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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by rachelannmartin Morning Ladies, I'm wondering if anyone has contacted the inhouse photographer to receive samples of their work? If so, would you mind sharing? I'm just wondering if its really worth $5000+ to bring in our own photographer. Thanks so much ladies! I am a bit late to comment but we used the resort's photographer and thought they turned out really well. My DH's step-sister does some photography and we had her do our TTD sessions. I will post them asap!!
  2. AmyInMI

    Dreams Tulum

    Welcome!! I just got married at DT in May. I unfortnately have not had time to post pics or my review yet, I am in nursing school all summer and am in over my head right now. As soon as I can get a chance to write my review and everything, I will be posting it. Good luck planning and let me know if you have any questions!!
  3. I am not sure why they word it that way but you can have a beach wedding with the free package.
  4. Also, I wanted to let everyone know that Sandra is no longer with the wedding department!!! Our wedding was one of her last and she accepted a different position at the resort. I did get the pleasure to meet Landy, who is also very nice, and Landy's assistant, although I can not remember her name. I have no doubt they will continue to do an amazing job with the weddings at Dreams Tulum. Please remember that these ladies not only work at the resort, they live there too!! They start their day at 8 or 9 am and do not go back to their rooms until at least 10 or 11pm!! They work so hard so please remember that if you do not get an immediate response to your emails.
  5. We made a wedding website too: Amy & Aaron's Wedding Website I did not have a TON about Tulum, but there is some info. Feel free to use what you want.
  6. I also have quite a few of these neon totes from OTC leftover as well as many other things that I put in our bags.
  7. We just returned from Dreams Tulum and did 2 TTD sessions lol. Aaron and I had his step-sister who is an aspring photographer do our session the morning after the wedding. We just went along the beach near the resort and then took some pics in the pool. Later that day we mentioned to our friends and family what we did and our entire wedding party asked if we could do a shoot with all of us. We all met the evening of the day before we left at 6pm and all "took the plunge" in the pool. It was great because there were still quite a few people around the pool and others waiting for a table at the Seaside Grill and the looks on their faces were priceless!!! As soon as I get the pics from Cara (DH's step-sister), I will post them
  8. Thank you for all of your kind words everyone!! I am glad you all liked everything!! My guests sure loved everything as well!! As far as my shirts go, we had a local print place make the tees. For my invites, I did make them myself and I used a template from here and also posted it. Just use the search feature, there are many posted! We got back a few days ago but I have not had much time to post on the forum. We had an AMAZING time!!! I work 5 out of the next 7 days so I will try to write my review asap and I will post pics soon too!
  9. Centerpiece ideas: I have yet to decide on my centerpieces or bouquet (I know, nothing like waiting until the last minute!!), but here are a few that I like: Cake Inspiration: We are having the bakery that is making our AHR cake make the starfish and shells for our cake in Mexico. We will transport them down with us. This was much better option than what the WC suggested, which was to put real seashells and starfish on the cake! EWWW!! The cake will be ivory color instead of the light blue. Wedding Timeline: I unfortunately do not have a pic of these and they are at my parent’s house so I am not able to get one before we fly out. OOT Bags: Bags are from Oriental Trading Company Items inside bags: Beach Towels (Meijer) Girl’s Flip Flops (Old Navy) Guy’s Flip Flops (Kohl’s) First Aid Kit (Dollar Tree) Sunscreen (Dollar Tree) Tylenol (Dollar Tree) Nail Files for Girls (Dollar Tree) Imodium Packets (Sam’s Club) Chap Stick (Sam’s Club) Daily Spanish for Dummies Books (Target) Travel Candles (Michael’s Crafts) Beach Ball (Oriental Trading Company) Body/Room Spray (Bath & Body Works) Tee shirts for all of our guests: One of my friends had these created for our Co-Ed Bachelor/Bachelorette party and because many of the people there are joining us in Mexico, we decided to have more made for the guests who were not at our party so we all have matching shirts to wear the night before the wedding. The girl’s shirts are pink and the guy’s are black and they all say who is who (ie. bride, groom, bridesmaid, friend of groom, ect) Front view: Back view: The back says our wedding date and Riviera Maya, Mexico Ceremony Program Fans: Fans are from Oriental Trading Company Starfish Place Cards Starfish bouquet jewel: I decided to purchase the clear jewel Luggage Tags and Passport Covers for BM’s: I lucked out and found these at the gift shop at the hospital I work at! The luggage tag has the girl’s first initial on it. I know there are other things that I am forgetting to add, but this is the majority of my items! Thank you to everyone for offering your suggestions, advice, and support, I certainly would not have been able to do it without this forum! You are all wonderful! See you all in a week or two!!
  10. Hey there, I just wanted to follow suit and post my planning pics of everything! We are leaving tomorrow!! Time has flown by sooo fast, I can not believe it!! I had hoped to post this thread 2 weeks ago but with finals and clinicals at school and work, I could not find the time. So here are my plans and pics (FINALLY!!) The ring that started it all: Our STD Magnets from Vista Print: Template: Our Invitations: My Dress: Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal Style #F12899 in Azalea Sand Ceremony Vases from IKEA (I purchased the clear small vases, not the frosted ones) more to come...
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by SBlake I was hoping to have our reception outside on the patio near the beach. I guess I was a bit confused. Maybe I should have it on the beach instead and rent a dance floor! Any suggestions from those who have been there? Keep in mind that the Seaside grill is already reserved! The only thing with the El Patio location is that you now can not have music there (ie. DJ or renting speakers) so you would not be dancing. We had been planning on having our reception at El Patio for a year or so and was just informed of this "new rule"! We leave Wed and I will take more pics. Does anyone else need any pics of anything else or any more questions answered while I am there this week?
  12. Thanks for posting your welcome letter!! We are getting married on the same day, we will just be a bit further down the beach at Dreams Tulum I hope your wedding goes great!!
  13. Hey there ladies!! I just found out that I may be in Chi-town May 22-24th if there is anyone who wants to meet up! Aaron has a marketing conference during the day of thurs and fri so I will most likely be hanging out at the hotel. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up on Fri or something!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Bernie Thanks Amy! All the photos during the slide show were beautiful so i guess you just hope for the best. Your big day is fast approaching. Are you getting excited? i would be so nervous but excited!! You're welcome!! Yea, we are getting really excited!! We leave in just over a week so I am starting to really get stressed, but I really do not have much more to do.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Bernie Can you specify which photographer you want from the resort photographers? Are the samples they send you from only one photographer? The sample slide show I got from a photographer there named Rob was a compilation of work from all of the photographers. It sounds like they just book one and you do not really have a choice of which you get.
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