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  1. Hi ladies! I suggest just using the DJ vendor for equipment that Luis uses. You get a 10% discount and their is something about if you wire cash to the hotel and don't charge you avoide like a 10% tax/service fee which you will find is hidden when you try to contract outside. Also you don't have to worry about another company just dropping off and picking up the equipment. This guy stays the whole time to make sure nothing goes wrong, also. Same goes for flowers, when you do a site visit, Luis will have the florist/decor person come. Just bring pictures of what you want. Pricing was very
  2. Flowers....just bring color pictures and links of anything you want. Luis will meet with you and the florist on your site visit and get them taken care of. Same goes for centerpieces, chair covers, table cloths, napkins, whatever you are thinking of. Its important to be clear with the color scheme you are looking for...i.e. just don't say "light green". Ice breaker...that is a good question. I was charged 2 $20 fees. I originally thought one was for the ice breaker and the other was for the reception. Then Luis told me that ice breaker was included and the other $20 was for my cocktail r
  3. The beach is not marvelous, but I will say it is better than any other in the area. The water is blue and you are able to walk into it without cutting your feet up, like other resorts in the area. They are constantly working to improve it as well. Unless you are going to book your wedding in Maroma, this beach is as good as it gets in the Cancun area. Dining options...you have the brick oven pizza place and grill outside by the pool. The grill is also open for dinner, think grilled food Upstairs mexican. Downstairs buffet. Next to the buffet downstairs is a restr. that switches between
  4. Holly, Your reception will be $20 pp. With that you get standard chairs, linens, simple wood dance floor, dinner (Oscar will make anything you want) and wedding cake. Also they do a welcome cocktail party, which Luis will refer to as an ice breaker. Everything else is extra or can be upgraded. Cost wise, this is much better than other resorts, especially those that use Lomas to coordinate. Also there are no rules on vendors, meaning you can use who Luis suggests or you can find your own. I posted my wedding album back a few pages ago, if you want to take a look and are curious about
  5. $350 for the symbollic sounds about right. I wouldn't work through a TA, you will get better prices from Luis directly. Also their is a package where you get a free week, but with the current rates and such, I don't think it is worth it. You will get one free night in your contract though. They gave my husband a free room adjoining his best man's the day of, to get ready. I'm still working on more pics, the holiday's are killing me! No snow in Chicago, for once! I think I'll go shopping today. Have a great weekend ladies.
  6. Hey ladies, forgot to mention one thing. The guy's I hired for hair and makeup were awesome. Fernando Fuentes at the Make Up Pros. They did my hair, my MOH, and mom's hair and makeup, and I think it was like 3-400 dollars total. Car service people were great also. They built me a link for my website with all my info pre-filled and gave our guests a discount. Also we did a party bus into Play for 3 hours and it was only $350 US. Cancuntransfers.com
  7. Everything was great. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We had a welcome cocktail party planned outside, and it looked like rain. They closed the Mexican place for us for 1.5 hours, so we could have a private party, made signature cocktails for me, and then set the table for 25 for dinner. Luis is not good with email. I suggest that you call the hotel and speak with him. His English is pretty good. When he tells you he will take care of it, don't worry. You will have to go through everything with him when you get there, and he can get it done in like 5 minutes. Example, the past
  8. Here's a link to some of our wedding photos. Mostly ceremony and beginning of reception.
  9. Hi ladies. Its been a few weeks, but I am finally getting around to loading some of our wedding photos from Hacienda Tres Rios. It was Amazing!!! I hope everything is going well for you. What a relief to be done. I feel like I need a two week vacation to get back to normal, but am trying to figure out who I can hire to put up the xmas tree instead Snapfish: Share:Registration
  10. Happy Saturday everyone! I leave in 36 hours and managed to get so much done the last 3 days. Got kinda drunk Friday afternoon and ended up shopping on Michigan Ave. I think my wedding party will like their gifts Packing is out of control!!! I have 3 suitcases just full of OOT bag stuff, gifts, and small decor things I am bringing down. I picked up my dress today and am kind of cracking up about carrying it through the airport, customs, etc. It will be an adventure for sure. Anyway, Gemma, I wanted to say hi and good luck! I will be thinking about you on our wedding day!
  11. Hi ladies! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and planning is moving along. I have 9 days left to go and leave on Monday. I am completely exhausted and have had no time to do anything. I lost my dinner cards and missed my calighraphy appointment for them. My handwriting sucks so I'm sure they are going to look crappy now. Also the paper I special ordered for my OOTs gift bag agenda insert never showed up and now is on forever backorder. I guess the only postivie/negative is that I gained three pounds last week, but my dress still fits I think it is time for some vodka and a
  12. Here is his website. I am thinking of using him also, but can't find any reviews, but his site is decent in terms of pictures. I also have his email if you need it.
  13. I just finished sorting my pashminas into my gift bag piles. I went to pick up the tupperware tub thingy I stored them in and I swear it must weigh like 70 pounds. Thank God I've got an American Airlines platinum card and can check 9 total bags for our trip. Have you guys started working on makeup artists? I started researcing last night. I'm looking for someone who does airbrush. Have you guys found anyone? On a crappy note, I got my period today...early....with 31 days to go before the wedding. Also I have my next dress fitting on Saturday. Halloween---what the hell was I thinki
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