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  1. Im so excited for you Jess! ENJOY every minute of it b/c its going to go soooo fast...so whenever you begin to feel stressed (if you do) take a deep breath, look around at the gorgeous place youre in and at the man you love and say to yourself "next week when im back home this minor detail that im stressing about is going to mean nothing" and then move on...enjoy the time with you man, your family and your friends b/c it is very precious and memorable...take pics of everything and ask your guests to take pics of everything also b/c you will treasure those pictures when you get back home...cant wait to see your pics when you return...have a great trip and wedding day!!!! Nicole
  2. Hey! Unfortunately it just happened to be on my wedding day...we didnt have a problem with bugs at any other time during our vacation...the Welcome party was held at night on the Mundaca rooftop and that was fine...and even the outside reception on Marracas terrace was fine the night of our wedding...the only problem was around 5pm, the wind changed and my guests who were enjoying the cocktail reception up on the Cove Terrace said all off a sudden there were bugs everywhere, in the food, in their drinks...I was on the beach working with my photographer so I didnt know anything...but they said the resort handled it instantly and moved everyone inside quickly along with the food, and the party continued
  3. Im sorry, I dont remember the style name or number...but I do know the color was guava and there was a bunch of different dresses to chooose from in that color...my girls wanted strapless so we went with that one but the others were cute too...goodluck!
  4. We had our cocktail hour on the Cove Terrace, which is beautiful, but halfway thru we got moved inside b/c of the bugs...it was no big deal and still wonderful....the Pandero Terrace is very beautiful too, it juts out onto the water and is gorgeous...the things to consider are how many ppl you have (we had 52 and the Pandero doesnt hold that many) and what time of day your cocktail hour is going to be b/c their is no shade on the pandero so if its when the sun is shing bright your guest might be roasting
  5. Liza...DEFINITELY look into Juan Navarro...you will not be disappointed...he is absolutely amazing...wonderful to work with and everyone who has seen my pics say they belong in a magazine...he is very talented, reasonably priced and he loves what he does...i cant say enough good things about him
  6. we got them at David's Bridal for $99!!!! i loved them and everyone complimented on the color...and of course my girls loved the price
  7. Congratulations Mia! Yes, it is very weird when you start saying the word husband Im so happy that you used Juan! didnt you absolutely love him!!! I cant wait to see your pics from him, I still say he was best my choice out of all my wedding planning congratulations again...
  8. Hi ladies! Just read some of the recent posts and wanted to answer some questions you guys have.... -I bought my maraccas (used as favors) at the resort gift shop...the price was reasonable and it was easy -their wedding cakes are delicious, much better than I expected..i went with the cheesecake and carrotcake -@Liza i would definitely recommend going with a travel agent to do all your bookings, it will be some much easier and less time consuming for you -I did my TTD session right at the resort the morning after the wedding...we had planned on taking a taxi into town to go to a beach in playa del carmen but to be honest with you, I was so drained from the wedding that I asked my photographer to just come back to the resort the next morning...the pictures came out awesome, he did some great underwater shots right in the lagoons on the resort...Juan Navarro was awesome!!! -I had my cocktail hour scheduled to be held up on the Cove Terrace b/c i saw how beautiful and perfect it was, I just want to give you a heads up to be prepared for anything b/c i found out that while i was doing my photos, they had to move everything inside b/c the wind changed and their were bugs everywhere up there...in peoples food and drinks...it got moved inside in the upstairs lobby and was still perfect..just be prepared for anything.. -I didnt do any decorations for my welcome party, i held it on Mundaccas rooftop...keep in mind, it is very, very windy there at night...if you look at my pics, the night of my wedding people were putting blankets over themselves b/c it got so cold and windy...so when thinking of decorations make sure to remember that...also, to be honest, i felt so rushed that whole week, I dont think i wouldve had anytime to go decorate anything for the welcome party..try to keep things as simple as you can for yourselves...remember the resort scenery is so beautiful, you dont need much else...
  9. wow ladies! I cannot believe how many problems you are having. None of these existed a few months ago for my wedding. I will say communication was hard at times, but the actual day of the wedding I did not encounter one problem, everything went smooth and beautiful and they were professional all the way! My suggestion would be to just keep yourself organized with your notes, and plan for the worst. Meaning, dont count on being able to use the vacation dollars for anything wedding related. This way your prepared if it comes to that. You do not want to spend the days before your wedding stressed and fighting. That is time you can never get back. Instead you should be spending it enjoying your time with your fiance and guests. Just get prices now for everything you need in writing and bring those quoted prices with you. My other suggestion would be if they dont honor those prices to call the Palace Resort headquarters in Miami. The one problem we did have, they were able to fix it pretty quickly. Good luck!!!
