID=308 I'm so excited!!! It's 2 months since our wedding day today and we just got word that our blog is ready!!! Please vote for your favorite and leave comments, if we get a certain amt of comments we get print credits I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures and hope you girls all had an amazing wedding!
  12. Hey Girls!!! Here are our first professional pictures!!! http://www.robertandkathleen.com/blog/index.cfm?postID=308 I'm so excited!!! It's 2 months since our wedding day today and we just got word that our blog is ready!!! Please vote for your favorite and leave comments, if we get a certain amt of comments we get print credits
  13. Sorry Girls - I've never posted pics before - so here they are:
  14. Hi Girls!!! We just got back our first professional pictures!! Here they are - you can see Sara's work on here. She was amaziiiinnnng!!! The only tip I have for you girls is to give yourselves ample time. I felt bad telling my bridesmaids to wake up too early and so we were pressed for time. But I wish I had asked them to wake up earlier becuase Sara and her team were willing to come earlier. If I had done this we would have had more time for portraits with the bridesmaids. I loved loved Sara's work and she was completely sweet to work with, very easy to get in touch with. I would chose her all over again if I could!
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