  10. Hey Ladies.. Just checking in to see how all your plans are going...I'll be celebrating my 6 month anniversary soon, I cant believe its been that long already. You guys are all going to love having your wedding at ASP...they do an absolutely amazing job of making that day very special for us. If any of you have any questions about anything please ask. I just read some of the recent posts about making plans for the week of the wedding so I wanted to share my experience. My husband and I got to the resort on a saturday, the very next day people started arriving, with a few ppl coming in every day and all of our guest there by Wednesday, our wedding was on Friday and then everyone including us left that Sunday. If I could do it all over again I would come in on Wed and stay to the following wed, allowing my husband and I some time alone without our guests. As much as we enjoyed our week with everyone, it was physically and mentally draining to be constantly on the run and making sure that 50 ppl were enjoying themselves every single day for a week straight. Thats just my suggestion. Beyond that, Sun, Mon and Tues we relaxed by the pool during the day and went to dinner at night with everyone that was there. Wednesday is when the insanity began. Wed morning we did swimming with the dolpins with 10 other ppl. This I DEFINITELY recommend. Its 1 minute from the resort and a really cool experience. Since we did it as a group, the 10 of us stayed together and then my husband and I bought the DVD and pics of everyone (when we got home we made copies for the other ppl w/us and they were so happy about that). Wednesday night we had a Welcome Dinner (also highly recommended) we held it on Mundaca's rooftop and hired a dj. The food was amazing, everyone complimented on it. It gave my husband and I a chance to walk around and welcome everyone for being there and get to spend some with our guests. The welcome dinner was from 6-8 at 8;30 we had 3 taxi vans come pick up about 40 of us and take us into town (playa del carmen) to Carlos and Charlies and Senor Frogs..this night was PRICELESS! i cant express it enought...all of our guests said that besides our wedding night, that night was the best night there...we had so much fun together and our group took over both of those bars. I have an amazing pic of all of us at Senor Frogs with sombreros on our heads.. I cherish this picture....Thursday morning we woke up and 30 of us headed out to zipline. This I wouldnt recommend. The experience was cool and everyone enjoyed it, but the place was 60-90 minutes away so the transportation wasted almost 3 hrs while the zipling took about 30 min so it wasnt worth it to us that we were away from our other guests for that long. I would recommend paying for the place that is close by if zipling is something you really want to do. Thursday night we held our rehearsal dinner for the bridal party and parents at Mundaca Steakhouse out on the terrace. That was wonderful and a great way to make those ppl very special to us feel extra special. Afterwards we met the rest of our guests at the disco and partied the night away and Friday was the Wedding (i wrote a review of my wedding day on a previous post) To sum it up, the whole experience was amazing, and something I will cherish forever...if you have any questions please let me know...otherwise enjoy your planning Nicole
  11. Hey there! as far as through customs you will not have any problems...i actually packed an old suitcase filled with all stuff for my OOT bags and then just left the suitcase down there for garbage afterwards....I didnt have any problem with customs with anything that I brought...As far as are the mugs worth it, based on my wedding they were defintiely awesome to have...we made everyone up a bag filled with a few things, one of them being the mugs...and i would say 80% of our guests carried those bags everywhere with them on the resort except for dinner...they loved bringing the bag down to the pool to hold all their stuff in and everyone used their mugs to fill up their drinks at the pool bar....i think i posted a picture on here somewhere of my OOT bags and the contents...I was very happy that I spent the time to make them up b/c everyone used them and kept commenting on how impressed they were that I was so thoughtful to make them...so in the end it made me very happy that i made my guests happy
  12. Hey Jess! I was so worried about all of this too b/c everyone says you will have such a hard time with it. We paid the resort to have copies translated in English (i think we got 3 of them) and we also got the certified copies in Spanish. It actually turned out to be so easy, I live in NJ, not sure how PA works but this is what I did...I wound up not even using the translated in English copies. I took the certified Spanish copy with me to DMV and to Social Security, showed both of them the paperwork and thats it, they were able to give me my new license and new social security card with my new last name...After you have those two things thats all you really need to change your name everywhere else...I would carry a copy of your marriage certificate with you though the first month b/c some places did ask to see it. Its funny but nobody really said anything about it being in Spanish...I guess b/c the names were all in English so it was pretty easy to understand. If you have any other questions let me know
  13. ugh! that is frustrating! if I can make your weekend any better, I will say dont be too stressed...the only two things that you absolutely must have booked/done before you get to Mexico is the places you want your events to be held at and your appointments at the salon for the day of your wedding....seriously EVERYTHING else can be done when you get there and meet with your coordinator (whoever it is)...this comes from the bride who had binders and was overly anal, organized and stressed about everything...once i got down there and met withYazmin, all my worries were put to ease...they are so professional about it all, and they do 3-4 weddings a day, so they really do know what they are doing...so try not to stress too much...have a great weekend! Nicole
  14. You ladies will be beyond happy with Juan! he is absolutely amazing...click on the link by my signature to see the pictures he took of my wedding last November...I get a million compliments on them and I tell everyone the same thing, my photographer was unbelievable!!! Congratulations...definitey a great choice!
  15. @ Simone, Irene and Summer....hello and congratulations! You are going to love Aventura! I was married there last November, so if you have any questions, ask away...when you have time look through my pictures, they will show you many places at the resort and give you some ideas...my best advice right now is to relax and enjoy the planning, it goes by so fast and then its all over...the only thing you need to start choosing now is the spots you want your events to be held at and the times...the reason this is important is because they book a few weddings each day, so you want to make sure you get the places you love (relax though, there are plenty of beautiufl spots on the resort), my next suggestion is to start booking your reservations at the salon for your hair and makeup the day of your wedding (same reason as above)...good luck and again...enjoy it all! Nicole
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